Ignis Gas Cooker Prices In South Africa

As one of the most popular gas cooker brands in South Africa for over 50 years, Ignis is known for its quality, reliability and competitive pricing. This article provides a comprehensive overview of current Ignis gas cooker prices from entry-level to premium models.

Ignis Gas Cookers: An Overview

Part of the Whirlpool Corporation since 1999, Ignis utilizes cutting-edge technology and Italian design to manufacture gas cookers that are perfect for South African kitchens. Their gas hobs and ovens are available in free-standing and built-in options with features like flame failure devices, auto-ignition, glass lids and more.

Ignis dominates the market in terms of units sold, occupying over 40% market share in South Africa. They have a gas cooker model for every need and budget – from the simple IG6001 4-burner hob to the high-end IEBP905X cooker with grill and electric oven.

Factors Influencing Ignis Gas Cooker Prices

Ignis gas cooker prices depend on several factors like size, burner count, additional features and the region you reside in. On average, an entry level Ignis 4 burner gas hob retails for R1500 to R2500 while premium models with additional ovens and auto-ignition system can cost upwards of R15000.

Here are the key details that determine Ignis gas cooker prices in South Africa:

  • Number of burners: Entry-level models have 4 burners while premium cookers offer up to 6 high-powered burners. More burners mean higher pricing.
  • Availability of oven/grill: Free-standing cookers with gas ovens or grills are priced higher than standalone hobs.
  • Size/dimensions: Larger cooktop surface and oven capacity increases costs.
  • Special features: Auto-ignition, flame failure device, glass lid, timer etc. add premiums.
  • Build type: Built-in models cost more than comparable free-standing units.
  • Regional pricing differences: Ignis prices vary slightly across provinces.

Price Range for Ignis Gas Hobs

Ignis offers an extensive range of gas hobs in various configurations to suit every kitchen requirement and budget.

Model Burners Special Features Average Price
IG6001 4 Brass Burners R1500
IG6002 4 1 Triple Crown Burner R1800
IG6101 5 1 Rapid Burner R2000
IG6102 5 2 Triple Crown Burners R2200
IG6202 6 2 Triple Crown Burners R2500

As evident, higher burner count and special burners like triple crown and rapid burners lead to higher pricing. Premium features like auto ignition and flame failure device also increase costs.

Ignis Gas Cookers With Ovens and Grills

For buyers looking for an all-in-one cooking solution, Ignis offers free-standing gas cookers with in-built gas ovens or grill compartments. These convenient models eliminate the need for a separate oven but cost more than standard hobs.

Here are the popular Ignis gas cooker models with ovens/grills and their latest prices:

Model Oven/Grill Capacity Price
IE604BL Gas Static Oven 65 Liters R3500
IE905X Gas Static Oven 65 Liters R4500
IEBP905X Gas Static Oven + Grill 50 Liters R10000
IEG905X Gas Static Oven + Rotisserie 65 Liters R12000

The oven capacity, rotisserie function and grill compartment in premium models command higher pricing of up to R12000. Auto-ignition enabled variants also bear a price premium over manual ignition.

Regional Price Variations

Being market leaders in South Africa, Ignis gas cookers are widely available across stores nationally. However, slight pricing differences exist between provinces.

For instance, Ignis models in Gauteng tend to retail for 5-7% more than Cape Town or Durban after factoring in transportation costs. During seasonal demand spikes around holidays like Easter or Christmas when stock runs low, prices can be almost 15% more than usual rates.

Urban customers in major metro areas may also find better deals at around 10% lower prices due to higher sales volumes and competition among stores. Rural or tier 2 city buyers often pay a premium.

Additional Cost Considerations

While the cooker unit itself forms a major part of the total expense, buyers should also account for additional installation charges and accessories pricing as follows:

  • Installation charges: First time setup and testing by technicians can cost R500 upwards depending on brand and model.
  • Accessories: Essentials like hose and regulator kits start at R250-R300. Burner caps, knobs etc. may need replacement over time.
  • Warranty extensions: Ignis offers up to 2 years warranty but extensions up to 5 years are available at added costs.

By factoring in these extra expenses, buyers can arrive at the total investment required for an Ignis gas cooker.

How to Find the Best Ignis Gas Cooker Deals

Here are some tips to help buyers find the most competitive pricing on their preferred Ignis model:

  • Compare prices across online stores using aggregators like PriceCheck.
  • Check for promotions on e-commerce platforms during seasonal sales.
  • Negotiate free installations or accessories bundles at dealer showrooms.
  • Opt for warehouse/scratch-and-dent dealer pricing for open box units.
  • Consider second hand marketplaces like BidOrBuy for significant savings.


From entry-level 4 burner hobs starting at R1500 to premium 6 burner and oven integrated models at over R10,000, Ignis offers an extensive range of gas cookers for price-conscious South African buyers. Factors like number of burners, oven capacity and special features determine exact pricing.

While Ignis largely maintains consistent rates nationally, provincial differences within 5-15% do exist. By comparing deals online and leveraging promotions or negotiations at local dealer showrooms, buyers can secure the most competitive pricing on their preferred Ignis gas cooker model.

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