Hp Laptop Prices In South Africa

If you’re looking for laptops with durability, speed, efficiency, and affordability; thinkHP Laptops. Some collections of HP laptops include HP Pavilion i3, HP Pavilion G6, HP Ultrabook, HP Pavilion i7 laptops, HP Pavillion DV6, HP Envy Touchsmart, Pavilion Touchsmart 13 -Intel® Core i3 Laptop.

HP Laptop Prices in South Africa

Why Go for HP Laptops?

HP battery life is to die for and you can share files, enjoy easy-to-use security and multimedia tools. HP touch screen laptops are stylishly designed and they offer smooth response for convenient use. The HP 250 dual core or the HP Pavilion core i5 1tb laptop offers you a large storage space as well as fast operation. You can also get any of the HP Elitebook series, HP 650 laptops, HP Pavilion laptop, HP Probook laptop, HP i7 laptop & more.

Current prices of HP Laptops in South Africa

HP Stream 11-AK003511.6″ (1366×768)WIN10 S ModeCeleron Dual-Core N40004GB32GB eMMCR$4,500 – R$4,680
HP 14-DQ000314″ (1366×768)WIN10Celeron Dual-Core N4020 1.1GHz4GB64GB eMMCR$5,400 – R$5,580
HP 14-DQ301014″ (1366×768)WIN10Celeron Dual-Core N4000 1.1GHz4GB64GB eMMCR$5,580 – R$5,760
HP 14-CF203314″ (1366×768)WIN10 SPentium Silver N5030 1.1GHz4GB128GB SSDR$6,660 – R$6,840
HP Pavilion 11M-AP002311.6″ (1366×768)WIN10 S ModePentium Silver N50304GB128GB SSDR$7,740 – R$7,920
HP 15-DY209115.6″ (1920×1080)WIN1011th Gen Core i3-1115G4 3.0GHz8GB256GB SSDR$9,720 – R$9,900
HP 14-DQ208914″ (1366×768)WIN10 S11th Gen Core i3-1115G4 3.0GHz8GB256GB SSDR$9,540 – R$9,720
HP 15-DW303315.6″ (1920×1080)WIN10 S11th Gen Core i3-1115G4 3.0GHz8GB256GB SSDR$9,720 – R$9,900
HP 15-DY203515.6″ (1920×1080)WIN10 SCore i3-1125G4 2.00Ghz8GB256GB SSDR$10,080 – R$10,260
HP 15-DY103215.6″ (1366×768)WIN10Core i3-1005G1 1.2GHz Dual Core8GB128GB SSDR$11,160 – R$11,340
HP 14-DQ208814″ (1366×768)WIN1011th Gen Core i5-1135G7 2.4GHz Quad Core8GB256GB SSDR$11,880 – R$12,060
HP 15-DY207615.6″ (1366×768)WIN10 SCore i5-1135G7 2.4 Ghz8GB256GB SSDR$12,060 – R$12,240
HP 15-DY209315.6″ (1920×1080)WIN10 SCore i5-1135G7 2.4 Ghz8GB256GB SSDR$12,060 – R$12,240
HP 17-BY406117.3″ (1920×1080)WIN10Core i5-1135G7 2.4 Ghz8GB512GB SSDR$13,500 – R$13,680
HP Pavilion 14-DV001014″ (1920×1080)WIN10Core i5-1135G7 2.4 Ghz12GB256GB SSDR$13,500 – R$13,680
HP 15T-DW30015.6″ (1920×1080)WIN10Core i5-1135G7 2.4 Ghz12GB512GB SSDR$13,680 – R$13,860
HP Pavilion 15-CS305515.6″ (1920×1080)WIN10Core i5-1035G1 1.0GHz Quad Core8GB RAM +32GB Optane512GB SSDR$13,860 – R$14,040
HP 15-EF0875 TOUCHSMART15.6″ (1366×768)WIN10AMD Ryzen™️ 7 3700U 2.3GHz12GB256GB SSDR$14,580 – R$14,760

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Factors responsible for the differences in price

The prices of Hplaptopsdepend largely on build quality, sleekness, processing power,RAMcapacity, hard disk capacity, Operating system, optical storage type, and display type and size. Features that can also add to the price of HPlaptops include Webcam, Bluetooth, WLAN (Wi-Fi), Touch screen,Fingerprint reader, card reader, microphone, and so on.

However, it is important to note thatlaptopsof the same models can vary in specs and as a result, prices may vary. The higher the spec the more thelaptopis likely to cost. Note that prices oflaptopsmay also vary depending on your location in South Africa. Prices listed here are for brand newlaptopcomputers only.

Things to look at before buying an HP laptop in South Africa

With so many models and types on the market, you may experience confusion when buying a laptop. However, there are a few factors to consider when buying an HP Laptop in South Africa. These factors include weight, screen size, form factor, processor, RAM, hard drive, operating system, and additional ports, hardware and more.

Weight:Most people purchase laptops for portability as weight is an important consideration for them. For those who want something very light, ultrabooks and netbooks are a good option, although they may not offer more advanced users the features they need. Light laptops, between 3 to 4 pounds, have more features than netbooks, but are not as light.

Screen Size:Screen real estate is another factor that affects a computer’s weight and size. Small ultra portables usually have a screen size of 13 inches or less. Laptops with small screens can weigh as little as 2 pounds, definitely a big advantage for those who need to bring their laptops everywhere. Graphic designers want a laptop with a big screen to show off work to clients, and gamers want a large screen so they can see all the action.

Processor:The processor serves as the laptop’s main engine. Laptop processors have lower capacity and power, because this is the part that consumes a lot of battery life. You should consider what processor speed you need to work with.

RAM:RAM, or random access memory, is a type of temporary storage a computer uses to perform multiple tasks at the same time. The more RAM a laptop has, the more tasks it can perform at the same time without freezing. You can upgrade your laptop RAM yourself by purchasing from the manufacturer or third-party sources. What is important when buying a laptop is to check the maximum capacity. Motherboards have a limited number ofRAM stickslots; you should consider this before making a purchase.

Hard Drive:When it comes to hard drives, you may need to check both capacity and speed. While the capacity allows you to store massive amounts of photos, videos, and songs, the speed ensures that you can record and access your data quickly. Manufacturers indicate hard drive speed in RPMs, or revolutions per minute, which refers to how fast the drive’s spindle rotates. Basically, the more RPMs, the faster the drive.

Operating System:While many people may debate which operating system is better, each one has its own weaknesses and strengths. More people use Windows environments, especially in corporate settings, and this OS supports more types of hardware and software. Whichever one you choose, ensure you get the latest versions, as most new software cannot run on older operating systems.

Additional Hardware and Ports:Ports and additional hardware add weight and girth to laptops. Most ultrabooks and netbooks do away with optical drives, but they do offer a separateSuper drive. You should consider how many peripherals you need to connect at the same time, plus the speed of the USB port. For those who absolutely need to connect their laptops to another display or projector, a VGA, DVI, or even HDMI port is necessary.

If you want high-quality HP laptops at the best prices, we strongly recommend NUGALINK INTEGRATED SYSTEMS at 2, Oremeji Street (off Medical Rd), Ikeja, Johannesburg. You can reach them on 08134317986 or 08058326040.

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