The birth of the first In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) baby in 1978 spelled good news for couples who couldn’t conceive naturally.

Technological advancements have, over the years, further improved IVF treatment, increasing the success rates with over 8 million babies been born through IVF since 1978.

Presently, you can undergo successful IVF treatment in several centers in South Africa.

This article focuses on the possible costs you’ll incur … to get you financially prepared for the treatment.

IVF Treatment Costs in South Africa

How Much is IVF Done in South Africa?

IVF treatment is quite expensive and ranges from R$ 29,600 to R$ 148,000 depending on the center and other factors.

Some centers accept installment payments while undergoing the treatment while others accept a 50% – 75% deposit prior to the treatment. The balance is paid when the treatment is completed.

Here is a draft of the expected expenses to be incurred during the IVF treatment.

Consultation with Fertility Specialist

Transvaginal Scanning   R$ 4,070

Diagnostic Screening for own egg  R$ 5,920

Diagnostic Screening for Donor egg  R$ 4,810

Re-assessment  R$ 4,810

Follow up Consultation R$ 1,665

Re-surrogacy IVF treatment fees  R$ 57,000

Surrogate Assessment R$ 4,440

Legal Fee  R$ 7,400

Scheduling fees  R$ 4,440

Sono for Surrogate  R$ 2,220

Drugs for surrogate & donor  R$ 45,000

This is just a breakdown of the costs of the IVF – Surrogacy Procedure of the Nordica Fertility Centre, a reputable IVF center in South Africa.

IVF Success Rates Determining Factors in South Africa

When considering IVF treatment, it is imperative to note the several factors that influence the success rates and the costs of the treatment.

The costs stated above exclude the expenses that will be incurred depending on the number of cycles you choose to go undergo including several other factors that would affect the general cost of every IVF treatment.

Below are the general factors that affect the success rate and cost of IVF treatment in South Africa

Success Rate by Age

Age is a very important factor that determines the success rate of IVF treatment. Generally, the younger the couple, the higher the success rate of the treatment. This is because the viability of the egg and sperm cell reduces as couples grow older resulting in more expenses for couples who choose to conceive with IVF and a lower success rate.

Below is a quick run-through of the percentage success rates.

For couples below 35 years  40 – 45 %

For couples between 35 to 39 years  30 – 35%

For couples older than 40 years  10% or less

For couples without viable egg and sperm, the couples would be required to buy egg or sperm from donors, which increase the cost of the IVF treatment. However, couples may get their family members or close friends to donate eggs or sperms to reduce the cost of the treatment.


The number of cycles a couple wishes to undergo will also affect the cost of the treatment. Nordica Fertility Center offers options for three IVF cycles and options for unknown and known donors. For young couples, it might be irrelevant to go for more than one IVF cycle but it is advisable to try all three cycles to improve the odds of getting pregnant through the process.

Here is a breakdown of the costs from the Nordica website.

Unknown Donor

Single cycle   R$ 86,000

Two cycles  R$ 143,000

Three cycles  R$ 201,000

Subsequent repeated cycles  R$ 82,000

Known Donor

Single cycle   R$ 82,000

Two cycles  R$ 136,000

Three cycles  R$ 193,000

Subsequent repeated cycles  R$ 76,000

Donor Assessment  R$ 4,440

IVF Drugs

Another factor influencing the cost of IVF treatment in South Africa is the cost of drugs. Drugs and supplements used in the treatment would cost you between R$ 7,400 – R$ 18,500.

In the case of surrogacy, the figures are a lot higher as the drugs for both the surrogate and the donor could cost well over R$ 37,000.

The Nordica Fertility Centre places a R$ 45,000 fee on the cost of drugs for both surrogate and donor. Drugs for personal treatment vary and depend on the doctor’s assessment.


Cryopreservation is another factor that can increase cost upfront but saves cost in case the IVF treatment fails. Cryopreservation includes embryo freezing and sperm freezing. These cells can be reused at little or no cost if the first IVF treatment fails.

Below are the estimates of Cryopreservation:

Embryo freezing per embryo per quarter  R$ 2,220

Sperm freezing per quarter (per sample)  R$ 4,440

Sperm freezing per month (per sample)   R$ 1,665

Sperm freezing less than 1 month (per sample)  R$ 1,110

Note that the prices stated above might be higher or lower depending on the centre.

IVF Legal Fees

If your IVF treatment involves surrogacy, then there could be a need to pay legal fees. This would cost about R$ 7,400 as stated above and will depend on the Centre responsible for the treatment.

IVF in South Africa Price (More Information)

It is important to note that the costs stated above are specific to the Nordica Fertility Centre website to serve as estimates and to prepare the minds of couples who wish to undergo IVF treatment.

You could find more affordable or more expensive costs if you opt for other centers but note that Nordica Fertility Centre is one of the most reputable fertility centers in South Africa and uses the latest and advanced technology and skilled personnel to carry out treatment and ensure you take home a healthy baby.

IVF treatment cost will not be the same for every individual as the factors that affect the costs of the treatment would vary from individual to individual. When totaling IVF treatment fees, it is possible to spend less than a million on your treatment if you get pregnant faster and wouldn’t have to spend more as another couple who have to undergo all 3 cycles to get pregnant.

Nevertheless, IVF is very expensive and fertility centers in the country introduce measures to enable couples to have children through the process without breaking the bank, by slashing prices and offering discounts. Also, installment payments are offered by some clinics to ease the payment system.

When it comes to fertility centers offering IVF treatment, it is important to note that your focus should not be on low-cost treatment, rather the reputation and effectiveness of the treatment from the center.

Also, several teaching hospitals in South Africa offer IVF treatment for much lower costs compared to private IVF centers. You could also check out free IVF from several clinics that sponsor IVF treatments to enable couples to have their own baby.

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