International Relations Internships in South Africa: Gain Hands-On Experience

Are you interested in gaining hands-on experience in international relations? Are you looking for a unique opportunity to learn and grow while making a positive impact on society? Consider an internship in South Africa!

South Africa is one of the most diverse and fascinating countries on the African continent, with a rich history, culture, and politics. Its unique position as both an emerging economy and a developed nation makes it an ideal destination for anyone seeking to gain valuable experience in international relations.

Why Choose South Africa?

  • Diverse cultural experiences
  • With its multicultural population and multiethnic heritage, South Africa offers interns opportunities to learn from different cultures and communities.
  • Vibrant political dynamics
  • As a country that has undergone significant political change over recent decades, interns will have the chance to observe firsthand how democracy works within government institutions.
  • Emerging Market Economy
  • The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) is one of the largest exchanges worldwide, providing opportunities for investment banking internships.

What Kind of Internship Opportunities Are Available?

There are many types of internships available in South Africa’s international relations sector. Some popular options include:

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Interning at an NGO allows individuals to work directly with local communities or organizations devoted to social justice issues. This provides first-hand exposure while giving back.

Government Institutions & Embassies

Working within government institutions such as Parliament or embassies provide first-hand encounters with leaders. Not only do they offer insight into how governance works internationally but also gives valuable connections.

How You Can Prepare for Your Internship

Here are some tips on how you can prepare yourself before arriving at your internship site:

### Research Industry Leaders

 Conduct research into well-known industry professionals who work within your chosen path so that during conversation this information can be brought up which show your interest in the industry.

### Learn About South African Culture

 Read books, watch movies, listen to music or anything else that will give insight into the different cultural experiences you will be exposed to upon arrival in South Africa.

### Familiarize Yourself with Local Politics

  Understanding local politics provides better context into what may occur during your internship and provide talking points with professionals.


An international relations internship in South Africa is a unique opportunity for anyone looking to gain valuable experience while immersing themselves in a multicultural environment. With its diverse culture and varied political dynamics, there are vast opportunities available for interns across both governmental and non-governmental organizations. Start preparing now by researching industry leaders, familiarizing yourself with local politics, and learning about the country’s culture. Apply today and get ready for an experience like no other!

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Sure, here are three popular FAQs along with their answers for ‘International Relations Internships in South Africa: Gain Hands-On Experience’:

FAQ 1: Who is eligible to apply for international relations internships in South Africa?

Answer: Generally, international relations internships in South Africa are open to undergraduate or graduate students who are studying fields such as politics, international relations, law, economics, or related subjects. Some internship providers may also consider recent graduates or early-career professionals looking to gain practical experience in the field of international relations.

FAQ 2: What kind of duties and responsibilities can I expect during my international relations internship?

Answer: As an international relations intern in South Africa, you may be asked to perform a range of tasks that vary depending on your host organization’s specific focus and needs. You may be involved with research projects; assisting with project management; attending meetings and events; drafting reports, memos or briefings; conducting interviews; engaging with stakeholders and partners among others.

FAQ 3: Will I need a work permit or visa as an International student applying for a placement at these organizations?

Answer: Yes. International students wishing to do an internship in South Africa will require a valid study visa that has been issued by the Department of Home Affairs before arrival into the country. In addition to having a valid passport from their home country that does not expire within six months from date of entry into South Africa.

It is recommended that interns start their visa application process well ahead of time so they can obtain all necessary documentation by issuing authorities prior departure