Mikano Generator Prices in South Africa

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If you’re looking for the current discounts on Mikano Generator Prices in South Africa, you’re just on the right page. Read on to learn more.

In a country like South Africa where the demand for electricity extremely outweighs its supply, it has become an absolute necessity to have an alternative source of power generation.

For quite some time now, generators have made personal power generation possible with their simple but technical ability to turn mechanical energy into electrical energy.

If you desire a generator for Industrial applications, then Mikano is one of the leading providers to consider.

Mikano Generator Prices in South Africa

Mikano South Africa emerged into the market with a stronghold in power generation. Its three main sections include diesel, gas, and rental generators.

Mikano generators are the largest assembler of power generating sets from renowned Generator manufacturers; Perkins UK and Stamford/Meccalte alternator UK, providing quality generating sets ranging from 9KVA to 5000KVA for homes and industries.

Mikano has been in existence with various operational solutions such as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Generator sets where no gas pipeline is available and ensures up to 50% running cost savings; Bi-fuel generating sets which operate on 70% gas, 30% diesel, and IPP power plant solutions with Gas/Diesel power generation.

Prices of Mikano Generators South Africa (Brand New)

Generator ModelOpen TypeSound-proof
9KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 403-D11G]ZAR$188,782 – ZAR$203,588ZAR$233,201 – ZAR$240,604
13KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 403-15G]ZAR$199,887 – ZAR$210,991ZAR$248,007 – ZAR$255,410
15KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 403-15G2]ZAR$207,290 – ZAR$214,693ZAR$255,410 – ZAR$262,814
15KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]ZAR$166,572 – ZAR$177,677ZAR$207,290 – ZAR$214,693
20KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 404-22G]ZAR$218,395 – ZAR$229,499ZAR$266,515 – ZAR$277,620
20KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]ZAR$170,274 – ZAR$177,677ZAR$210,991 – ZAR$218,395
30KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1103-33G]ZAR$255,410 – ZAR$262,814ZAR$314,636 – ZAR$325,741
30KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]ZAR$199,887 – ZAR$207,290ZAR$244,306 – ZAR$255,410
40KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1103-33TG1]ZAR$292,426 – ZAR$299,830ZAR$355,354 – ZAR$366,458
40KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]ZAR$233,201 – ZAR$244,306ZAR$285,023 – ZAR$296,128
50KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1103-33TG1]ZAR$307,233 – ZAR$314,636ZAR$373,861 – ZAR$384,966
50KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]ZAR$244,306 – ZAR$251,709ZAR$296,128 – ZAR$303,531
60KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1103-33TG2]ZAR$329,442 – ZAR$340,547ZAR$399,773 – ZAR$407,176
60KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]ZAR$262,814 – ZAR$273,918ZAR$318,338 – ZAR$325,741
65KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1104-44TG1]ZAR$355,354 – ZAR$366,458ZAR$440,490 – ZAR$451,595
80KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1104-44TG2]ZAR$377,563 – ZAR$388,668ZAR$458,998 – ZAR$470,103
80KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]ZAR$292,426 – ZAR$303,531ZAR$362,757 – ZAR$373,861
100KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1104-TAG2]ZAR$436,789 – ZAR$447,893ZAR$525,627 – ZAR$536,732
100KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]ZAR$344,249 – ZAR$351,652ZAR$418,281 – ZAR$429,385
120KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]ZAR$429,385 – ZAR$440,490ZAR$514,522 – ZAR$529,328
135KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1106-TG1]ZAR$570,046 – ZAR$581,151ZAR$688,497 – ZAR$703,303
150KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1106-TAG2]ZAR$625,570 – ZAR$640,376ZAR$751,424 – ZAR$766,230
150KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]ZAR$488,611 – ZAR$499,716ZAR$584,852 – ZAR$599,659
180KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1106C-E66TAG4]N/AN/A
200KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1106-TAG4]ZAR$740,319 – ZAR$755,126ZAR$903,189 – ZAR$917,996
200KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]ZAR$599,659 – ZAR$610,763ZAR$744,021 – ZAR$755,126
250KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1306-E87TAG6]ZAR$1,043,850 – ZAR$1,062,358ZAR$1,273,349 – ZAR$1,288,155
250KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]ZAR$777,335 – ZAR$792,142ZAR$943,907 – ZAR$958,713
300KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1606A-E93TAG5]ZAR$1,221,526 – ZAR$1,240,034ZAR$1,506,549 – ZAR$1,532,460
350KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 2206A-E13TAG2]ZAR$1,369,590 – ZAR$1,388,098ZAR$1,673,121 – ZAR$1,691,629
350KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]ZAR$1,077,164 – ZAR$1,091,971ZAR$1,317,768 – ZAR$1,332,574
400KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 2206A-E13TAG3]ZAR$1,480,638 – ZAR$1,499,146ZAR$1,791,572 – ZAR$1,824,886
500KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 2506A-E15TAG2]ZAR$1,610,194 – ZAR$1,628,702ZAR$1,943,337 – ZAR$1,961,845
500KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]ZAR$1,358,485 – ZAR$1,376,993ZAR$1,643,508 – ZAR$1,662,016
650KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 2806A-E18TAG2]ZAR$2,261,674 – ZAR$2,280,182ZAR$2,724,374 – ZAR$2,742,882
650KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]ZAR$1,798,975 – ZAR$1,817,483ZAR$2,169,135 – ZAR$2,187,642
800KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 4006-23TAG3A]ZAR$3,287,016 – ZAR$3,309,225ZAR$4,112,471 – ZAR$4,134,681
800KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]ZAR$2,557,802 – ZAR$2,580,011ZAR$3,287,016 – ZAR$3,309,225
1000KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 4008-TAG2A]ZAR$4,541,856 – ZAR$4,578,872ZAR$6,063,211 – ZAR$6,100,227
1000KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]ZAR$3,653,474 – ZAR$3,690,490ZAR$5,234,054 – ZAR$5,256,264

Mikano generators can be bought either offline or online. Basically, there are two ways of owning a Mikano Generator. One is to buy it outright. Another is to rent it. Diesel and gas generatorswith capacities ranging from 20KVA to 2000KVA are open to rental.

However, the rentals are only available to clients who need a power generator for a limited time and this is subject to the availability of the capacity you need. The rental department of Mikano has a pool of over 120generatorsthat customers can rent from.

Need a brand new Mikano generator? Here’s how to get yours…

If you’re really serious about getting a brand-new Mikano generator directly from Mikano at discounted prices, send an email to [email protected] to request the contact details of one of the sales executives at Mikano International, Johannesburg. We didn’t post the details here for confidentiality reasons and to prevent unnecessary calls by unserious buyers.

Mikano Generator Prices in South Africa

By getting your generator directly from Mikano, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Delivery to anywhere in South Africa
  • Manufacturer-backed one-year warranty on all brand-new generators
  • After-sales support (maintenance and servicing)

Fairly Used Mikano Generators in South Africa & Prices

  • 20KVA – 40KVA: from 2,000,000
  • 50KVA – 80KVA: from 7,200,000
  • 100KVA – 400KVA: from 10,500,000
  • 500KVA – 800KVA from 15,500,000

Prices of used Mikano (and other brands of soundproof) generators are determined by the number of hours they have been run for, not for how long they’ve been bought. The number of hours is a more accurate parameter because it reveals how much work the generator has done. A generator bought 10 years ago and used for just 500 hours is better than one bought 2 years ago and already used for 2,000 hours.

But generally, used soundproof generators are significantly cheaper than brand-new ones. Depending on the number of running hours, the prices of used generators typically start from around 70% of the price of brand new ones down to about 40%.

Mikano Generators in South Africa: Your Options

Mikano offers a range of high-end generators, and you have a number of options to choose from based on your requirements and preferences.

Sound-proof vs. open type

If you don’t mind the serious noise produced by the open-type generator, then you can opt for this type, since it can be significantly cheaper than the sound-proof type of equal power output. But if you really hate noise, then you’d be better off with the sound-proof type, which comes covered with a box-like canopy that prevents noise emission.

Perkins engine vs. Yorc engine

Perkins is a UK brand that is well-known for producing high-quality engines for generators and other industrial machines. Over the years the company has built a reputation of durability.

Mikano Generator Prices in South Africa

Perkins engine

Yorc, on the other hand, is a Japanese brand that also specializes in heavy-duty generator engines. However, their products are less popular than Perkins products, but not necessarily less effective. Mikano generators containing Yorc engines are cheaper than those with Perkins engines — not because Perkins is better per se, but because Yorc is a relatively new brand that is still trying to build a market for themselves and are offering reduced prices in order to break into the market more easily.

Diesel-powered vs. gas powered

If you’re running a business that has zero tolerance for sudden power outages, then you’d be better off with a gas-powered generator (natural gas, not petrol). But if you’re like most other individual and corporate customers, you’d be okay with a diesel-powered generator, which is more economical and easier to use and maintain.

Mikano generators: Factors responsible for price differences

Generally, the price of generators in South Africa tends to vary depending on how much power they can supply. You may find that a 650VA power generator will cost as little as ZAR$556 while a 250KVA generator can cost as much as N6.5m. Generator prices are neither specific nor rigid as they are prone to change with factors such as the rise or fall of the currency exchange rate, market demand, how much power they can supply (KVA) as well as the location of purchase and functionality of the electric generator set.

The price of a Mikano generator will depend on the level of customization. A soundproof generator will cost more. Automation also adds to the cost.

Advantages of Mikano Generators

Varied capacity: Mikano generators are available for both home and industrial use. Residential class diesel generatorscome with power capacity ranging from 9KVA to 150KVA, while the industrial-grade dieselgeneratorsoffer from 150KVA to 2000KVA. You may also prefer a gas-driven Mikano Generator with capacity ranging from 350KVA to 1250KVA.

Tropical adaptation: Mikanogeneratorsare essentially Perkinsgenerators (made in the UK). They offer water-cooled engines and a radiator adapted to our tropical region.

Custom made options: If you wish, Mikano can customize your generator to meet your unique requirement. For example, you can add sound-proof to your Mikano generators. An automatic start/stop function can also be added as well as an automatic change over the system. If you require a synchronized system, Mikano can also help you with that.

After-sales support: Training can also be arranged for the operators of the Mikano Generator. Service and Spare parts is not an issue as they are available.

Things to consider for before buying a Mikano Generator

The most important factor to consider when buying a suitable generator is the type. However, there are other important things to look out for that would help you make an informed buying decision.

  • Ease of installation: The location where the generator would be installed plays a key role in determining the type to be purchased. It is important to ask questions like where would the generator be installed? Would it be for home, church, hotel, office or shop use?
  • Capacity: The location of the installation will determine what capacity of the generator is to be considered. How much KVA would serve the purpose of installation? The KVA needed by a hotel or office may differ considerably from that which is required for a residential home. Either low, medium/large electric generator sets, Mikano generators satisfies all power needs.
  • Features: Before making a purchase, understanding the characteristics of a generator is highly important. Otherwise known as the generator rating, a knowledge of these characteristics and how they affect their performance is key to purchasing the best fit for your intended use. These ratings include output voltage, rated power, maximum power, rated output frequency, fuel type, recommended engine oil, excitation method among others.
  • User feedback and reviews: You should make proper market research before proceeding with any purchase. Have it in mind that the more popular a brand is, the more impressions it is likely to have.
  • Authorized sellers: Try as much as possible to buy your Mikano Generator from trusted and reliable outlets with a receipt and warranty card to avoid buying counterfeit Mikano generators. Should you choose to buy or rent a used Mikano generator, make sure to test run it at the seller’s location. Also, remember to note any malfunction and ask all the necessary questions.
  • Finance: The most important factor that supersedes and influences your buying decision is your purchasing power. How much can you afford to part with in order to buy a Mikano Generator? This will go a long way in helping you make an informed buying decision.

Prices of Other Generators in South Africa

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60KVA Mikano Generator price in South Africa

Presently, a 60KVA Mikano Generator costs between N4.9m and N5.2m (for the Perkins engine model) or between N4.1m and N4.4m (for the Yorc engine model).

27 KVA Mikano Generator

Presently there are no 27KVA Mikano generators. The closest option to a 27KVA is the 30KVA Mikano generator, which presently sells for N3m to N3.2m (for the Yorc engine option) and N3.5m to N4m (for the Perkins engine option).

Mikano Generator Price (Jumia, Konga, etc.): How Reliable?

Most of the listings of Mikano generators and accessories that you’ll find on South African online marketplaces such as Jumia and Konga are from third-party vendors. So, chances are high that you won’t get the best prices from them. To get Mikano generators at the best prices (sometimes discounted), your best bet is to reach out to the company directly.

Mikano Generator Spare Parts

While Mikano generators are made of components that are durable enough to last for years without any need for repair, truth is, they won’t last forever. And to continue to enjoy your Mikano generator, you’d have to change faulty parts whenever the need arises. To get reliable Mikano generator spare parts, get in touch directly with the company. Avoid buying spare parts from third-party vendors, as your risk buying a fake product.

Mikano South Africa in Brief

Mikano Generators was founded in South Africa in 1993. And the headquarters is located at 35-35, Acme Road, Ogba, Ikeja, Johannesburg. The company specializes in the sales and maintenance of top-quality power generators to individuals and corporate bodies. The company also engages in steel fabrication, real estate, and construction.

Mikano Generators Owner

Mikano is most probably owned by a group of investors. However, the most widely known key person in the organization is the Chairman and CEO, Mofid Karameh, a Lebanese entrepreneur.