Icebolethu Salary in South Africa

Icebolethu GroupSouth Africa’s second largest funeral services provider with over 120 branches, offers a range of positions from drivers to sales consultants. But what salaries do these roles typically pay?

Overview of Icebolethu Group

Founded in 2015, Icebolethu provides funeral services, insurance plans, catering, tombstones and more. Their goal is ensuring dignified, specialized funeral services for all.

The Icebolethu Foundation gives back via investments in education, vulnerable children, and elderly support.

Icebolethu Salary in South Africa

Driver Salaries

A recent Casual Driver opening listed a market-related salary.

Specific pay wasn’t given, but full-time Driver roles likely earn R10,000-R15,000 monthly based on industry averages.

Sales Consultant Pay

A recent job ad for 16 Sales Consultants also listed market-related pay.

These customer-facing roles probably earn R15,000-R25,000 monthly depending on experience.

Management Salaries

More specialized roles like Group Internal Audit Manager require extensive qualifications and background.

Salaries for these managerial roles likely exceed R50,000 monthly.


In summary, Icebolethu Group offers positions ranging from entry-level to highly specialized, with pay scaling accordingly. Market-related salaries seem competitive to attract talent supporting their 120+ locations.

Those interested can browse open jobs to learn more about specific openings, responsibilities, and likely pay ranges.

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