You wouldn’t even need up to five minutes in an LG Air Conditioned room to understand why they are regarded as one of the very best in the industry. Talk about great air quality, outstanding delivery and overall amazing performance, LG Air Conditioners have definitely built a dynasty for themselves. They have not only shown they are the most respected and recommended, but they have also over time shown they are among the most reliable.

LG Inverter Air Conditioner Prices in South Africa

This post takes a look at one of the common types of LG Air Conditioners today – the LG Gen Cool Inverter AC. This class of AC are known to consume way less power when compared to the traditional AC. Let’s get started.

LG Inverter Air Conditioner prices in South Africa

LG Inverter Air Conditioners come in various models that fit in homes and offices. Prices of the various types are largely determined by their models, features and capacities. Here are some of the various types available in the South African market today and how much they go for.

LG Split Unit Inverter AC

  • LG Split Unit Inverter Gencool Air Conditioner 1 HP – ZAR$5,923 – ZAR$7,589
  • LG Split Unit Inverter Gencool Air Conditioner 1.5 HP – ZAR$6,293 – ZAR$8,514
  • LG Split Unit Inverter Gencool Air Conditioner 2 HP – ZAR$9,254 – ZAR$13,881
  • LG Split Unit Inverter Gencool Air Conditioner 2.5 HP – ZAR$12,475 – ZAR$14,437

LG Standing Inverter AC

  • LG Floor Standing Smart Inverter Air Conditioner 2 HP – ZAR$18,323 – ZAR$22,210
  • LG Floor Standing Smart Inverter Air Conditioner 3 HP – ZAR$26,837 – ZAR$29,613
  • LG Floor Standing Smart Inverter Air Conditioner 5 HP – ZAR$33,685 – ZAR$38,000
  • LG Floor Standing Smart Inverter Air Conditioner 10 HP – ZAR$55,524 – ZAR$99,944

LG Inverter Ceiling Cassette AC

  • LG Inverter Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner 2 HP – ZAR$16,658 – ZAR$24,061
  • LG Inverter Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner 3 HP – ZAR$27,392 – ZAR$29,613
  • LG Inverter Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner 5 HP – ZAR$35,536 – ZAR$55,524
  • LG Inverter Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner 5.5 HP – ZAR$61,817 – ZAR$66,629


LG Inverter Air Conditioners are readily available everywhere. They are one of those AC brands you can be sure to see in any gadget store. The Horsepower determines the efficiency of the air conditioner. This is usually picked based on the size of rooms they are being installed in. The various types available vary in sizes, designs and other additional features.

LG Inverter ACs can be purchased directly in any LG outlet around the country. They are also available in other conventional gadget stores. For convenience, the products can be purchased from online e-commerce stores. Some of these stores deliver the products for you at your doorstep. It is always more advisable to purchase these air conditioners directly from the manufacturers for lots of reasons. Apart from the fact that the products are cheaper coming directly from their end, products can be easily returned whenever there is any issue as long as they are within the warranty period.

Things you will like about LG Inverter Air Conditioners

LG Inverter Air Conditioners are people’s top choice for lots of reasons. The brand has not only built a great reputation for its products, but they have also cemented themselves as a household brand when it comes to home appliances, thanks to continuous friendly customer feedback. Here are some of the things you will like about the LG Inverter Air Conditioners.

  • Great Air Quality: LG air conditioners, whether the traditional AC or Inverter AC, are unbeatable when it comes to quality air delivery. Their Air conditioners are designed to circulate top quality cold air that will guarantee better sleep and overall smooth breathing.
  • Energy-Saving: Generally, inverter technology is one of the best solutions when it comes to economic and energy-saving setup. In the inverter AC models, the cooling process is automated in a smooth and power-saving manner. This is unlike the traditional AC which seemingly consumes a lot of electricity regardless of the usage.
  • Durable: LG products are known to be very durable. If maintained properly, LG inverter air cons can be used comfortably for many years without any need for repair. They are strong, reliable and durable. They might however need to be serviced periodically, whether annually or once in two years. This will further help the durability and longevity of the Air conditioner.
  • Quiet Operation: Most inverter ACs feature an inbuilt unique skew fan and low vibrating compressor which produces less sound when working. The unique thing about the skew fan is that its design has minimum surface pressure on the fan blade which when comes in contact with the air; the peak noise is reduced to a very lower level of 19dB. Although there are some traditional LG Air conditioners that boast this same feature, the Inverter AC takes it to yet another level.

What you may not like about LG Inverter Air Conditioners

  • Expensive – Inverter Air Conditioners are known to be more expensive than traditional ACs. You wouldn’t expect anything less from LG Inverter models, which on its own is one of the most expensive home appliance brands in the industry. This being said, you are guaranteed value for the money you’d pay for the products, regardless of how much they’d cost.
  • Not Easy to Repair – One of the main downsides of Inverter ACs generally is that they are very difficult to fix once damaged. One would have to return the product to the brand’s local outlet or office to be able to get a hold of it. The good news though, is that LG inverter Air Conditioners are very durable and last for a very long time. Hence, no need to worry too much about this, provided the ACs are maintained as expected.