Mechanical Engineering Salary Per Month in South Africa

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Mechanical engineering has proven to be one of the most sort-after careers in South Africa today.

There are so many fields that parents love their children to delve into and mechanical engineering is certainly one of them.

It is an aspect of engineering that deals with physics, applied mathematics, engineering, manufacturing, science analytics and maintenance of mechanical systems.

There are several universities in South Africa today that offer this course. Schools like the University of Ibadan, University of Durban and a whole lot of other universities offer this course to undergraduates and postgraduates alike.

Thousands of students apply for this course every year in South Africa and get good salary structure after graduating with a good degree. However, this course can be a bit challenging and undergraduates who major in it need to get their calculation skills accurately.


Mechanical Engineering Salary Per Month in South Africa

Understanding Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering generally involves understanding how a system works and using your understanding to create parts or another system that solves a particular problem.

This is one of the biggest and oldest engineering disciplines in Africa and the world at large. Mechanical engineers are one of the most respected engineers on the planet.

It involves using some physical science subjects to achieve a certain aim in engineering. Mechanical engineers use this knowledge to create most of the pieces of machinery we use and see every day. The products of this career are all useful in our everyday life and are demanded in high quantity and quality.


What Does a Mechanical Engineer Need to Know?

Mechanical engineers need to learn about materials, heat transfers, thermodynamics, solids and fluids behaviour, instrumentation, the design of systems and manufacturing so that they can understand mechanical systems in general.

Physics is known to be the main root of mechanical engineering. The importance of mathematics and chemistry cannot be denied as they play an important role as well.


How to Become a Successful Mechanical Engineer in South Africa

Like all other professions in the country, mechanical engineering also needs one to be certified. You need to have a minimum of BSc certificate before you can consider yourself to be a mechanical engineer.

Some people also decide to go further by getting an MSc in any of its specified fields. If you wish, you can also get a PhD and have more certifications in as many fields as you wish.


Average Salary of a Mechanical Engineer in South Africa

The salary scale of a mechanical engineer in South Africa varies according to experience, organization and level. On average, a new intern earns between R$ 1,850 to as much as R$ 11,100 monthly.

There are many companies in South Africa that are looking for a sound mechanical engineer. If you have a good certificate and the quality a top company is looking for, you can earn more than the average salary sometimes.

Getting a job as a mechanical engineer in the automobile industry can earn you a salary ranging from R$ 3,700 to R$ 11,100 while the salary in the oil and gas industry and the aviation industries ranges from R$ 5,550 to R$ 18,500.

The salary generally depends on your level of experience and several other factors including the type of company; whether it is a multi-national, government-owned or individual owned company.

Most people who apply for mechanical engineering jobs usually do not get it because they focus mainly on what they learnt in school and don’t make use of extracurricular and life-saving skills they need to acquire.

Nowadays, companies are more interested in what you can do rather than what is on your certificate.  A good engineer should also be business oriented and have the ability to think outside the box to be able to solve important problems.




Mechanical Engineering Fields

You may decide to major in any field of mechanical engineering. There are specialized aspects available for you to focus on as an engineer. You need to identify which one you are best in and be a master in it.

This helps to focus more on what you can produce and makes it easier to meet whatever target you have set for yourself since the beginning of your journey as a mechanical engineer.

Example of these fields are;

  • Biomechanics
  • Energy conversion
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Nanomechanics
  • Cartilage-tissue engineering
  • Mechanisms
  • Micro power generation and many others

There are also some exclusive subjects of study to take note of. As a mechanical engineer, you must have basic knowledge in any of the following; solid mechanics, thermodynamics and fluids, dynamics and controls and manufacturing.

Mechanical engineering and many other engineering fields have some things in common. They are interwoven and work with each other. These engineering fields need each other to help perform better. For example, chemical engineering and civil engineering make use of the knowledge of mechanical engineering.

Chemical engineers need knowledge of heat transfer while civil engineers make use of the knowledge of fluid mechanics and many others.


Mechanical Engineering Career Opportunities in South Africa

There are various career opportunities this field offers you. In South Africa, there is a high demand for mechanical engineers as well as across the world. People demand their services daily and it brings a great income for the professionals. Mechanical engineers are needed in manufacturing industries such as the automobile industry and the aviation industry.

As a mechanical engineer, you can find jobs in any of the following sectors;

  • Biomedical engineering
  • Nanotechnology
  • Energy conservation
  • Automobile
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Sports
  • Railway cooperation
  • Computers and electronics
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Power
  • Oil and gas


Skills Needed in Mechanical Engineering

As a mechanical engineer, you need to combine the knowledge of as many physical sciences as possible. Even business management has become an important discipline for mechanical engineers.

You should also have the following skills at hand:

  • Problem-solving skill: As a mechanical engineer, you must be able to identify and solve major problems around you
  • Endurance skill: Life is not always beautiful even for a mechanical engineer. It can get tiring when you start working on an important project (probably one that can change the face of a particular country or community); you must be able to endure what challenges come your way
  • Ability to work under pressure: Sometimes, you may need to work fast and under a lot of pressure in order to meet up with your goal. As a mechanical engineer, your ability to work well under pressure will be a good boost to your career
  • Planning and prioritizing skills: You must also know how to set priorities for certain things. Learn to identify what you need and what you need later
  • Punctuality and self-discipline: Punctuality in the sense that you must be able to deliver projects and important jobs by the deadline date. Self-discipline will help you set a timetable to work and meet up with deadlines
  • Analytical skills: The ability to analyze issues and situations perfectly is in high demand these days. You need to get them into your list of acquired skills
  • Innovative thinking skills: Thinking of problems and coming up with solutions is very important for you to excel in this field
  • Communication skills: You must be able to communicate with customers and clients who may need your service

All these skills are important for you to excel in this field.  Each one helps you to become a better engineer and an expert at what you do. In South Africa and across the globe, these skills are what will make any engineer standout among his or her peers.

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