LG Home Theatre Price List in South Africa

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LG is one of the finest makers of home appliances. This brand has become a household name as many families prefer its products to other brands, especially their TVs and home theatres.

This is one of the reasons why many South Africans search online for the costs of LG home theatres in South Africa. Everyone wants to get the best product for their budget.

There is no doubt that LG makes like good, which is the basis of its slogan “Life’s Good”. The company is a top class brand with a big name across the planet and competes with other big brands in the world. It manufactures so many items that are useful in the home and has managed to be a household name.

There is no denial of the fact that when you speak of home theatres, LG seems to be part of the things that come to mind. All over the country, there is someone grooving to music on their LG home theatre. It is also one of the oldest electronic manufacturing companies in the world and has been at the top of its game since its establishment.

LG home theatre sound systems are known for the good sound they feed the ears. The output you get from the home theatres is out of this world. This is why it is important to study your environment before you decide on which model to go for.

LG makes the most durable, loud and unique sound systems around and you’ll be fortunate to get one of them at an affordable price. They come in different shapes and sizes and are perfect for small parties or personal enjoyment.


Why LG?

You can tune them to your taste and still enjoy the output. Many people are fond of turning their houses into cinemas by turning up the volume of their home theatres to the highest volume. Yes, that is the kind of feeling LG gives you. The devices make it look like you are in a cinema watching your favourite movie.

This sound system brand is very reliable. Many adults will recommend it to anyone who builds a new house and is asking for details on home theatres to buy and install in the house.

If you are very conversant with home theatres, you will understand the whole hype around LG and why it is one of the most talked about brand in terms of home appliances. You can barely visit a sound system store in South Africa and not find LG there unless it is a competitor company’s store.

LG has gone from being an ordinary manufacturer of home theatres to becoming a world-renowned brand that is celebrated as one of the most successful brands in the world.


Where Can I Use LG Home Theatres?

Over the years, we have seen brands and manufacturers rise and fall but LG has always been on top of its game.

The brand’s home theatres are suitable for all occasions; you can use them at birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, personal/home use and so on. LG home theatres have been designed to suit your needs. You can also play songs from your phone and get the output from your LG speaker. There is nothing you seek in a sound system that you won’t find in an LG home theatre.

As if that is not enough, LG has gone as far as having Bluetooth sound systems.

You can now use Bluetooth connectivity on the latest ones on the market. This makes watching a movie on your phone or laptop better because you can get the sound directly from your sound system without having to connect an external cord to it.


How Much is LG Home Theatre in South Africa?

There are different types of LG home theatres and their prices vary. We will be looking at the prices of recent home theatres in South Africa and neglecting old models since the company has stopped producing them and you’ll hardly find them on the market.

You can get any of the sound systems mentioned here on Jumia or a nearby electronic store. The appliances mentioned here are more expensive than the old models because they are of better and higher quality. They are more durable and reliable. Also, LG does not disappoint when it is time to make the most unique home theatres available.

I’ve come up with this list based on the prices obtainable on online and physical stores in the country. Here are the prices of LG Home theatre in South Africa.

  1. HT 500: R$ 1,850 – R$ 2,220
  2. Bluetooth LHD: R$ 2,775 – R$ 3,330
  3. Bluetooth HT358BI: R$ 925 – R$ 1,480
  4. Bluetooth ARX: R$ 3,700 – R$ 4,070
  5. Audio 5ARX: R$ 3,700 – R$ 4,440
  6. Party Audio Dj98: R$ 5,920 – R$ 6,660
  7. HT505: R$ 1,850 – R$ 2,220
  8. Hifi: R$ 1,850 – R$ 2,220
  9. LG 330 WTS: R$ 2,220 – R$ 2,590
  10. ARX LG 4.2: R$ 8,140 – R$ 9,250
  11. AUD 5500 ARX: R$ 6,660 – R$ 7,400
  12. DH750TW Wireless: R$ 8,510 – R$ 9,250

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As you can see from the list above, there are some cheap and durable sound systems while there are some with relatively high prices. These sound systems are all durable and fit for any occasion but some are better.

Obviously, one would think the most expensive ones, DH750TW wireless and party audio Dj98, are the best ones on the list. All you need to know is that your purpose should also determine which one you will buy.

LG sound systems are relatively cheap compared with others. Some of them serve a specific purpose and an example is the party audio, which is more suitable for parties rather than home use. However, it does not mean you can’t use it in your house. I hope you find this list helpful. Now you can go ahead and buy anyone you wish.

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