Michelin Tyres Price List In South Africa

Every part of a vehicle is very important, however, without the tyres, the vehicle will remain stationary. This is why you must invest in high-quality tyres for your car. Several brands boast high-quality on the South African market, one of these giants is Michelin.

This brand has been serving South Africans high-quality vehicle tyres for several decades. How much do Michelin tyres cost today? We will answer this question in this post. Without wasting much time, let’s get started.

Michelin Tyres Price List in South Africa

Cost of Michelin Tyres in South Africa

Michelin is one company that is synonymous with high-quality vehicle tyres. This brand has invested in top-notch engineering processes and raw materials to deliver great tyres for South African roads. There are so many Michelin tyres on the market so finding out their prices might be quite difficult.

We have undertaken this task on your behalf and have gotten the prices of some of the popular Michelin tyres. Check the list below to find out the different products and their prices:

Note that these prices may change depending on several factors. Some of these factors include location, vendors, government policies, prices of raw materials, etc.

Factors to consider before buying tyres

Changing your vehicle tyres is an essential maintenance process. Do you know that the kind of tyres that you choose play a part in the smoothness of your driving experience? From how the vehicle handles to your maximum speed and the kind of conditions you can drive in. Here are some factors to consider before buying tyres:


The tyre width is one of the most important factors to consider when buying tyres. It determines how much of the tyre hits the road. Wider tyres are best for wet roads because there is more surface area for friction. When a tyre is narrow, it doesn’t provide sufficient grip because the contact area is smaller. However, the tyre makes less noise when it is narrower. How do you know the width of your tyres? Check the first 3 digits on the tyre label. For example, if you have 245/70R16, the tyre width is 245 millimeters.


The tyre profile is the thickness of the tyre’s sidewall. This factor is a percentage of the overall tyre width. Using the example above, if the tyre label is 245/70R16, the profile is 70. That’s the next set of digits after the tyre width. The higher the profile, the more protection that you have. Low-profile tyres are prone to damage even though they are more attractive and give you better steering performance.


Every car has its tyre specifications. Getting the wrong tyres could spell doom as you will be exposing yourself to danger. Ensure that you choose the right size of tyres for your car before making a purchase. Doing this protects you from tyre-related accidents. To know the tyre size, check the 2 digits after the letter “R.”

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