Itil Training Costs In South Africa & Details

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The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certification is one of the very popular certifications in the Information Technology space today. ITIL in itself, is a series of best practices for fashioning and improving Information Technology Service Management process. The certification mainly tests candidates’ understanding of management of businesses risks, strengthening customer relations, creating cost-effective practices and building stable IT environments.

ITIL Training Costs in South Africa & Details

Apart from the fact that the certification further enlightens candidate about the processes and management of Information Systems, it gives them upper hand while applying for jobs. This post takes a look at how much the ITIL certification training goes for in South Africa today.

ITIL training costs in South Africa

There is no direct answer to how much ITIL training goes for in South Africa. This is because there are many factors that play a role in determining how much the training eventually goes for. One of the most important factors is the training agency conducting the training. ITIL is an internationally recognized certification and while there are a number of training agencies in the country, only a few are internationally recognized.

Let us take a look at how much ITIL training cost in various cities in the country. The prices as highlighted below are as gathered in the current market from various sources.

ITIL Training in Johannesburg

ITIL is one of the most appreciated certifications when it comes to information security. With Johannesburg being the center of business in the country and housing the headquarters of many big companies, it is easy to see why the city ranks as the number one home of ITIL training agencies. ITIL training comes in different modes and style. In Johannesburg, the training costs between R$1,440 – R$9,000, depending mainly on the mode the training takes. For instance, ITIL self-placed eLearning in Johannesburg costs between R$1,440 – R$2,160, while online training and classroom training costs way more.

In most cases, when one registers for the ITIL training with training agency, the agency provides basic materials required for proper preparation for the examination, including eBooks and videos. Some even go further to organize online trainings and mock examinations before the actual exam. All these though, affect how much the training eventually goes for.

ITIL Training in Pretoria

Majority of the internationally recognized ITIL training centers and agencies are headquartered in Johannesburg and Pretoria. While some of the ITIL training agencies in Pretoria have international pedigree, many others operate locally. ITIL training costs between R$1,800 – R$9,000 depending on the caliber of the training agency. Also, factors like the duration of the training affects the amount it goes for. For instance, a training that lasts for just 3 days might be cheaper than one that runs through one week. Although this does happen in most cases, there are other factors that also affect the cost of the training.

The price as highlighted above also depends on the scope to be covered and the extent of the training. Just like in Johannesburg, the mode of the training, whether physical classes or online classes, also determine how much the candidates will pay for the exam.

ITIL Training in Port-Harcourt

There are ITIL training agencies in Port-Harcourt. While these training agencies and organizations might not be as enormous as in Johannesburg and Pretoria, they are many enough to cover core areas in the city. In Port-Harcourt, the training costs a little less as it between R$1,440 and R$6,480 depending on the type and caliber of the training agency and the number of days of the training is scheduled for. Most of these training agencies are connected with much bigger organizations within and outside the country. They provide basic materials that would help the candidates prepare for the examination on the side while they also conduct physical class trainings and in some cases, virtual trainings for the candidates.

ITIL Training in Other Parts of South Africa

There is no doubting the fact that Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Port-Harcourt remain the central areas for ITIL training institutes, however, cities like Ibadan, Benin City, Enugu, Kaduna, and some other similar cities, also boast some of these agencies. While they may not be as big and pronounce as in bigger cities, the training agencies offer various services including training and registering candidates for the ITIL certification.

In these cities, one can expect the ITIL training to cost between R$1,440 – R$5,400 depending on the already stated factors including the duration of the training, the mode the training would take, the materials to be shared with the candidates, and other incentives. However, the cost could be more in cases where the agency or training company affiliated with international firms to conduct the training. Majority of the training agencies in these areas have their headquarters located in bigger cities and hence, pay the same amount as in the bigger cities.

What you should know about ITIL

ITIL is a series of best practices for building and improving an Information Technology Service Management process. An ITIL Practitioner is a skilled personnel that helps to continually sharpen IT service development processes. The core strength of ITIL is in its versatility. Apart from the fact that the practices are scalable and dynamic, they are flexible enough to allow organizations take on as many of the practices as they can. ITIL can also be easily adapted to function along with other practices like including COBIT and TOGAF.

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