How to Buy Agilent Oligo Pools: A Comprehensive Guide

Agilent Technologies is a leading provider of high-quality custom oligo pools for applications like CRISPR library construction, primer pools, gene construction, data storage, and FISH analysis. Buying Agilent oligo pools involves first determining your application, then designing and ordering your custom oligo pool through their partners like the Genetic Resources Core Facility (GRCF) at Johns Hopkins University.

Overview of Agilent Oligo Pools

Agilent offers fully customizable oligonucleotide pools up to 244,000 oligos in length from 30 to 230 nucleotides. With advanced DNA printing technology and ultra high-fidelity chemistries, Agilent synthesizes uniform, complex pools optimized for downstream applications.

Benefits of Agilent Oligo Pools Include:

  • Custom design from scratch for any application
  • Industry-leading fidelity and representation
  • Consistently low error rates
  • Oligo lengths from 30 to 230 nucleotides
  • Pool sizes from 100 to 244,000 oligos
  • Compatible with CRISPR, PCR, cloning, data storage etc.

Step 1: Determine Your Application

When buying an Agilent oligo pool, first decide what downstream application you will use the oligos for. Common uses cases include:

  • CRISPR Library Construction: Generate a complex library of guide RNAs for genome editing experiments.
  • Primer Pools: Custom pools of many primers for targeted multiplex PCR or sequencing.
  • Gene Construction: Assemble long genes, pathways, or entire genomes from oligo building blocks.
  • Data Storage: Encode digital information into custom DNA sequences.
  • FISH Analysis: Design oligo probes for fluorescent in situ hybridization.

The application will determine specifications like oligo length, number of oligos, and sequence design parameters.

Step 2: Design Your Oligo Pool

With the application defined, next design your custom oligo library including all necessary sequences, lengths, and pool specifications.

Key parameters to define:

  • Number of Oligos: Specify the total number needed – from 100 to 244,000 oligos.
  • Oligo Length: Set the nucleotide length from 30 to 230 bases.
  • Scale: Determine the quantity (pmol) of each oligo.
  • Sequences: Provide the custom DNA sequence for each oligo.

Utilize Agilent’s sequence design guidelines and tools to create sequences optimized for your application and experiment workflow.

Step 3: Order Through the GRCF

Once your oligo pool is designed, order it through the Genetic Resources Core Facility (GRCF) at Johns Hopkins University – an Agilent partner specialized in oligo pool synthesis.

To order:

  1. Visit the GRCF Ordering Page
  2. Select the “Ordering” tab
  3. Enter your oligo pool specifications into the online order form
    • Number of oligos
    • Oligo lengths
    • Scale
    • Quantities
    • Sequences
  4. Complete additional info like billing, shipping etc.
  5. Submit order

The GRCF provides support throughout the ordering process to ensure your Agilent oligo pool meets experimental requirements.

Step 4: Resuspend and Use Oligo Pool

The oligos will ship dried in a single tube. Use Agilent’s resuspension calculator to determine the appropriate buffer volume and concentration for your application.

Typical final concentrations are 100 nM per oligo or 1 μM per entire oligo pool. Store resuspended pools at -20°C or below.

Once resuspended, the custom oligos are ready for experimental use like PCR amplification, CRISPR library cloning, and more!

Agilent Quality and Support

With stringent quality control and GMP-grade manufacturing, Agilent produces exceptionally uniform oligo pools with accuracy over 99% to support consistent experimental performance.

Their expert technical support can advise on pool specifications, sequence design, protocols, and troubleshooting throughout the oligo purchase and use process.


In summary, buying a custom Agilent oligo pool involves:

  1. Defining application and specifications
  2. Designing the oligo sequences
  3. Ordering through the GRCF
  4. Resuspending in appropriate buffer
  5. Using oligos in experiments like CRISPR, PCR, cloning etc.

With high complexity capacity, proven performance, and customizability, Agilent oligos empower diverse nucleic acid applications. Their seamless ordering through partners like GRCF makes accessing these top-tier oligo pools smooth and reliable.

By following this guide when buying Agilent oligos, you can obtain optimized pools to enhance experimental success across genomics workflows.

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