Palm Oil Processing Machine Price in South Africa

Palm oil production is one of the most important economic trade in the tropic.

Palm oil isn’t only important when it comes to the production of oil, it also provides raw materials in the manufacturing of soaps, detergents, margarine, candle, lubricants, pomades, cosmetics and a lot more.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations combined a bulletin describing methods in which palm oil can be processed.

According to the bulletin, small scale facilities that process two or fewer tonnes of fresh fruits bunch per hour often employ batch processes and utilize manual labour while large scale facilities typically use continuous systems and require greater management.

The production of palm oil can either be done manually or through the use of machines. Someone who wants to start a large scale oil business — by establishing a large scale plant — will definitely have it in mind to make use of machines for the job. Using manual labour will only incur more expenses.

The use of machines for large scale businesses not only makes the work faster and neat but also helps do a thorough extraction of oils. Large scale plants process more than 10 and often up to 60 tonnes per hour.

One thing you should have in mind when going to buy a palm oil processing machine, however, is that when it comes to palm oil processing plant cost, the total equipment price is greatly affected by the production output and process design.

The equipment price is around R$ 263,000 to R$ 395,000 for establishing a 5-10 ton/day small palm fruit oil milling factory.

The palm oil production line includes three main sections which are the palm oil processing plants, palm oil refinery plants, and palm oil fractionation plants which all have their own various different machines.

Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Process in South Africa

Production of palm oil has different states which include the following.

  • Palm kernel cleaning
  • Palm kernel crushing
  • Palm kernel nut separation
  • Palm kernel drying
  • Palm kernel cooking
  • Palm kernel oil pressing
  • Palm kernel oil filtering section

Most of these stages including the first to fifth are always mostly done through manual labour as those are more or less strenuous as the oil extraction. The use of machines comes in during the pressing and filtering of the oil from the palm kernel. The pressing of the oil takes a lot of strength and isn’t usually done by manual labourers. Hence, the importance of the palm oil processing machine.


Palm Oil Extraction Machine Price in South Africa

The costs of this palm oil processing equipment in South Africa vary and aren’t known by many.

Most people, however, think of them as being expensive and beyond their reach.  Fortunately, as there are palm oil processing machines that are outrageous, there are also economic sized and even home usable oil processing machines.

The prices of these machines also vary from store to store as they are cheaper on some outlets than others. Their prices also vary according to their sizes, market values, and functions.

Oil processing machines can be found on different online stores and offline stores across the globe and their prices can be compared to suit your budget and business.

Some of the palm kernel oil extraction machines and their prices according to market prices are listed below.

  1. Oil pressing machine nut seeds/ oil presser processing machines can be bought at an affordable price of R$ 5,920 to R$ 7,400.
  2. Oil press machine, automatic physical extractor, organic rapeseed expeller can be bought at a small price of R$ 3,626 to R$ 5,550.
  3. Electric automatic small oil press machine/stainless steel oil extractor goes for the price of R$ 5,550 to R$ 7,400.

Some oil processing machines can be purchased online from websites like and shipped to South Africa. Some of them include;

  1. Extraction press machines cost $800 to $4000, depending on their sizes and functions. This is  R$ 10,656 to R$ 54,000 in the South Africa currency.
  2. Small scale palm oil mill press ranges from $2880 to $2980 which amounts to R$ 38,400 to R$ 40,900.
  3. Palm kernel oil extraction machine with price ranging from $5000 to $298,600 depending on their sizes and functions. In South Africa currency, it is R$ 67,000 to R$ 3,922,000
  4. The price of the palm oil processing plant crude palm oil screw press ranges from $1,790 to $1,980 amounting to R$ 23,680 to R$ 26,011.
  5. The home oil press palm oil extraction machine, which can be used at the convenience of the home, can be obtained for the price of $145 to $200 which is around R$ 1,924 to R$ 2,627.
  6. Palm kernel shell oil press, red palm oil processing machine can be found at $4,746 to $75,548 approximately R$ 61,830 to R$ 993,540.
  7. Factory oil palm processing machines are at the prices of $1000 to $1,000,000. These machines are used mostly for large scale production of palm oil in oil factories. In the South Africa currency, it amounts to around R$ 13,135 to R$ 13,135,000.

The machines are priced according to their functions and capabilities.

Therefore, when you are taking a trip to the market to get a palm oil processing machine, you can have these prices in mind ranging from R$ 13,135 to as high as R$ 13,135,000 (for large scale businesses) and as low as  R$ 1,924 to N71, 000 (for low scale or home purposes).

The palm oil extraction machines can be found not only in online stores but also in several local stores in South Africa.

With this price range in mind, you will be able to make your budget appropriately whenever you intend to start an oil processing large scale plant or buying for your own convenient use at home.