How Much is Abaya in South Africa?

Abaya is one of the garments that are common to women around the world. The dress is usually floor-long, long-sleeved, and very beautiful. Abaya dresses are mostly worn by Muslim women and they are designed to be free-flowing to hide the woman’s curves.

You can wear Abaya with different kinds of clothing especially scarves to cover the hair. One question begs an answer, “how much is Abaya in South Africa?” We will answer this question and several others in this post so continue reading.

How Much is Abaya in South Africa?

How Much is Abaya in South Africa?

Even though in most parts of the world, Abaya looks almost the same, there are so many styles. The South African market is filled with an array of Abaya styles so it is difficult to find all their prices. We have done the hard work on your behalf by surveying the market to check the different styles and their prices. To make it easier, we picked out the most popular styles and put them and their prices in the list below:

  • Gold embroidered Abaya: ZAR$667 – ZAR$852
  • Women’s Plain Abaya: ZAR$852 – ZAR$963
  • Long Abaya Gown for Women: ZAR$463 – ZAR$741
  • Dareeha Blue Luxury Iro and Buba Abaya Set: ZAR$1,777 – ZAR$1,925
  • Lhateenah Blue Luxury Iro and Buba Abaya Set: ZAR$1,851 – ZAR$1,999
  • Women Abaya Dashiki African Clothing Slitted Sleeve Dress: ZAR$500 – ZAR$630
  • Dubai Abaya Classy Ladies Abaya: ZAR$926 – ZAR$1,111
  • Ladies Abaya Gown (Purple): ZAR$134 – ZAR$149
  • Ninoz Luxury Maxi Abaya Dress with Sequins (Yellow): ZAR$163 – ZAR$182
  • AKD Sleeveless Free Maxi Abaya Long Gown with Belt (Black): ZAR$132 – ZAR$186
  • Nino Maxi Abaya Long Gown for Plus Size (Royal Blue): N4.000 – ZAR$223
  • Ladies Abaya Off-shoulder Gown (Green): ZAR$204 – ZAR$297
  • Woodyz Maxi Abaya Short Sleeve Gown One Size (Black): ZAR$130 – ZAR$204
  • AKD Sleeveless Free Maxi Abaya Long Gown with Belt (Grey): ZAR$132 – ZAR$167
  • Fashionista Abaya Maxi Dress: ZAR$204 – ZAR$334
  • Ludiaz Abaya Maxi Dress with Embroidery Design (Navy Blue): ZAR$202 – ZAR$278
  • Black Abaya Gown: ZAR$223 – ZAR$297
  • Adorable Fashion Abaya Gown (Green): ZAR$241 – ZAR$278
  • Ladies Long Abaya Bubu Gown: ZAR$445 – ZAR$741
  • Women Long Turkey Abaya Casual Dress: ZAR$448 – ZAR$519
  • Style Me Koyin Free Trendy Kaftan Bubu Abaya Ladies Dress: ZAR$334 – ZAR$445
  • Maxi Abaya Short Sleeve Gown (Black): ZAR$130 – ZAR$186
  • Monochrome Print Abaya (white and black): ZAR$204 – ZAR$260
  • Women Long Sleeve Muslim Abaya Dress Ethnic Floral Print with Belt: ZAR$352 – ZAR$556
  • Suede Abaya Gown: ZAR$500 – ZAR$778

Note that these prices may change due to several factors such as import duties, location, and vendor. We will update this post with the latest prices once we notice any price change with any of the products listed. You can purchase Abaya in South Africa from physical stores or order online from Jumia and Konga. With this out of the way, here’s some more information about Abaya.

Types of Abaya Fabrics

There are different types of fabrics used in making Abaya. Many times, people ask the question, “Which fabric is the best for Abaya?” The truth is that there is no exact answer to this question as you can a plethora of fabrics for this clothing. Below is a list of the most fabrics used:

  • Crepe
  • Silk
  • Chiffon
  • Cotton
  • Nidha
  • Linen
  • Satin
  • Georgette
  • Jersey

The kind of fabric that you choose determines the quality of the dress as well as the comfort you will enjoy wearing it. As such, you must consider the weather in your location as well as how the material fares in such weather. Let’s look at some of the fabrics listed above in more detail:


Linen is produced from flax and it has twice or thrice the strength of cotton. When choosing the fabric for you Abaya, you want a material that is strong and durable and linen fills this void. Linen also has strong heat-conducting abilities so it is great for summer clothing.


It is no secret that silk material is very beautiful and it is made from silkworms. Silk is luxurious and very attractive. It is also recognized for its durability and high quality so it is a great choice for Abaya clothes.


Chiffon fabric is lightweight, elegant, and quite soft. This fabric is also a little transparent so if you want to use it, you’d have to make use of underlining. Asides from this little disadvantage, chiffon is a great option for flowing gowns like Abaya.


Cotton is one of the top naturally occurring fabrics in the world. It is quite affordable with great insulating capabilities and also very comfortable. You should consider using cotton materials for your hijabs and Abaya if you want something affordable yet of high quality.


Jersey is a single-knit fabric that is stretchy and curls at the edges under pressure. One of the main advantages of jersey fabric is that it is very versatile. As such, it is used for skirts, dresses, and topes, as well as slim-fit Abaya.

How to Care For Abaya

It doesn’t matter the quality of the material that you possess, if you don’t care for your Abaya properly, it wouldn’t last. These garments are made from delicate fabric and may come with several embellishments like beading and sequins. Here are a few tips:

Hand Washing

If you are thinking of hand-washing your Abaya, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Never soak Abaya for more than 10 minutes.
  • Wash with cold water.
  • Only make use of mild detergent in small quantities.
  • Don’t rub over the areas with embroidery.
  • Scrub just the part of the dress that is dirty or stained.

Machine Washing

When using a machine to wash your Abaya, separate the colours so that they don’t bleed on the other fabrics. Note that Abaya garments are quite delicate and using a machine to wash them requires a lot of care and tact. Here are a few tips:

  • Prevent shrinkage by washing at low temperatures. This also helps to protect the stitching of the materials from getting loose.
  • Wash Abaya inside out to avoid fading.
  • Make use of mild detergent.