If you’re looking for where to get up-to-date information on Honda motorcycle prices in South Africa, then you’re on the right page.

Honda is one of the market leaders in the electronics market. The electronic giant deals on generators, motorcycles, pumps, brush cutters, and various other electronic items that have flooded the South Africa markets.

Although the design of Honda motorcycles is similar to that of other brands, you can tell the difference when it comes to acceleration, fuel efficiency, fuel economization, and durability.

Honda motorcycles have outperformed most brands, which is why they are one of the favorite choices of most South Africans. Their popularity means that their spare parts are readily available and mechanics can easily make repairs on motorcycles. This is a bonus as you won’t have to spend much when repairing any damage.

Another piece of good news is that they’re very durable and do not require much maintenance.

Honda Motorcycle Prices in South Africa

Types of Honda Motorcycles

The company produces different motorcycles to suit the needs of customers. Whether you want to buy a motorcycle for personal use, commercial purposes, or recreation and sports, you’d definitely find a model that meets your needs.

Street bikes

Honda street bikes (also known as Okada) are the most popular Honda motorcycles in South Africa. They are very powerful, durable and popular for their fuel efficiency. If you’re planning to buy a Honda motorcycle for commercial purposes, you can go for models like the Honda CB 1000R, Honda CGL 125, Honda CB 125, and Honda CG 110.

Ladies Bikes

Ladies’ bikes are usually smaller than commercial bikes and sports bikes. They are designed for personal use and to convey small goods. These bikes are not recommended for commercial uses as they tend to become uncomfortable during long-distance rides. An example of a lady’s bike is the Honda AFS 110.

Honda also sells other models like Dual-purpose bikes, sports bikes and cruisers. Always go for the type that suits your needs and ensure that you check the specifications thoroughly before buying.

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Where to Buy Honda Motorcycles in South Africa

They’re quite popular in South Africa, so you can find them in almost every motorcycle market in the country.

On-ground market

There are several on-ground motorcycle markets in South Africa that sell brand new and used Honda motorcycles. These motorcycles are usually imported (the brand new ones), so you’ll have to pay for more than just the bike itself. Clearance fees and importation fees usually inflate the prices.

The best way to get to the best on-ground motorcycle market where you can find many Honda motorcycle models is to ask for directions or meet a motorcyclist. Some of these markets may not have names, so you’ve to be careful when making a purchase. Always ask for the motorcycle documents and confirm its in good working condition before paying up.

Online Car Markets

An Online car market is more of a classified ads site. It is a marketplace where you can meet with sellers of different types of motorcycles from different brands. These sellers either sell brand new motorcycles or used models (foreign or locally used).

If you choose to buy from an online car market, you can easily visit any of the sites and search for the model you want. Some sites are very large and have almost all models. Therefore, if you can’t find what you want on one site, you can move to the other.

When you find the model you want, you can then contact the seller and meet up with him to inspect the bike. Ensure that you confirm the motorcycle documents before finalizing the purchase

Below are some of the popular online car markets in South Africa plus an ecommerce store.

Honda Motorcycle Prices in South Africa

  • Honda Dream AFS 110 – R$ 5,550 – R$ 7,400
  • Honda ACE CB125 – R$ 10,360 – R$ 11,100
  • Honda ACE CB125 D – R$ 9,250 – R$ 11,100
  • Honda ACE 110 – R$ 7,400 – R$ 9,250
  • Honda CGL 125 – R$ 12,950 – R$ 14,060
  • Honda CG Series – R$ 9,250 – R$ 11,100
  • Honda CBR Power Bike – R$ 9,250 – R$ 11,100
  • Honda Dio Series – R$ 9,250 – R$ 11,100

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Honda Motorcycle


Yes, I know I’ve said this so many times, so it’s imperative you take it seriously. There are different types of Honda motorcycles that serve different purposes.

If you’re looking to purchase a motorcycle that will be powerful enough to convey passengers to and fro on a daily basis, then you will have to go for commercial motorcycles like the Honda CB 1000R, Honda CGL 125, Honda CB 125, and Honda CG 110. If you’re looking for a motorcycle for personal use (not recreational purposes), then the ladies’ bike might be the best option for you.

Ease of Maintenance

Some Honda motorcycles are easier to maintain than others. Some carry extra features that make maintenance very easy even if you use it every day. Usually, the extra features increase the price of the bike. Whether you’re on a tight budget or not, you should consider the cost of future maintenance before settling for any model.


Fuel economy, a powerful engine, and high-quality make are the best features that make up a good motorcycle. Honda motorcycles come with the best features, however, there are some models that are more equipped than others. While you should consider the reason you need the bike and your budget first, you should also try going for a bike that will provide you with comfort and peace of mind during use.

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