Kpmg South Africa Salary: See How Much They Pay

The name KPMG is an acronym of “Klyynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler”. KPMG is an auditing firm in South Africa, which has built a reputation for itself to be ranked among the best auditing firms in the world. The company has been providing professional services and advisory services since 1978.

KPMG headquarter office is located in Amstelveen in Netherland. KPMG has 3 major lines of operation, which are financial audit, taxation, and advisory services. KPMG has several branches located in top cities such as Johannesburg, New York City, London, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Toronto, Detroit, Montreal, Amstelveen, etc.

KPMG South Africa Salary: See How Much They Pay

KPMG Salary Structure

Every organization in the world functions under a chain of command, KPMG South Africa is not excluded. The higher the rank (Manager) the higher the pay and responsibility. An Intern is the lowest rank in the company. Although KPMG South Africa does not officially publicize its salary structure for certain reasons, the list below shows how much you expected to earn according to an inside source in KPMG South Africa.

Intern: An intern working for KPMG South Africa is expected to be paid an average salary estimated to be around R$1,350 monthly, that’s about R$16,200 annually.

Analyst: Every Analyst at KPMG South Africa takes home an estimated figure of around R$4,345 monthly, which adds up to R$53,004 per annum.

Senior Analyst: KPMG South Africa pays her Senior Analysts an average of between R$6,419 to R$7,800 every month. This is between R$77,040 to R$93,600 annually.

Audit Associate: Earn as much as R$5,184 to R$5,652 per month at KPMG South Africa, which sums to R$63,000 to R$68,000 per annual.

Associate Consultant: KPMG South Africa Associate earns as much as R$6,480 to R$7,092 monthly. That’s about R$77,760 to R$93,600 annually.

Trainee IT Consultant: If you are employed as a Trainee IT in KPMG South Africa, your monthly income should be in between R$7,740 and R$7,920. This amounts to R$87,120 and R$92,880 yearly.

Audit Senior Associate: KPMG South Africa pays her Audit Senior Associates the sum of R$8,712 to R$9,360 per month. This means an Audit Senior Associate is being paid up to R$104,400 to R$111,600 every year.

Semi Senior Associate: As a Semi-Senior Associate working for KPMG South Africa you are expected to be paid in between R$10,080 to R$11,160 per month. Meaning a KPMG South Africa Semi Senior Associate earns as much as R$120,960 to R$133,920 yearly.

Advisory Associate: KPMG South Africa Advisory Associate is expected to be paid between R$11,520 to R$12,600 as a monthly take home. Thus an Advisory Associate earns up to R$138,240 to R$151,200 per annual.

Advisory Senior Associate: This position requires loads of skill and dedication as KPMG South Africa pays her Advisory Senior Associate a lump sum around R$16,560 to R$18,000 every month. Every year an Advisory Senior Associate is expected to have earned about R$198,720 to R$216,000.

Senior Associate: The Senior Associate position is just next before the manager position. This office requires a lot of dedication, and experience and qualification before one can be appointed to this position. The Senior Associate earns between R$18,000 to R$21,600 every month. This means as a Senior Associate in KPMG South Africa you set to be making around R$216,000 to R$259,200 annually.

Manager: The manager is the highest ranked person in KPMG South Africa. The manager position comes with great responsibility which makes the pay every attractive. A manager at KPMG South Africa earns as much as R$37,800 to R$41,400 monthly. Thus a manager is set to be paid between R$453,600 to R$489,600 annually.

KPMG Services in South Africa

KPMG has been in operation in South Africa since 1978. KPMG South Africa provides professional Advisory services to both local and international clients. The company vision is to build a sustaining reputation as the best company where clients can get Audit, Tax, and Advisory Services. KPMG South Africa is also committed to ensuring that her clients, staff, and the communities they are in achieve their full abilities.

Over the years, KPMG South Africa has worked with several big names in South Africa and abroad, alongside with 29 partners and over 800 well trained and dedicated staffs. Some of the clients KPMG South Africa have worked with over the years include General Electric, BBC, Deutsche Bank, Visa International, BMW, Motorola, Honda, Home Depot, Netflix, University of Chicago, Dangote Group, Accenture, US Department of Homeland Security, Wachovia, Mitsubishi, Haliburton, Electric, Burger, PepsiCo, Kaiser Foundation and Citigroup.

How to Contact KPMG South Africa

KPMG South Africa address: The Head Office is located in Johannesburg State, the “Centre of Excellence.” KPMG Tower, Bishop Aboyade Cole Street, Victoria Island, Falomo Johannesburg.


Phone: +234 1271 8955


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