Hse Training Costs In South Africa & Details

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With a lot of emphasis placed on workplace safety today, HSE has become one of the pivotal and must-do trainings for most organizations. While some organizations do not necessarily require their staff to undergo this training, many manufacturing and oil and gas industries have mandated the training for their workers, especially those working in construction sites, offshore, and other high risk areas.

HSE Training Costs in South Africa & Details

The HSE (Health and Safety Environment) training focuses on training professionals on how to manage, handle, and control all aspects of occupational health and safety, especially in hazardous environments like mining, construction, oil and gas, and many other similar industries.

HSE training costs in South Africa

HSE is one of the most sought after trainings today, when it comes to health and safety in workplace. While there are many organization and training agencies that conduct the training, the prices they go for remain up for discussion. Like make other professional training in South Africa, there is no steady amount the training goes for. Various organizations and training agencies have their individual price for the training. The cost also depends on the duration of the training, the location, and many other similar factors.

Let us take a look at how much HSE training cost in popular cities in the country. The prices as highlighted below are as gathered in the current market from various sources.

HSE training in Port-Harcourt

Like many other Oil and Gas and offshore-related professional trainings, HSE training is very popular in Port-Harcourt. With many Oil and Gas companies, manufacturing and offshore industries in the city, it is easy to see why many HSE training institutes are headquartered in the zone. The complete HSE training costs between R$1,800 and R$10,800, depending on the organization, the number of days, and other similar factors.

The price as highlighted above also depends on the scope to be covered and the extent of the training. HSE come in three parts – HSE 1, HSE 2 and HSE 3. Usually, most HSE training program covers all the required modules and programs. However, there are some few cases where the training agency focuses on specific sections or parts of the whole syllabus.

HSE training in Johannesburg

With Johannesburg being the center of commerce in Johannesburg and houses many manufacturing and construction industries, HSE agencies have also identified Johannesburg as one of the core target cities. Hence, there are many HSE training institutes in and around the city. A standard HSE training in Johannesburg costs between R$1,800 – R$10,800, depending on how recognized the training agency organizing the training is, the number of days the training runs for, and many other factors. If dove individually, the HSE 3 is largely the most expensive of the three levels. While HSE 1 costs between R$1,080 – R$2,520 and HSE 2 costs between R$1,800 – R$4,320, HSE 3 costs between R$2,880 – R$4,680. It should be noted though, that many organizations combine these training. The training lasts for between 3 days to over 90 days, depending on the training agency.

HSE training in Pretoria

While the market is not as competitive and stiff like in cities like Port-Harcourt and Johannesburg, there are still a considerable number of HSE training agencies in Pretoria. Most of these companies though are internationally recognized and accredited, some others are affiliated with bigger training agencies and organization within and outside the country. A standard HSE training, which covers all the HSE scopes including HSE 1, HSE 2, and HSE 3, in Pretoria costs between R$2,880 – R$9,000, depending on how recognized the organization is, the number of days, and many other similar factors.

HSE training in other parts of South Africa

Although Johannesburg, Port-Harcourt, and Pretoria are seen as the core locations for HSE training agencies and organizations, other cities like Ibadan, Kaduna, Benin City, and many other similar cities aslo boast training agencies that conduct HSE training.

In these cities, one can expect the HSE training to cost between R$1,440 – R$6,480 depending on the factors already highlighted. It should be noted though, that the cost could be more in cases where the agency or training organization affiliated with international firms to conduct the training.

Hse Training Costs In South Africa & Details

What you should know about HSE

HSE is divided into three main categories – HSE 1, HSE 2, and HSE 3. The courses are mainly designed to give candidates an overall understanding of occupational safety. The first part of the course, the HSE 1, focuses on training that are typically based on Health and Safety Environment. Some of the areas to be covered includes the various HSE Policies, HSE guidelines, workplace hazards and controls, near misses, office safety, and many other similar topics.

The second bit of the course, HSE 2, focuses more on education on Hazard and Effects Management Processes, risk assessment in workplace, analyzing job safety, usage of safety tools and many other related topics. Candidates are also taught elementary fire handling and fighting, basic workplace safety like slip & trip and fall prevention, and other work controls.

The Health Safety and Environment Module 3 (HSE 3), is regarded as the most technical of the course. The module details courses relating to hazard communication, and unsafe materials. The module also highlights key importance of lifting operations and stress management, working in confined spaces, elementary First Aid, processes around Waste management, and many other related topics.

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