Lexus Gx470 & Gx460 Prices In South Africa

The Lexus GX series of midsize luxury SUVs has earned a reputation for blending responsive on-road performance with exceptional off-road capability. Two popular models in the lineup are the second-generation Lexus GX470, produced from 2003-2009, and the third-generation Lexus GX460, which replaced it starting in 2009.

With its rugged body-on-frame construction and proven V8 powertrain shared with the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, the Lexus GX continues the brand’s tradition for durability and reliability. However, there are some key differences between the GX470 and newer GX460 worth examining for buyers in the South African market.

GX470 and GX460 Pricing in South Africa

Unfortunately, specific pricing data for South Africa could not be found from the search results for new or used GX470 and GX460 models. However, based on global market pricing trends, it can reasonably be assumed that used GX470 models would sell for less than the newer GX460 counterparts.

With the GX470 ending production in 2009, new models are no longer available. So buyers in South Africa seeking the GX470 would be limited to the used vehicle marketplace. And with good examples exceeding 10 years old at this point, used GX470 pricing should reflect the age discrepancy compared to later model year GX460 versions.

Global market analysis shows the GX470 holding value well thanks to its reputation for durability. But the newer technology and appointments of the GX460 still allow it to command a higher premium in areas like the United States. This pricing dynamic likely translates to the South African market as well.

So while exact pricing could not be obtained, the GX470 is expected to sell for less than the GX460 in South Africa, making it potentially more affordable for buyers.

GX470 Engine and Mechanical Comparison

The Lexus GX470 utilizes a 4.7L V8 engine, while the GX460 gets a 4.6L V8. And there are some key advantages to the GX470’s larger displacement powerplant.

The 4.7L V8 is regarded as an exceptionally durable engine, earning a reputation as “bulletproof” over hundreds of thousands of miles of use across various Toyota and Lexus models. It has a strong history of reliability compared to the newer 4.6L found in the GX460.

Earlier model year GX460s also suffered from some teething issues with the timing chain guides on the 4.6L engine. This problem could lead to premature engine failure if not properly addressed. However, it was rectified in later production runs.

Beyond sheer durability though, the GX470 also wins points for using less expensive regular unleaded gasoline compared to the premium fuel requirement of the GX460. So at the pump, the GX470 will be cheaper to operate.

In terms of engine and mechanicals, the GX470 rates as the more durable and affordable option over the newer GX460 models sold in South Africa.

Interior Appointments and Technology Comparison

Buyers prioritizing luxury features and technology will likely find the GX460 better suits their needs over the GX470. As Lexus’ newer model, the GX460 brings more up-to-date interior appointments and tech.

Some reviewers noted the GX470 had more hard plastic surfaces inside compared to the GX460’s interior design. While still retaining excellent fit and finish, the GX470 eschewed some of the more expensive padding and trim materials found on the later GX460.

In the technology department, the GX460 boasts Lexus’s Remote Touch Interface for infotainment control. This brings interactivity closer to what drivers expect from current luxury SUVs versus the simpler controls of the older GX470.

The GX460 also offers more contemporary driver assistance features not found on the GX470, like blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, and a more advanced pre-collision system. And options like the Mark Levinson premium audio system surpass the capabilities of the GX470’s factory stereo.

For those wanting the latest luxury appointments and tech features, the GX460 outpaces the GX470 with its more modern interior design and technology suite.

Reliability and Ownership Cost Considerations

When analyzing the long-term reliability and ownership costs between the GX470 and GX460, the data favors the GX470 once again—particularly when considering earlier model year GX460s.

As mentioned before, the GX470’s 4.7L V8 engine has a better reliability track record than the newer 4.6L V8 initially equipped in the GX460. The timing chain guide issue that plagued some early GX460 models also hurts reliability ratings and projected repair costs down the road.

But with the GX470’s larger displacement V8 seen as nearly “unbreakable” after hundreds of thousands of miles of real-world use, it rates as the more durable option. And without the need for premium fuel, it promises to deliver a lower cost of ownership over an extended period.

While newer, the GX460 faces some reliability concerns—especially on early models—that don’t affect the venerable GX470 as heavily. This gives the GX470 an advantage in projected ownership costs.

GX470 vs GX460: Weighing the Decision

For shoppers analyzing the Lexus GX470 versus the newer GX460 in South Africa, there are some key trade-offs to consider with each model.

Those wanting the most affordable upfront price and lower projected operating costs are likely to find the GX470 better suits their needs. And its larger V8 should deliver years of reliable service even with high mileage use.

But the GX460 brings more contemporary luxury with its improved interior appointments and technology suite. It’s the newer vehicle inside and out. Fuel economy sees a slight improvement as well in real-world driving.

Ultimately, assessing your priorities for performance, capability, reliability, and luxury will determine which model best fits your needs. The good news is either option delivers world-class luxury paired with off-road talent. But weighing the unique strengths of the GX470 and GX460 can lead buyers to the right choice as their next premium SUV.

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