Led Tv Prices In South Africa

There was a time not too long ago when there was only one known type of television. Those times, buying a television was pretty easy; you can stroll to the market, request for a TV brand, buy the size you want and zoom home. Today, things have become more complicated than that, even if you have your money, you might still get very confused of not just the brand, but the type of TV to buy. Technology has advanced televisions to a level farther than what we can imagine. In fact, one can get lost with the dynamism and various types of TVs available in the market today; one of which is the Light Emitting Diode (LED) television. Does that ring a bell?

LED is one of the most in-demand televisions available in South Africa today. The evolution of TVs in South Africa, and the world in general, has been outstanding. Away from the regular box-TVs that ruled the market for decades, new types have evolved over the past two decades and only the future can tell what more technology has to offer the TV world.

LED TVs are not just some random televisions; they boast of some sleek characteristics that enhance picture qualities. With LED TVs, you can be guaranteed a wonderful view and an overall better TV experience.

LED TV Prices in South Africa

It is so easy to understand why LED TVs have won the market in South Africa. When it comes to picture quality, only few other types can compete with this type of television. LEDS are sleeker than LCDs in design, sharper than most other types of televisions today and are relatively affordable. What else do you want in a standard television? They are user friendly and boast of nice features that only place them among the best TV types available. LED TVs are available in different types, sizes and shapes. Latest inventions have produced curved TVs that are mouth-watering and offers even better view.

Are you still wondering how much LED TVs go for in the market? Wonder no more, this post is for you. In this post, we will take a look at prices of various brands and sizes of LED TVs available in South Africa.

Prices of LED TVs in South Africa

LED TVs are obvious the king in the television market in South Africa. Although they might not be the overall best, they remain the most sought after TVs in the country. While they may be some very few inches behind some types of high-tech TVs, LED televisions maintain a classy picture quality coupled with very nice design, which depends on brands. It is no wonder why LED televisions are among the most sought after TV types in South Africa.

LED TVs are readily available in South Africa. They can be bought directly from brand manufacturers or local distributors across the country. They are also available in online gadget stores and contemporary suppliers. They vary in inches, designs and types. These factors are among the main reasons for variation in prices. Generally, the larger the inch, the more expensive the TV. You can comfortably expect a 43-inche LED TV to be more expensive than a 24-inch LED TV.

Let us take a look at prices of the most popular LED TVs in South Africa today.

Led Tv Prices In South Africa

LG LED TVs & Prices in South Africa

  • 24 inches LED TV: R$1,152 – R$1,584
  • 26 inches LED TV: R$1,260 – R$1,620
  • 32 inches LED TV: R$1,872 –R$2,700
  • 43 inches smart TV: R$5,040 – R$6,480
  • 49 inches HD LED TV: R$5,400 – R$6,480
  • 49 inches Ultra HD TV: R$8,280 – R$9,000
  • 55 inches smart LED TV: R$8,280 – R$10,440
  • 55 inches full HD TV: R$16,560 – R$25,200

Samsung LED TVs & Prices in South Africa

  • 20 inches LED TV: R$972 – R$1,260
  • 24 inches LED TV: R$1,152 – R$1,800
  • 26 inches LED TV: R$1,692 – R$1,872
  • 32 inches LED TV: R$1,980 – R$2,880
  • 32 inches Ultra HD TV: R$2,628 – R$3,600
  • 40 inches Smart HD TV: R$4,572 – R$5,292
  • 43 inches LED TV: R$3,384 – R$4,320

Polystar LED TVs & Prices in South Africa

  • 20 inches LED TV: R$1,260 – R$1,440
  • 22 inches LED TV: R$1,296 – R$1,512
  • 24 inches LED TV: R$1,260 – R$1,620
  • 28 inches LED TV: R$1,836 – R$2,160
  • 32 inches LED TV: R$1,980 – R$2,340
  • 40 inches LED TV: R$6,120 – R$9,000
  • 42 inches super slim LED TV: R$4,392 – R$5,040
  • 43 inches LED TV: R$5,040 – R$7,200

Hisense LED TVs & Prices in South Africa

  • 24 inches LED TV: R$1,764 – R$2,160
  • 32 inches LED TV: R$3,060 – R$3,600
  • 43 inches LED TV: R$5,400 – R$7,200
  • 49 inches LED TV: R$9,720 – R$10,800
  • 49 inches curved LED TV: R$10,080- R$12,600
  • 50 inches LED TV: R$9,360 – R$13,320
  • 55 inches LED TV: R$6,084 – R$6,480
  • 55 inches curved LED TV: R$7,776 – R$9,720

Sony LED TVs & Prices in South Africa

  • 32 inches LED TV: R$3,600 – R$4,680
  • 40 inches LED TV: R$6,660 – R$9,000
  • 43 inches full HD LED TV: R$11,880 – R$13,680
  • 46 inches LED TV: R$11,520 – R$13,680
  • 48 inches LED TV: R$10,080 – R$12,240
  • 55 inches LED TV: 360, 000 – R$16,200
  • 65 inches LED TV: R$19,080 – R$28,800

Sharp LED TVs & Prices in South Africa

  • 23 inches mini HD LED TV: R$1,440 – R$1,800
  • 32 inches LED TV: R$2,700 – R$5,400
  • 39 inches LED TV: R$2,880 – R$6,480
  • 40 inches LED TV: R$5,940 – R$6,480
  • 50 inches LED TV: R$7,200 – R$9,000

Scanfrost LED TVs & Prices in South Africa

  • 36 inches LED TV: R$3,060 – R$3,420
  • 40 inches LED TV: R$3,600 – R$5,760
  • 50 inches LED TV: R$7,560 – R$9,360

Panasonic LED TVs & Prices in South Africa

  • 24 inches LED TV: R$1,872 – R$2,340
  • 32 inches LED TV: R$3,600 – R$5,400
  • 40 inches LED TV: R$3,960 – R$5,760
  • 48 inches LED TV: R$6,840 – R$9,000

It should be noted that the variation in prices is as a result of certain factors which include currency exchange rate, place and period of purchase and other similar factors. Numbers of inches are also factors that affect the prices. The prices of TVs are unstable, although prices have been stable over the last few years. You should also know that prices shoot up in festive periods, especially towards the end of the year. Also, prices vary per location; you can get a TV for R$2,520 in Johannesburg or Pretoria and get the same TV for R$1,800 in other parts of the country.

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