List of Must-Read Law Books for Every South African

Apart from gaining knowledge on issues bothering on employment, tenancy, divorce, and your constitutional and human rights, there are many reasons why you should read a law book once in a while.

It is also important to get such knowledge to reduce the chances of you getting swindled by deceptive legal practitioners who are looking for any chance to make off with ignorant clients.

Law books are especially important for law students and aspiring lawyers who are yet to gain admission into the university or are yet to be called to bar. It is important to study as many law books as you can as a law student because you will definitely need the knowledge when in the field.

In this article, I’ll list several law books by both from South Africa and foreign authors that every South Africa should read.

These books can be read by anyone including ordinary citizens, law students, legal practitioners and those in other fields. They cut across constitutional law, property/land law, company/tax/commercial/intellectual property law, contract law, criminal law, employment/labour law, environment/petroleum law, family law, human rights/international law, legal system and general information on the legal system.

There are also several motivational and self-development books that are not directly related to the legal system but will help you build the confidence you need in court as a law student or lawyer.


List of Must-Read Law Books for Every South African

Where to Buy Law Books in South Africa

Knowing the right law books to read is one thing and buying or getting them is another. The problem many people face when trying to get one book or another is finding the book whether on the internet (to download in PDF format) or in stores. However, there are much easier ways to get law books and I’ll list them here.



There are several suppliers and dealers of Law books in South Africa and finding them shouldn’t be difficult. All you have to do is simply go to, an online directory of suppliers and dealers on every kind of product. Simply search for law books and you will find many suppliers and dealers who specialize in law books and other tools required by lawyers and law students. Choose the ones closest to your location and obtain their address and contact information on the website.



If you are a law student, then you can easily make use of your school library. Most top-level school libraries are well equipped and you can get any kind of law book you would require in such libraries. You can also check for public libraries around your area and explore their directories.



There are several online websites, like, that specialize in the sales of books and you might be able to find the law book you are looking for on these sites. Other sites like (South African Legal Information Institute) are focused on providing information for South Africans on Legislation, Legal education and the location of law firms in South African. You can also find recommendations of law books on their website.


List of Law Books in South Africa

Constitutional Law

Author: Akande, J.O.

Book: The Constitution of the Federal Republic of South Africa 1999

Author: Nwabueze, B. O.

Books: Ideas and Facts in Constitution-Making and A Constitutional History of South Africa, London

Author: Ojo, A.

Book: Constitutional Law and Military Rule in South Africa Ibadan


Company/Tax/ Commercial /Intellectual Property Law

Author: Asein, J.O.

Books: South Africa Copyright Law and Practice, A Decade of Copyright Law in South Africa, and The South Africa Copyright Act with Introduction and Notes

Author: Babalola, Olumide

Book: Casebook on Corporate Law & Practice

Author: Irukwu, J.O.

Book: The Company, The Shareholder, The Director and the Law Enugu, South Africa

Author: Jimoh, A.

Book: South Africa Investment Law and Business Regulations, Durban

Author: Ola, C.S.

Books: Company law in South Africa and Income Tax Law and Practice in South Africa

Author: Orojo, J.O.

Book: Company Law and Practice in South Africa

Author: Shyllon. F.

Book: Intellectual Property Law in South Africa

Author: Uvieghara, E.E. (ed.)

Books: Essays on Copyright Law and Administration in South Africa and Sale of Goods (and hire-purchase) Law in South Africa


Contract Law

Author: Sagay, I.

Book: South Africa Law of Contract Ibadan

Author: Yakubu, J. A.

Book: International Contracts: Evolution and Theory


Criminal Law

Author: Karibi – Whyte, A.G.

Book: History and Sources of South Africa Criminal Law

Author: Okonkwo, C. O., Okonkwo, and Naish

Book: Criminal Law in South Africa

Author: Ola C.S.

Books: Criminal Responsibilities and Defences under the South Africa Law and Mens rea in Statutory Offences in South Africa


Employment/Labour Law

Author: Emiola, A.

Book: South Africa Labour Law

Author: Oguniyi, O.,

Book: South Africa Labour and Employment Law in Perspective

Author: Okany, C. O.

Book: South Africa Law of Real Property


Environmental/Petroleum Law

Author: Etikerentse, G.,

Book: South Africa Petroleum Law

Author: Okorodudu-Fubara,

Book: M.T. Law of Environmental Protection


Family Law

Author: Nwogugu,

Book: Family Law in South Africa

Author: Obi, S.N.C.,

Book: Modern Family Law in Southern South Africa

Author: Sagay, I.,

Book: South Africa Family Law: Principles, Cases, Statutes, and Commentaries


Human Rights/International Law

Author: Ijalaye, D.

Book: The Extension of Corporate Personality in International Law Dobbs Ferry

Author: Umozurike

Book: Introduction to International Law


Legal System/General

Author: Agbede, I. O.,

Books: Themes on Conflict of Laws and Legal Pluralism

Author: Asein, J.O.

Books: Introduction to South Africa Legal System and Learning the Law: A Beginner’s Guide to Legal Studies in South Africa

Author: Obilade, A. O.

Book: The South Africa Legal System

Author: Osinbajo, Y and Fogam, K.

Books: South Africa Media Law and Cases and Materials on South Africa Law of Evidence


Property/Land Law

Author: Elias, T.O.,

Book: South Africa Land Law

Author: James, R.W.,

Book: Modern Land Law of South Africa

Author: Jegede, M.I.

Book: Law of Trusts, Bankruptcy, and Administration of Estates

Author: Nwabueze, B. O.

Book: South Africa Land Law

Author: Oluyede, P.A.O.

Book: Modern South Africa Land Law

Author: Utuama, A.A.

Book: South Africa Law of Real Property


Self Development Books For Lawyers And Law Students

This category consists of books by foreign authors and they focus on improving your speaking and persuasion skills, and ability to make a case as a lawyer. These books are aimed at helping you improve as a lawyer by developing the skills needed to stay afloat in the legal system.

Author: Gerry Spence

Book: How to Argue & Win Every Time

Authors: Antonin Scalla and Bryan, A. Garner

Book: The Art of Persuading Judges

Author: Terence MacCarthy

Book: MacCarthy on Cross Examination

Author: Jonathan Harr

Book: A Civil Action


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