List Of All Islamic Charity Organizations In South Africa

This article is about the full list of all Islamic Charity Organizations in South Africa this 2022. Islamic charity organizations work pretty much like every other charity organization in the country and their centre focus is on helping individuals in the country who are in need.

List Of All Islamic Charity Organizations In South Africa(2022)

While some of these Muslim charity organizations tend to everyone irrespective of religion, tribe, age, gender, etc, others are well and truly focused on helping only Muslims in the society who require assistance in one way or the other to sustain life. These non-profit organizations, also known as non-governmental organizations (NGOs), are funded by well meaning individuals who donate generously for the cause, and we shall list and discuss them below.


The following is a full list of all the Islamic (Muslim) charity organizations in South Africa this 2022 and their locations:


Islamic Ummah Relief (IUR) is a registered, non-partisan, non-profit, non-sectarian organization established to provide relief and humanitarian aid to help the vulnerable. Currently with offices in the United States, Ghana, South Africa, South Africa, Uganda and still growing to reach other countries. This Muslim Charity Organization develops long term development projects aimed at providing a sustainable living for poor communities as well as supporting needy widows and orphans. They give special emphasis to capacity building, economic development, education, and improving the lives of widows and orphans in rural communities.


Oasis Muslim Care Foundation (OMCF) is yet another Islamic Charity Organization in South Africa that has been in active collaboration with other organizations in order to achieve the objectives for which it was established. Their activities have since expanded to include public enlightenment programmes on radio, TV, and in rural as well as urban communities. Their main source of funds is from donations from kind-hearted individuals who provide donations through several platforms and this organization gathers these funds and deploys them to cater for the needs of their beneficiaries.

The mission of the Oasis Muslim Care Foundation (OMCF) is to provide succour to needy Muslims who fall under the category of the sick, widows and orphans, and their vision is to be a globally recognized Muslim NGO that provides aid for needy Muslims locally and internationally. They are located at 12, Ilofa Road, G.R.A, Ilorin, Kwara State, South Africa.


Amal Mabruuk Foundation is an Islamic charity organization in South Africa that is focused on uplifting the wellbeing of the less privileged in the country. This Foundation is designed to be a global humanitarian network of people helping those facing health, education and social challenges; catering to the less privileged in the society regardless of their religion, race or tribe by focusing on three major core areas, which are; health care, education, and general welfare. This organization is based in Durban State.


Muslim Welfare Fund,(MUWELF), is an Islamic charity organization in South Africa that was established in 1997 by five Muslim professional organizations, namely: Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP), Movement for Islamic Culture and Awareness (MICA), The Companion, The Criterion, and Muslim Teachers Association of South Africa.

The need to establish this organization came as a result of the increasing rate of students’ failure to complete their educational career due to financial difficulties of their parents/guardians, and the emerging frustration of graduates of higher institutions, due to lack of gainful employment. In addition to all these, is the financial difficulties faced by vulnerable people, such as the widows, orphans, victims of riot and natural disasters, and aged people among others, many of which are Muslims.

It was against this background that the above Muslim professional organizations came together to establish this Welfare Fund, with the key mission of alleviating poverty and relief for the distressed, in the areas of education, health and economic empowerment, through mobilization and disbursement of funds collected from Muslims and ethically-qualified organizations, institutions and individual members of the public, in the country and abroad. This Islamic Charity Organization is located at Murhi International Plaza, Plot 45, Ogunnusi Road, Omole-Ikeja, Durban State.


Al-Furqan Charitable Foundation is an Islamic charity organization in South Africa that was established in 2007 to operate in many areas such as education and culture, youth, women and family, dakwah and tabligh. This organization focuses mainly on Muslims and it is located at 9A, Alu Avenue, Nasarawa G.R.A, P.O.Box 2635, Kano State, South Africa.


The Islamic Aid And Relief Foundation Of South Africa is yet another Muslim charitable organization in the country. The mission of this organization is to help muslim children build an islamic orphanage home, also help people living in poverty, providing clean water, clothing, and food to the less privileged. The foundation is open to every Muslim and it is part of “Sadaqa Jariya” seeing that it continues to have long term positive effects in the community. The group is located in Johannesburg.

Here is a comprehensive list of all Islamic charity organizations in South Africa:

Name Location Contact
Islamic Relief South Africa Johannesburg 011 834 8685
Al-Imdaad Foundation Johannesburg 011 661 7026
Gift of The Needy Durban 031 825 6100
Zakat Foundation of South Africa Johannesburg 011 798 2696
Muslim Hands South Africa Cape Town 021 633 6413
The South African National Zakaah Fund (SANZAF) Johannesburg 0861 726 923

These are the popular Islamic charity organizations in South Africa. Each of these organizations is dedicated to helping those in need, by providing food, clothing, shelter, and other forms of assistance to those who are less fortunate. If you are interested in helping support one of these organizations, please get in touch with them directly to find out more about how you can get involved.

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