Price of Electric Sewing Machine in South Africa

Despite being one of the most sought after professions in South Africa, fashion designing comes with its challenges.

Aside from the fact that you have to transform raw fabrics into well-fitted styles of different variations, you still have to join these fabrics perfectly with just the right seams and stitches, fitting the shape and curves of the design to taste of the customer.

In addition, delivery must be done on time.

For a long time, manual sewing machines have been the means for these transformations. It’s perfectly safe to say that operating manual sewing machines are strenuous,  usually involving sitting for a painstakingly long period of time.

This means, most times, you can’t still get the work done on time, coupled with fatigue and other factors — finding a suitable alternative is perhaps hastily important.

Luckily, we are now flooded with newer technology — an electric sewing machine world where speed, accuracy, and flexibility are guaranteed. I’ve compiled a list of electric sewing machines for your reading pleasure.

Price of Electric Sewing Machine in South Africa

How Much is an Electronic Sewing Machine Sold in South Africa?

Butterfly Electric Sewing Machines Prices in South Africa

The butterfly is unarguably the most popular sewing machine brand in South Africa. It remains one of the best sewing machines in the country and the most preferred choice amongst South Africa fashion designers just as they were several years ago. If you are a fashion designer thinking of a brand of the electric sewing machine for your business, this brand is a good choice for you. Read on as we look at some notable features and prices of different Butterfly electrical sewing machines in South Africa.

Butterfly Computerized JD2340QB Sewing Machine

The JD2340QB is one of the new generations of electrical sewing machines from Butterfly. It doesn’t need to be oiled, which makes it clean and easy to maintain. The top-loading quick set bobbin is easier to thread than the traditional front-loading sewing machines. It comes with led lighting providing much brighter light to sew with low consumption and will last the life of the machine. The included extension table gives you an additional workspace for craft and sewing projects.

Key features; 198 built-in stitches, automatic buttonhole, fast bobbin winding system, digital operation adjustable, built-in needle threader, softcover case.

Price;  R$ 6,660 to  R$ 7,215

Butterfly Electric Sewing Machine

It makes sewing simple and more enjoyable, whether on a new or old project. Easy to operate when sewing clothes and other fabrics. Key features; multi-functional zig-zag embroidery machine, built-in led pilot lamp, quick winding bobbins, a weight of 7.2kg.

Price range;  R$ 1,924 to R$ 2,035

Butterfly High Tech Electronic Sewing Machine

An electric sewing machine that’s a good choice when there’s an available power supply. It reduces the stress often caused by using manual machines. Key features; electronic, multi-functional zig-zag embroidery machine, quick winding bobbies, built-in led pilot lamp, a weight of 6kg.

Price range; R$ 2,960 to R$ 3,145

Butterfly Home Sewing Machine

Are you planning on learning to sew? Then, you have gotten the best sewing machine for yourself. It can be used as traditional flatbed machines and can be converted to free arm for the stitching of curves and sleeves. Also, equipped with led light, which of course enables you to sew even at night.

Key features; 14 stitch functions, top-loading bobbin, auto-set stitch length and width, 4 step buttonhole, free arm, maximum stitch width of 5mm, a maximum stitch length of 4mm, instruction manual, electric power, a weight of 6.2kg.

Price range; R$ 1,258 to R$ 1,480

Butterfly Zig Zag Sewing Machine

A top table machine used for making button-hole, zig-zag sewing, and giving fabrics a perfect finish. It mainly made of metal and can be used at home or in the office.

Key Features; built-in led pilot lamp, free arm, variable needle positions for top precise topstitching, four-step buttonhole, size of 430×227×356mm, a weight of 7.1kg.

Price range; R$ 1,258 to R$ 1,406

Butterfly Industrial Zig Zag Sewing Machine

Features; an automatic clutch for bobbin winding, tension with an accurate setting, easy slide reverse lever, four-step buttonhole, strong torque, 60 stitches with an oscillating hook, three needles, a weight of 15kg.

Price range; R$ 2,590 to R$ 2,775

Price of Brother Electric Sewing Machine in South Africa

The best brother sewing machines help make sewing easy. The top-loading bobbin design makes swapping out threads a simple task and preparing the machine is also quite a simple task as well. The sewing speed is also nice and consistent. Having great features like led lighting and automatic buttonhole will help you create a great style with just the press of a button and other amazing features, which makes sewing fantastically wonderful.

Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric Sewing Machine

This is definitely one of the best sewing machines for beginners because it offers everything you need to sew with one-touch convenience.

Features include; a zipper foot and built-in zipper insertion stitch to help you get neat lines, even if you have got to switch close to the edges. Overcasting lets you get a serger result and designer top switching is simple thanks to the 7 one-step button stitches.

Price range; R$ 1,702 to R$ 2,220

Brother CS6000I Sewing Machine

For a person who wants to have casual sewing experience, this sewing machine offers stitches you want and a price you like.

Features include;  up to 60 stitches with an ability to adjust stitches length and width. It also comes bundled with an  LCD display, intuitive stop, and start button and also variable control that allows you to adjust the speed of each stitch.

Price range; R$ 2,035 to R$ 2,294

Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing And 4×4 Embroidery Machine

From an overall perspective, the Brother SE400 provides a lot of great features and automatic options for a pretty outstanding price. It comes equipped with 7-point feed dogs and offers a smooth fabric feeding experience even on the toughest of materials. Features include; a needle threader that is completely automatic.

Price range; R$ 7,030 – R$ 8,140

Janome Electric Sewing Machine Price in South Africa

Janome is a Japanese company that produces sewing machines, with manufacturing plants in Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan. Janome sewing machines are reasonably priced at all levels. Janome technology introduced the first programmable computer sewing machine. Here are some few models of the company’s sewing machines

Janome L372 Sewing Machine

Features a plastic body, 13 stitches, electric pedal, 3 extra presser foot (zipper, rolled hem, and amp design), and detachable compartment.

Price range; R$ 1,295 to R$ 1,480

Janome SUV 1108 Electric Sewing Machine

Features a built-in selection of 8 stitches (flat) with a selector dial, stretch stitches, maximum width and length going up to 5mm each with adjustable control on the length, a four-step buttonhole, walking foot and quarter-inch seam foot, horizontal bobbin loader, solid metal body, and twin spools.

Price range; R$ 2,035 to R$ 2,220

Janome 8077 Computerized Sewing Machine

Features an automatic needle threader (no need to strain your eyes, easily adjust stitch length and width with the touch of a button), bright two-digit led screen, easily select one of 30 built-in sewing stitches with front switch panel and led screen, start and stop button which enable you to start sew without foot control, auto-declutch bobbin winder, easy reverse switch button, and precise thread tension.

Price range; R$ 2,220  to R$ 2,590

Popular Models of Electronic Sewing Machine Prices in South Africa

  • Sumo premium industrial straight machine – R$ 2,775 to R$ 2,960
  • Emel industrial straight sewing machine – R$ 3,145 to R$ 3,330
  • Two Lion industrial straight sewing machine – R$ 2,775 to R$ 2,960
  • Hudong industrial straight sewing machine – R$ 2,960 to R$ 3,145
  • Brother industrial straight machine – R$ 2,960 to R$ 3,700
  • Brother SE600 sewing and embroidery machine plus thread and accessories – R$ 4,440 to R$5,000

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