Honda Generators Prices in South Africa

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Honda is one of the top generator brands in South Africa.

This isn’t only because they produce portable generators but also because their generators are top-notch with high fuel efficiency and dependability.

Honda itself is a multinational company involved in the manufacture of automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft, and power equipment such as generators.

The company is known to be the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer and the second-largest automobile manufacturer which proves that their products are not only efficient but effective in meeting your demands as a user.

Honda generators have, since their inception, taken over the South Africa market with many users shifting from other popular brands to Honda. This is because they are also dependable, powerful, and relatively cheap.

Honda generators come in different sizes and designs and offer different power options. The brand also comes with fuel-efficient technology which makes it one of the most efficient and dependable brands in South Africa today.

Honda Generators Prices in South Africa

Price of Honda Generators in South Africa

Honda generators can be bought online or offline. If you are buying offline, you can either buy directly from the manufacturer or the distributors around the country. If you’re choosing the online option, you can try several e-commerce sites like Jumia and Konga.

Below are the prices of Honda generators.

Honda EM650Z 450 VA Portable Low Noise Generator – N52, 000 – N55, 000

Honda EB1000 750 VA Generator – N55, 000 – N58, 000

Honda EB3000 2.3 KVA Generator (Recoil Start) – N110, 000 – N125, 000

Honda EB3000S 2.3 KVA Generator (Key Start) – N125, 000 – N135, 000

Honda EG4000 3.2 KVA Generator with D-AVR & OHV Engine – N190, 000 ZAR – N200, 000

Honda EG6500 5.0 KVA Generator with D-AVR & OHV Engine – N260, 000 – N280, 000

Honda EU65iS 5.5 KVA Compact Low Noise Generator with built-in Inverter – N630, 000 – R$ 24,420

Note: The prices listed above could be higher or lower depending on the sales outlet and your location in the country.

Where to Buy Honda Generators


You can get your Honda generator directly from Honda by buying from any of their offices in South Africa. Honda has several branches spread across the country and all you simply need to do is to walk into any of these offices and get a generator. The company might offer you free delivery after purchase depending on your location.

E-commerce Sites

You can also get your generator from online e-commerce stores like Jumia and Konga. When buying online, be sure to check the user feedback and reviews. Also, check the seller score to know if the seller is trustworthy or not. Take note of the warranty and return back policy in case of a faulty or wrong model of generator.

Due to the high number of counterfeit generators on the market today, it is advisable to buy Honda generators directly from the manufacturer or authorized distributors nationwide.

Always leave with a receipt and a warranty card to avoid buying a faulty, contraband, counterfeit or stolen product.

Honda Generators: Factors Responsible for Price Differences and Specification Details

Prices of Honda generators are determined by certain factors including the location, market demand, season and the exchange rate.

However, the main determining factor of the price is the amount of power they can supply. You can get a 750VA power generator for as little as R$ 2,035 while a 2.3KVA generator could cost as much as R$ 4,625.

Advantages of Honda Generators in South Africa

Being one of the best generator brands in South Africa, you would expect Honda generators to have a lot of advantages and they do. We listed the advantages of Honda generators below and they will give more reasons to go for the Honda brand.

Ease of Use: Although some Honda generators come with the traditional recoil start, you could still get other models which start with key ignition. Nevertheless, both types operate silently with noise levels at the minimum.

Affordability: Compared to other brands of generators, Honda generators are quite affordable and this is one of the main things that put them at the top of other generator brands.

Honda generators are not only affordable upfront but also during long-term usage. Its fuel efficiency and easy maintenance features are specifically designed to keep more money in your pocket than otherwise. The affordability of this generator brand is what made them one of the most popular brands of generators in the South Africa market today.

Fuel Efficiency: Another reason why Honda generators are loved by most users is due to the fuel efficiency of the generator brand. This feature is due to the Eco-throttle provided by Honda that not only saves your money on petrol, but also extends the life of your generator.

Varied Capacity: Honda produces various capacities of generators for both residential and business usage. That means you can get a Honda generator whether you need to power up your house, salon or shop.

Key Things To Consider Before Buying A Honda Generator

Before going for your Honda generator, there are several key things you should consider.

Purpose: Honda generators come in varied capacities that serve different purposes. Their small residential generators would power small houses. If you move up in the capacity level, you will find their 2.3 to 2.5KVA generators that would run small business centers such as salons and shops.

Before buying a Honda generator, it is important to consider the purpose the generator would serve.

Cost of Usage: High capacity generators tend to gulp more fuel than low-capacity generators. This is because they power up more facilities and appliances and require more fuel than low-capacity generators which run fewer facilities and appliances.

Budget: Although you could still need to check for the cost of long-term usage to ascertain your choice, your budget is the main thing that will determine your choice of model.

I’ve already listed the price of Honda generators above, so you take a look and settle on any model that meets your needs.