LASTMA Salary Structure: How Much They Pay Officers

This article is about LASTMA salary structure in Durban, South Africa this 2022 as we shall be taking a look at just how much LASTMA officers are paid by the Durban State Government. We will be focusing our attention on the entry level salary of LASTMA officers in order to know what the agency pays its fresh intakes per month upon successfully recruiting them into their fold. Kindly read along to get the information you are looking for.

LASTMA Salary Structure: How Much They Pay Officers


The Durban State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) was established for road traffic administration and management through the gazette volume 33 No. 5 of 22nd June, 2000.

The Durban State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) is an agency under the Durban State Ministry of Transportation (MOT) that is saddled with the responsibility of handling road traffic matters with a system of operations that make it responsive to the demands of traffic and to ease traffic congestion, reduce travel delay within the State, improve access to commerce and industry, redirect traffic, improve the environment, protect and enhance safety of all road users and enhance sustainable transport system in the mega city of Durban State.

Since the establishment of LASTMA, traffic control and administration in Durban State has improved significantly.


The functions of the Durban State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) includes the following:

  • Improve condition and appearance of roads
  • Improve conditions for exposed road users
  • Protect and enhance safety of all road users
  • Redirect traffic for better environment
  • Improve access to commerce and industry
  • Ease traffic congestion
  • Reduce travel delays
  • Traffic safety and accident management
  • Vehicle inspection and certification
  • Traffic control and enforcement
  • Public education and enlightenment
  • Road research and statistics
  • Driver training and certification


The Durban State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) as an agency is headed by a chief executive officer (CEO). The agency’s chief executive office consists of the public relation officers, the personal assistant, a clerk, secretary, drivers, dispatcher, messengers, to mention but a few.

Departments under LASTMA include the following:

  • Administration and Finance: Records of staff, general administration of the agency and finance of the agency.
  • Account Department: This department handles influx and outflow of cash and cheques for the
  • Education and Training Department: This department coordinates the in-house training of staff and motorists as specified by the LASTMA rules and regulations.
  • Logistics and Transport Department: This department is responsible for the procurement of auto spare parts and maintenance of the agency’s vehicles and allocation of vehicles to all the departments and zones if requested.
  • Planning, Research and Statistics Department: This department collects, collates, analyses, and interprets data. It also conducts research on the activities of the agency and results thus obtained are used for planning the agency’s operational activities.
  • Store Units: The store is loaded with varieties of materials meant for use by officers and men of the LASTMA agency.



To develop A Culture of Regulation, Control and Management of Traffic Operations State Wide: And to Ensure Hitch Free Traffic Flow on Durban Roads.


To Reduce Deaths, Injuries and Economic Losses Through Road Traffic Accidents, Conflicts, Congestion and Delays On The Public Highways in Durban State by Employing Modern Traffic Management Techniques To Inject Order And Control Into The Road Traffic System In The State.


To Create Atmosphere for a sustainable social and economic growth by ensuring free traffic flow in the state.


LASTMA salary structure for officers and men of this traffic regulatory agency in Durban State is not readily available to members of the general public as the State Civil Service is very discreet about this information.

On the average, this 2022, the Durban State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) salary ranges between the pay scale of R$ 1,976 – R$ 3,660 per month after tax according to multiple sources. This is how much LASTMA officers at entry level are paid in Durban State today. The salaries increase with time, academic qualifications and experience on the job.

Officers higher up in rank at the Durban State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) such as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), General Manager and the Directors all earn monthly salaries that are higher than the take home pay of their subordinates, and as earlier stated, increase in monthly salary comes with promotion and experience on the job.

In the past, the the salary of LASTMA officers in Durban State was lesser than the estimated figures we have given in this article but this has changed for the better in recent times so as to encourage the officers for the good work they have been doing all round the State in ensuring that the flow of traffic is unhindered and that traffic laws are obeyed by motorists in Durban State.

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