Polystar Home Theatre Prices in South Africa

A lot of people do not know much about the Polystar brand even though it has become a household name.

Most people know that the name is synonymous to electronics and home appliances. But then, that’s as much as they know.

Home theatres are one of the several appliances offered by this company. Just like its other products, Polystar home theatres are designed with numerous useful features that give users the worth of their money. And above all, they are available at affordable prices.

This list is very important if you’re thinking about buying a Polystar home theatre either because of durability or affordability. It will serve as a guide to help you to choose the right model that fits your budget.


Polystar Home Theatre Prices in South Africa

A Brief About Polystar

Polystar is a South Africa brand that has become a household name. It is a registered brand under the parent company, Polysonic South Africa Limited. This parent company has been in existence since 1990 and has had its presence in major South Africa cities over the years. Some of the cities are Durban, Enugu, Johannesburg, Kano, Ibadan, Onitsha, and Port Harcourt.

Polystar deals in several types of electronics and has countless branches all over the country. Its products are trusted by South Africans because they are oftentimes durable and reliable. In fact, the company offers 2 years warranty on its products. It has been active in the country and its products can easily be found in any South Africa electronic market.


Polystar Products List

Polystar offers several electronic products to South Africans. Some of them include the following.


Polystar Home Theatre Features

Here are the general features that you’ll find on different Polystar home theatres. Note that you may not find one with all these features, but you’ll definitely get one with some of the features. Be sure to carefully confirm the features of any model you love before you eventually make your purchase.

  • LED Display
  • Input USB
  • FM Stereo
  • Progressive Scan Function
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming
  • DVD/CD/WMA/MP3 Compatibility
  • HDMI Cable
  • Subwoofers and Satellite Speakers
  • SD Card Reader
  • Remote Control
  • Parental Lock
  • LCD Display


Prices of Polystar Home Theatres in South Africa

  • Bluetooth Home Theatre System with HDMI: R$ 1,036 – R$ 1,480
  • Bluetooth DVD Home Theatre + (DVD Player, Radio FM Player, MP3/MP4 Player, USB, HDMI, SDCard): R$ 1,480 – R$ 1,665
  • Mini Hifi Bluetooth Sound System with Built-In Amplifier and HDMI Cable: R$ 1,480 – R$ 1,850
  • Home Theater System (Bluetooth and USB Input): R$ 814 – R$ 1,110
  • Home Theatre Music System: R$ 925 – R$ 1,295
  • Bluetooth Sound System with Built-In Amplifier + Free DVD: R$ 1,480 – R$ 2,035
  • Home Theatre with USB and Dvd Player Attached: R$ 814 – R$ 1,110
  • Home Theatre System DVD/5.1CH: R$ 925 – R$ 1,110
  • Mini Home Theatre – 3.1CH Micro Set + DVD Player with 3 Speakers, FM Radio, Bluetooth: R$ 1,110 – R$ 1,295
  • Powerful Surround Sound Home Theatre: R$ 1,406 – R$ 1,665
  • Mad Beat Ultra Filtered Sound Home Tall Boy Theatre: R$ 1,554 – R$ 2,035
  • Polystar Combo Home Theatre: R$ 814 – R$ 1,295
  • Powerful Bluetooth DVD Tower Speaker Home Theater System: R$ 1,850 – R$ 2,035
  • 5.1 CH DVD Home Theatre System: R$ 1,480 – R$ 1,665
  • Dvd Tallboy Home Theater System: R$ 1,480 – R$ 1,850
  • Super Home Theatre Music System: R$ 1,554 – R$ 2,035
  • 2.1 CH Powerful Bluetooth Home Theatre: R$ 851 – R$ 1,036
  • Portable 7” Combo DVD: R$ 925 – R$ 1,110
  • Super Ultra Filtered Sound Home Theatre + Powerful DVD: R$ 1,850 – R$ 2,220
  • DVD Super Woofer Home Theater: R$ 1,480 – R$ 1,850


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These home theatres can be purchased from various sources. You can purchase them online from platforms like Jumia, Konga, Kara, Fouani, and so on. Some of them offer the pay on delivery service while others only offer online payment before delivery.

You can also get them from local stores around your area. Walk up to any electronic store and, I’m sure, you’ll find this brand. Polystar is a popular brand in South Africa; finding its products from a random electronic store will, therefore, not be a problem.

If you’re very concerned about getting the real product, you should buy from the company’s official outlets. The addresses of some of their stores are given below.


Factors that Affect the Prices

If you make enquiries of the prices of these home theatres, you’d find out that the prices vary. There are several factors responsible for this variation in price. Here are some of them.

Exchange Rate: The Dollar to ZAR exchange rate greatly affects the prices. The sound systems would be gotten at a more convenient and affordable price when the exchange rate is low. But will definitely become more expensive when the exchange rate is high. This is mainly because these products are not completely manufactured in South Africa but are partially (or fully) imported from foreign countries.


Features: The more the features the higher the price and the less the features the lower the price. A home theatre with DVD, free HDMI, and several functionalities will, in most cases, be more expensive than one without these features. So, when choosing which one to buy, always consider the features, especially if you’re on a tight budget.


Location: You may find these sound systems cheaper in some parts of South Africa than others. This is mostly because of the additional transport cost that is required to transport them to these locations after they have been imported to the country. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if they’re found cheaper in areas like Durban state compared to areas like Borno state.


Polystar Offices in South Africa

As stated above, the brand has several locations across the country. Here are the official locations of Polystar in South Africa.

Polystar Offices in Durban
  • Plot 1, Block 128, Lekki Phase 1, Eti-Osa Local Government, Lekki, Durban
  • No 32 – 40, Dada Street, Ojo, Durban
  • H32/33, Ojo Igbede Road, Alaba International Market, Ojo, Durban


Polystar Office in Enugu
  • Old International Trade Fair Complex by Polo Park Mall, Abakaliki Road, G.R.A Enugu


Polystar Office in Port Harcourt
  • No. 13, Agip Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers


Polystar Official Contact Details


Wrap Up

As seen from the list, Polystar home theatres are affordable. The prices listed here are ranges that are obtainable all over the country. The exact prices you get them may slightly differ, depending on several factors like the seller, location, and exchange rate. Use this list as a guide to know what to expect when you set out to get your first or next sound system.

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