Ignis Gas Cooker Prices In South Africa

Ignis may not be the most popular brands when it comes to kitchen appliances, but they remain a force to reckon with in the industry. The brand has grown to be among the best there is, with their gas cookers topping the chat of their best products. With their gas cookers gradually making a name for themselves in the kitchen appliance market, it is only a matter of time before they dominate the market

It is one thing to have a great product, it is another to ensure your products are marketable. Ignis gas cookers pass in these two fronts. For a gas cooker placed in almost similar grade with the likes of Maxi, LG and Thermocool gas cookers, there is so much more to admire about their products. Ignis gas cookers offer you almost everything you need in a cooker. They are fast, efficient, durable and reliable. They are among those gases you can confidently use and recommend to friends and families.

Ignis Gas Cooker Prices in South Africa

Their gas cookers unique features stand them out among the very best. The gas cookers boast of features that enable efficiency, ease of use, durability and strength. Most of their gas cookers are designed with stainless steel, glass lid that make the cooker easy to use, durable and easy to clean. They also feature control knobs that allow for easy control of the heating temperature and intensity. The controls are strategically designed in a place where they can be easily accessed in case of fire accident or gas leakage. Most of their gas cookers are compact in size so they fit into kitchens perfectly.

Ignis gas cookers are available I various types. These types vary in designs, sizes and overall efficiency. Factors like number of burners, capacity of grill oven, operation mechanism and other basic factors also vary based on the types of cooker available. The gas cookers also vary in colours and styles. The most amazing thing about these gas cookers is their prices. Despite their outstanding qualities, they are relatively affordable. They are comfortable and relatively easy to use.

The market for Ignis gas cookers in South Africa has grown over the years. Although they may still not be among the most sought after, they are gradually creating a market for themselves. Here, we will take a look at prices of various types of Ignis gas cookers available in the market today.

Prices of Ignis Gas Cookers in South Africa

Ignis Gas Cookers are very good and affordable. They are designed for easy and convenient cooking. The compact frame ensures stability and durability. They have varying number of gas burners. Some come with 4 gas burners; some others come with 3 burners with one extra electric hot plate. Apart from the fact that they are very reliable and can be used for a very long time without any issue, they are also among the safest cooking appliances.

Compared to some other popular cooking gas brand, Ignis gas cookers are not readily available everywhere. They are one of those cookers you are not guaranteed to see everywhere. Just like other gas cookers, Ignis gas cookers are available in different types. They manufacture table top cookers and those that can stand on their own. Some of their products also feature built-in ovens and grills. These factors, including the number of burners, size and other related factors, affect the overall prices.

Ignis gas cookers can be purchased in almost every part of the country. They can be gotten directly from the manufacturers or local distributors across the country. They can also be easily purchased from popular online stores.

Here are prices of some of the most common IGNIS gas cookers available today.

  • Ignis Standing gas cooker ACF040-MB: R$3,204 – R$3,420
  • Ignis standing gas cooker ACF050: R$2,520 – R$2,880
  • Ignis standing gas cooker T967: R$11,520 – R$12,600
  • Ignis standing gas cooker T851: R$7,200 – R$11,160
  • Ignis standing gas cooker FST550: R$2,160 – R$2,700
  • Ignis standing gas cooker FST563: R$3,420 – R$3,600
  • Ignis standing gas cooker TP9950: R$11,880 – R$14,400

Some basic factors, including time and period of purchase, have their effects on the prices listed above. For instance, an Ignis gas cooker that costs a hundred thousand in some parts of Johannesburg may cost far less in other parts of the country. Also, it has been noted that prices of home appliances, especially gadget and kitchen utensils, tend to go up during festive periods. So, it is possible for a cooker to cost R$1,800 in September and cost over R$2,520 in December.

It should also be noted that the type, design, additional features and sizes of cookers after the prices of the cookers. Generally, gas cookers with 4 burners are more expensive than cookers with single or double burners.

Things You Will Like About Ignis Gas Cookers

Although the primary function of a gas cooker is to cook food, a complete gas cooker is also judge based on other factors. A complete gas cooker cannot but have some basic features or characteristics that stand them out among the best. Ignis is one of the best kitche appliance brand in the market, no doubt. Here are some of the things you will surely like about Ignis gas cookers.

  • Efficiency: Ignis is surely among the top five when it comes to gas cooker efficiency. They are fast, reliable and efficient. The gas cookers do the work for you in the cleanest, easiest and most efficient of ways.
  • Easy to Use: One of the most important factors to consider when buying a gas cooker is the ease of use. Ignis cookers beat this. Their controls are very easy and direct to use. You don’t need to be very familiar with gas cookers to use them.
  • Safe: Safety is key, especially considering how delicate gas cookers are. Ignis cookers boast of safety features that make them safe to use and reduces risk of fire accidents or gas leakage.
  • Durable: The gas cookers can be used for a very long time without any issue.

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