Power Bike Price in South Africa

Power bikes, known for their exceptional speed and acceleration, cater to a niche yet enthusiastic market in South Africa. While they may not be the first choice for commercial motorcycle riders who prioritize comfort and fuel efficiency, power bikes are gaining traction among the younger generation in South Africa. These motorcycles are not just about efficient transportation; they’re a symbol of style and speed, appealing to those who seek a blend of performance and aesthetics.

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Regarding the popularity of power bikes in South Africa, it’s important to note the growing interest among the youth. They are increasingly seen as a statement of personal style and a testament to the rider’s taste for adventure and speed. This trend is particularly noticeable in urban areas like Johannesburg, where power bikes offer a practical solution to navigate through traffic while making a bold statement.

However, power bikes are quite common among the younger generation who don’t only obtain them because they are a better and more convenient means of transport but also because they want to make a fashion statement.

There are various power bike brands on the market ranging from Yamaha, Honda, BMW, Kawasaki, Topstar to Ducati.

Power bikes are more popular in top cities in South Africa like Durban, Port Harcourt, Calabar, and Johannesburg. And they are a great option for those who live in areas where traffic jams are a daily reality. They can easily glide through traffic jams and get you to your destination without breaking the law.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the dynamic world of power bikes in South Africa, offering detailed insights into not only the prices of new models but also the value propositions of locally used and tokunbo (foreign used) bikes. Our focus is to provide you with a clear understanding of the market, helping you make an informed decision whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned rider looking for an upgrade. For a broader perspective on vehicle prices in South Africa, explore the latest on Toyota Corolla 2010 prices.

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Where to Buy Power Bikes in South Africa


There are quite a number of power bike dealers in the country and most are situated in the top cities like Durban, Owerri, Port Harcourt etc. You would have to move to these locations to buy a power bike. However, you can also buy from the official office of the manufacturer of the brand you intend going for.


Another option to consider is buying power bikes from websites like Jiji and Olx. These sites have ads of power bikes from many brands being sold by individuals and possibly dealers.

However, you need to be careful when buying from an online site to ensure you don’t buy a stolen or faulty motorcycle.

Cost of New Power Bikes in South Africa

Finding accurate and up-to-date pricing for brand new power bikes in South Africa can be challenging due to the limited number of dealers. The prices we provide here represent an average across various regions, but it’s important to note that they may fluctuate. Factors such as customs fees, tariffs, and delivery charges can significantly impact the final cost. To ensure you receive the most current pricing, we recommend contacting local dealers directly. Understanding the financial aspects of purchasing a power bike is crucial. For insights into other significant purchases in South Africa, take a look at Proargi9 Plus prices.

In your quest for the perfect power bike, staying informed about potential additional costs is key. This awareness will not only prepare you for the total investment required but also help in comparing different models and brands effectively. Whether it’s a Yamaha, Suzuki, or Kawasaki, knowing the full price range including potential extra fees is essential for a savvy purchase.

  • Yamaha R6  N4 million to N5 million
  • Suzuki GSX-R600  N4 million to N4.5 million
  • Kawasaki ZX-6R   N4 million to N4.2 million
  • Honda CBR600RR   N4 million to N5 million

However, these prices are subject to change due to the factors listed above and the effect of currency exchange rates.

Tokunbo (Foreign Used) Power Bike Price in South Africa

The market for Tokunbo, or foreign-used power bikes, is vibrant in South Africa, offering a more affordable alternative to brand new models. These bikes have been previously used outside of South Africa and are known for their maintained quality and performance. For those considering broader vehicle options, including cars, the prices of Toyota Rav4 in South Africa provide interesting comparisons in terms of investment and value.

Opting for a Tokunbo power bike is not just about cost savings; it’s about accessing a wider range of models and features that might not be available in the new bike market in South Africa. These bikes, ranging from Kawasaki to Honda, offer an excellent balance of quality and value, making them a popular choice for many enthusiasts.

  • Kawasaki 400cc Power Bike   N1.6 million to N1.85 million
  • Kawasaki 600cc Power Bike   R$ 25,900 to N1.1 million
  • Kawasaki GPZ Power Bike   R$ 29,600 to R$ 34,040
  • Yamaha YZF 2011   N2.5 million to N3.5 million
  • Yamaha R1 Power Bike   R$ 25,160 to R$ 33,300
  • Yamaha R6 600cc Power Bike 2005  R$ 27,750 to N1.2 million
  • Yamaha MT-03 2010 660cc Power Bike  R$ 22,200 to R$ 33,300
  • Honda 2002 900cc Power Bike  N2 million to N2.5 million
  • Honda CBR 600cc Power Bike  R$ 27,750 to N1.1 million
  • Ducati Monster 700cc Power Bike 2013   N2 million to N2.5 million
  • Harley Davidson 2014 Power Bike   N5.2 million to N6 million
  • BMW S-Series   N3.5 million to N4.5 million
  • BMW R-Series   R$ 29,600 to N1.5 million
  • Buell XB Series 2009   N1.7 million to N2.5 million
  • Qasa Qlink Power Bike   R$ 15,540 to R$ 22,200

(Locally) Fairly Used Power Bike Price in South Africa

  • Kawasaki 400cc Power Bike 2014   R$ 18,500 to R$ 29,600
  • Kawasaki Vulcan 2010 Power Bike   R$ 31,450 to N1.15 million
  • Suzuki Gsxr 4000- 600 Power Bike 2002   R$ 16,650 to R$ 25,900
  • Sinoki Supra 150 Power Bike   R$ 5,550 to R$ 11,100
  • Haojin Power Bike HJ-150-50 Fabio   R$ 5,550 to R$ 11,100
  • Electric Power Bike   R$ 11,100 to R$ 17,760
  • Suzuki Epicuro Power Bike   R$ 6,660 to R$ 11,840
  • Yamaha YZF-R6 Power Bike   R$ 4,440 to R$ 11,840
  • Peugeot Power Bike   R$ 7,400 to R$ 14,060
  • Honda Power Bike 900cc 2003   R$ 6,660 to R$ 17,760

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Brand New Vs Foreign Used (Tokunbo) Vs Locally Used

Due to the scarcity of brand new power bikes in South Africa, foreign and locally used ones are the main option of most bike lovers. And they are relatively cheaper than brand new versions which make them a better financial option.

However, it is important to note that brand new power bikes are more durable and will last longer than the used versions. As for foreign and locally used versions, the main difference between them is the location in which they have been used as the former has been used outside South Africa while the latter has been used in South Africa.

Foreign used versions are known to be more durable than locally used power bikes. Hence, they are a better option and are more expensive than locally used ones.

Advantages of Power Bikes


Power bikes are a cheaper and faster means of transport than any public transport service you would find. They are able to reach a speed of 300 km/h making them pretty faster than cars and do not easily overheat or wear out after running for a long period of time.


They are known to be very durable and require little maintenance even after excessive usage. They are built with tough parts that can withstand pressure and their tyres are strong enough to withstand friction and the action of moving on roads. However, you will enjoy more durability if you purchase a brand new version.


Power bikes are quite small which means they will be able to fit through tight corners and help you scale through traffic jams without stress. This is a really big advantage for those living in heavily populated cities like Durban.

Disadvantages of Power Bikes


Moving at a speed of 300 km/h sounds pretty fast and it is really fast. While they are built for speed and offer a great balance system, they are not safe to drive on busy roads or tough terrains.


Power bikes are built to last with top quality materials, therefore, it is understandable why they are very expensive. However, a brand new model would cost you about N4 million, which is quite expensive for many South Africans.

Spare parts

Getting a replacement to a part of your power bike is a hassle as very few stores are into the sales of power bike parts.

When it comes to finding the best power bike in South Africa, price is always a top consideration. With so many options available, it’s important to know which power bikes offer the best value for their price. Below, we’ve compiled a list of popular power bike prices in South Africa:

Brand & ModelPrice (ZAR)
Kawasaki Z900RS192,995
BMW S1000RR285,900
Ducati Monster 821193,900
Harley Davidson Street 75099,500
Triumph Rocket 3309,000

As you can see, power bikes in South Africa can vary greatly in price depending on the brand and model. While the Harley Davidson Street 750 may be a more affordable option, the BMW S1000RR may be worth the extra investment for its superior performance. Ultimately, it’s important to consider your individual needs and budget when choosing a power bike in South Africa.

Understanding Power Bike Maintenance and Safety in South Africa

Maintaining a power bike in top condition and ensuring safety while riding are critical aspects that every owner and potential buyer should consider. This section provides essential information and tips on how to keep your power bike running smoothly and how to ride safely, especially on South African roads.

Regular Maintenance Tips for Power Bikes

  1. Routine Checks: Regularly inspect your bike for any signs of wear and tear, especially before long trips.
  2. Oil and Fluids: Ensure that oil, brake fluid, and coolant are checked and replaced as necessary to keep the engine in peak condition.
  3. Tyre Maintenance: Monitor tyre pressure and tread depth to ensure optimal grip and safety on the road.
  4. Brake Inspection: Regularly check brake pads and discs for wear and ensure they are functioning properly for safe stopping.

Safety Tips for Riding Power Bikes in South Africa

  1. Wear Proper Gear: Always wear a helmet, gloves, and protective clothing while riding.
  2. Obey Traffic Laws: Adhere to speed limits and traffic rules to ensure your safety and that of others on the road.
  3. Be Alert: Stay aware of your surroundings, especially in urban areas with high traffic.
  4. Rider Training: Consider advanced riding courses to enhance your skills, especially for high-performance bikes.

By understanding and implementing these maintenance and safety practices, you can enjoy the thrill of riding your power bike while ensuring longevity and safety.

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What are the most popular power bike brands in South Africa?

Yamaha, Honda, BMW, Kawasaki, and Ducati are among the top choices for power bike enthusiasts in South Africa.

Is it cost-effective to buy a used power bike in South Africa?

Yes, purchasing a Tokunbo or locally used power bike can be more affordable and still offer good quality and performance.

What should I consider when choosing a power bike?

Factors to consider include the bike’s performance, your budget, maintenance costs, and the type of riding you plan to do (city riding, touring, etc.).

How can I ensure my safety while riding a power bike?

Always wear appropriate safety gear, follow traffic laws, stay alert, and consider taking advanced riding courses to improve your skills.

Where can I buy power bikes in South Africa?

Power bikes can be purchased from dealers in major cities like Durban and Johannesburg, or from online platforms like Jiji and OLX, with caution advised for online purchases.

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