Juice Extractor Prices In South Africa

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With much focus on health and fitness, people are beginning to take much cognizance to what they eat and their diets. While doctors have recommended healthy eating and a considerable level of exercise, fruit intake still remains on top of the list.

The introduction of juice extractors has made it easier for consumers to extract the juice in various fruits with easy without necessarily sucking the juice out of the fruit.

In this post, we will take a look at prices of some of the most common juice extractors in the market today. We will also take a look at basic things to look out for when selecting one.

Juice Extractor Prices in South Africa

Prices of Juice Extractors in South Africa

Juice extractors are available in various types and sizes. They vary in designs, capacities, power output rate and of course, prices. They can be purchased directly from the manufacturers or from distributors across the country. For convenience, they can also be gotten in contemporary stores or via e-commerce. Here, we will take a look at prices of some of the most common types and brands of juice extractors in the market today.

Kenwood Juice Extractors

  • Kenwood Juice Extractor 40 Watts JE290 – R$468 – R$720
  • Kenwood Juice Extractor 700 Watts JEM500SS – R$1,224 – R$1,620
  • Kenwood Juice Extractor 700 Watts JE680 Anti Drip – R$1,728 – R$1,980
  • Kenwood Juice Extractor 1500 Watts Anti Drip – R$3,240 – R$3,600
  • Kenwood Juice Extractor 340 Watts JEP010 Anti Drip – R$828 – R$1,080

Master Chef Juice Extractors

  • Master Chef 7 in 1 Juice Extractor and Blender – R$900 – R$1,080
  • Master Chef Juice Extractor – R$630 – R$900
  • Master Chef 4 in 1 Pro-Speed Turbo Juice Extractor 1.25 Litres – R$756 – R$1,080

Century Juice Extractors

  • Century CJE-8221-D Juice Extractor 1 Litre – R$612 – R$900
  • Century CJE-8221-A Juice Extractor 1 Litre – R$648 – R$900
  • Century CJE-8221-B1 Juice Extractor 1 Litre – R$756 – R$1,080
  • Century CJE-8221-C Juice Extractor 1 Litre – R$540 – R$972
  • Century Juice Extractor 850 Watts – R$1,008 – R$1,260

Nakai Japan Juice Extractors

  • Nakai Japan Juice Extractor 600 Watts – R$1,260 – R$1,620
  • Nakai Japan Juice Extractor 800 Watts – R$540 – R$900

Binatone Juice Extractors

  • Binatone Turbo Powered Juice Extractor JE-880 – R$1,692 – R$2,160
  • Binatone Turbo Powered Juice Extractor JE-580 – R$1,008 – R$1,440

Legend Juice Extractors

  • Legend Fruit Juice Extractor Pro 900 Watts – R$1,188 – R$1,512
  • Legend Fruit Juice Extractor Pro 850 Watts – R$900 – R$1,620

Other Brands

  • Eurosonic Juice Extractor – R$288 – R$540
  • Polyster Juice Extractor JE-388 – R$1,080 – R$1,440
  • Andrew James Juice Extractor – R$1,260 – R$1,800

The variation in prices is as a result of various factors, which usually includes the place and period of purchase and currency exchange rate at the period of purchase. It should also be noted that the power output rate and types of juice extractors significantly affect the eventual prices they go for. In addition, the capacity of the juice extractor affects the eventual price as well.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Juice Extractor

The market for juice extractors has enjoyed a significant boost in recent times. Due to the high demand of the appliance, there are now various types, brands, class, and designs in the market. The various options available in the market today as only made it more difficult for one to pick a particular juicer. When you are buying a juice, it is important to consider some basic factors. These factors help you simplify your options and pick the best juice extractor for you. Some of these factors include:

Consider Your Budget: This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a juice extractor and should be at the forefront of your mind, in fact. Juice extractors vary heavily in prices depending on the type you are going for. If you are going for a portable mixer with not so high power output, you can find a lot of various options that are less than R$540. However, if you are looking to really invest in a bigger juice extractor for more commercial purposes, you can get a great one between R$504 and R$1,800. Some commercial extractors get over R$2,160.

Consider the ease of use and time it takes to setup: The time it takes to set up, disassemble and clean a juicer is vaunted in many marketing instances. Once you have used a juicer a few times you, become proficient at setting it up and disabling it. While some juicers are easy to set up and disassemble, some others are quite more complicated and could require more time. It is essential you go for one that is easy to set up, pack and clean when need be. This saves you a considerable amount of time and energy.

Consider the Size: This is another core factor to consider when picking a juice extractor. You need to consider how often you’d be using the juicer and the quantity. This will enable you to know the exact size you should go for.

Consider the Look and Overall design: While colour or shape might not necessarily matter, you might want to go for a simple white or black juicer, or you can decide to go for one that adds a fortune of colour to your kitchenette. Whatever you prefer, you most likely would not have a problem getting a colour that fits your preference. It is also important to consider the weight of the juice extractor, especially if you want the type you can move from one part of the kitchen to another.

Consider Other Features: There are a lot of juicers that come with a variety of food processing features. For instance, many juicers can now make ice creams and sorbets, pasta, crush ice and coffee. Some can even make soya and almond milk and a host of other grinding and shredding features. To save money, it is advisable to go for juice extractors that can do more than just extracting the juice. Consider other features and functionality of the type you are going for before you pick one.

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