Industrial Weaving Machine Price in South Africa

Industrial weaving machines are a cornerstone of the textile industry, playing a pivotal role in the production of a wide array of fabric-based products, from clothing to Cotton Bags and Non Woven Bags. In South Africa, the textile industry is a significant contributor to the economy, and understanding the pricing of these machines is crucial for businesses looking to invest or expand in this sector.

Types of Industrial Weaving Machines

There are various types of industrial weaving machines available in the market, each designed to fulfill specific weaving needs. The most common types include:

  • Rapier Looms: Known for their versatility, they can weave a wide range of fabrics and designs.
  • Air Jet Looms: These machines are fast and efficient, ideal for producing plain fabrics.
  • Water Jet Looms: Best suited for weaving synthetic materials, they offer high-speed production.
  • Projectile Looms: These are used for weaving heavy fabrics, including upholstery and industrial fabrics.

Each type of machine comes with its own set of features and uses, which can significantly influence its price. For example, a Laminated Bag may require a different type of weaving machine compared to a Polyester Bag.

Factors Influencing the Price of Industrial Weaving Machines

The price of industrial weaving machines is influenced by a variety of factors. The brand of the machine often plays a significant role, with well-known brands typically commanding higher prices due to their reputation for quality and reliability. The type of machine, its features, and the supplier also impact the price. For instance, machines with advanced features such as automated controls or energy-saving capabilities may cost more. Additionally, suppliers may offer different pricing structures, including discounts for bulk purchases or additional costs for installation and maintenance.

Price Range of Industrial Weaving Machines in South Africa

The price range of industrial weaving machines in South Africa varies widely, depending on the factors mentioned above. On platforms like Gumtree and Alibaba, prices can range from a few thousand to several hundred thousand Rand. It’s important to compare prices between different brands and types of machines to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. Remember, the cheapest option may not always be the best in terms of quality and long-term reliability.

Choosing the Right Industrial Weaving Machine

When choosing an industrial weaving machine, several factors should be considered. These include the type of fabric you plan to weave, the volume of production, the available budget, and the space available for the machine. It’s also crucial to balance cost with quality, features, and the specific needs of your business. For instance, if you’re producing Beach Bags, you’ll need a machine capable of handling the specific material and design requirements of these products.

Where to Buy Industrial Weaving Machines in South Africa

Popular platforms for buying industrial weaving machines in South Africa include Gumtree and Alibaba. These platforms offer a wide range of options, from brand new machines to used ones. When buying, it’s important to check the credibility of the seller, the condition of the machine, and the after-sales service provided.

While sewing machines do the major work of piecing the fabric together to form the desired shape, weaving machines smoothen the edges and cut out outgrown fabrics thereby leaving a refined finishing.

This makes weaving machines essential to tailors and dressmakers who want to always present the best finishes to their customers.

While there are manual weaving machines, it is more convenient to consider industrial weaving machines as they greatly differ from ones in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

They also have a good number of features you wouldn’t find in ordinary weaving machines.

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Advantages of Industrial Weaving Machines

It’s a fact that the industrial variants have a considerable number of advantages over the ordinary variants. These advantages include the following.

  • They are able to accommodate a wide range of fabric compared to ordinary weaving machines that work with only a small range of fabric at a time
  • They are able to operate at a faster speed
  • They are easier to operate and require less manual input
  • They have features which can provide a lot of decorative serge

There are many more advantages to consider and several more reasons why tailors and dressmakers should pick industrial versions over the non-industrial ones.

One of the main factors that determine the choice of a tailor or dressmaker is the budget.

Although it is quite important to pick the best weaving machine that will leave the best finishing touches on the material, it is also important to purchase one within your budget. You should do this with the running and maintenance costs in mind.

Costs of Industrial Weaving Machines in South Africa

There are several factors that determine the prices of weaving machines whether industrial or non-industrial. These factors include the functions and features of the machine, its use, and so on.

While settling for an industrial weaving machine would be pricey, it is recommended you consider them first. However, if your budget is tight or you’re unable to afford a new one, you would have to opt for fairly used ones that are still efficient and effective. Remember to always consider the running and maintenance costs to ensure you are not going overboard.

How Much is Brand New Industrial Weaving Machines in South Africa?

Below, you’ll find the prices of new industrial weaving machines in South Africa. These machines are mostly produced in China, and I will list only the popular ones you can find in South African market.

It is important to consider the popular ones first as it is easier to get the spare parts and a professional to repair and check the machine when the time for maintenance comes.

  • Emel Industrial Weaving and Sewing Machine — R$ 5,920 – R$ 6,290
  • Emel Industrial Overlock Weaving Machine — R$ 41,000 – R$ 54,000
  • Emel3-thread Industrial Overlocking Weaving Machine — R$ 4,070 – R$ 4,440
  • Merrylock Overlock & Cover Stitch Machine — R$ 5,550 – R$ 5,920
  • Brother Overlocker Machine —- R$ 4,070 – R$ 4,440
  • Generic Overlock Weaving Industrial Machine — R$ 925 – R$ 1,406
  • Butterfly Overlock Industrial Weaving and Sewing Machine –– R$ 925 – R$ 1,110
  • SUMO Overlock Industrial Weaving and Sewing Machine — R$ 999 – R$ 1,110
  • SUMO 3-thread industrial Weaving Machine — R$ 3,700 – R$ 4,070
  • SUMO 4-thread Industrial Overlock Weaving Machine — R$ 4,070 – R$ 4,440
  • Two Lion Overlock Industrial Weaving and Sewing Machine — R$ 925 – R$ 1,110
  • Industrial Weaving BabyLock Machine — R$ 3,145 – R$ 3,330

Where to Buy Brand New Industrial Weaving Machines in South Africa

You can get new industrial weaving machines from dealers/suppliers of weaving machines in South Africa. Simply walk into any cloth market especially popular and large clothing markets. You can also get one from online shopping sites like Jumia and Konga.

Things to Consider Before Buying a New Industrial Weaving Machine

Features: The features of the industrial weaving machine should go in line with the type of tailoring service you offer. For example, if you sew high-quality wear (for occasions like weddings) or corporate wear, you would want to purchase an overlock weaving machine that leaves only high-quality finishes. However, weaving machines with these features tend to be pricey.

Popularity: Popular brands tend to be the best option because they are more durable and their spare parts are easily accessible. There are several popular brands to consider like EMEL, SUMO, and Butterfly.

Power Supply: The main advantage of ordinary weaving machines over industrial weaving machines is that they do not require electricity to power them. This is why you should only go for an industrial weaving machine if you are fully prepared to handle the running costs.

Fairly Used Industrial Weaving Machines Prices in South Africa

  • Singer Industrial Weaving Machine — R$ 2,886 – R$ 3,034
  • Butterfly Interlock Weaving Machine — R$ 407 – R$ 592
  • SUMO Overlock Weaving Machine — R$ 407 – R$ 592
  • Gemini Overlock Weaving Machine — R$ 555 – R$ 740
  • SUMO 3-thread Industrial Overlock Weaving Machine — R$ 1,998 – R$ 2,146
  • Two Lion Weaving Machine — R$ 1,998 – R$ 2,146
  • Brother Industrial Overlock Weaving Machine — R$ 2,220 – R$ 2,405

Where to Buy Fairly Used Industrial Weaving Machines in South Africa

Fairly used industrial weaving machines are mostly sold on classified ads sites like Jiji and Olx. However, you might be able to get these machines offline in popular cloth markets in South Africa.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Fairly Used Industrial Weaving Machine

While fairly used machines are the budget-wise option to consider when opting for the industrial machine, they tend to cause a lot of problems and require more maintenance to operate efficiently and effectively. They also have reduced efficiency and reduced durability, which is why they should be the last option.

Here are some of the things to have in mind.

Duration of Use: This refers to how long the machine has been used by the previous owner(s) before being put up for sale. A machine that has been used for a long period of time before you purchase it will definitely not last long enough.

Overall Condition: This refers to how well the weaving machine is able to operate. Is the machine able to weave clothes effectively? It is best to take with you someone who is conversant with the system to thoroughly check the machine before finalizing the purchase.


Understanding the pricing of industrial weaving machines in South Africa is crucial for anyone involved in the textile industry. With a wide range of machines available, each with their own features and benefits, it’s important to consider your specific needs and budget before making a purchase. By doing so, you can ensure that you invest in a machine that will serve your business well, whether you’re producing clothing, Cotton Bags, or Non Woven Bags. Remember, the right machine can significantly enhance your production capabilities and contribute to the success of your business. So, do your research, compare prices, and make an informed decision. Good luck!

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