Hisense Tv Prices In South Africa

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No Television is perfect, but Hisense TVs are close enough. They may not be the most popular of brands, they may not even make an average South African’s list of the top five most known TVs in South Africa but they surely have staked their claim to be among the very best in the business. What are the characteristics you expect in a television before you consider among the best? Wonderful picture quality? Tantalizing sound output, smooth functionality, easy usability, durability? Hisense TVs get top grade in all these and should in fact be graded with the likes of LG, Samsung, Panasonic and other top TV brands available in South Africa.

Hisense introduces a brand of classy and high-tech TVs that offer almost everything you’d want in a television. They are reliable, strong and if maintained properly, can be used to the highest efficiency for a long time. Style is one thing you cannot take away from this brand. Their constant creativity and innovation has been widely accepted in the South African market. Although you still can’t place them in the bracket of the LGs and Samsungs of this world in terms of market, Hisense TVs are gradually building their own market and working their way into the hearts of gadget lovers. With their output quality and lovely designs, it is only a matter of time before they are regarded among the top brands TV brands in South Africa.

Hisense TV Prices in South Africa

Hisense TVs are available in various types, sizes and grades. Just like other TV brands, they are come as smart TVs, LEDs, LCDs and other types of televisions, although only their LED TVs are prominent in this part of the world. Hisense TVs vary in features, picture quality and of course, prices. Some of their available TVs feature USB ports and support connectivity with external devices like PCs while some few others are internet enabled. The TVs also come in different sizes. They manufacture televisions as small as 22 inches to as high as 70 inches.

In this post, we will consider the prices of Hisense TVs in the market today. We will take a look at the prices of their various TV sizes in the current market.

Prices of Hisense TVs in South Africa

If you still doubt the quality of Hisense TVs, then get one and watch for just a few minutes. Hisense TVs have evolved overtime to be among the best TVs available. They are gradually developing a strong market and can match the market value of LG and Samsung in few years to come. Although they may be some very few inches behind some types of high-tech TVs, Hisense televisions maintain a classy picture quality coupled with very nice design, regardless of the size.

Hisense TVs are readily available in South Africa. They can be bought directly from brand manufacturers or local distributors across the country. They are also available in online gadget stores and contemporary suppliers. They vary in inches, designs and types. These factors are among the main reasons for variation in prices. Generally, the larger the inch, the more expensive the TV. You can comfortably expect a 43-inche LED TV to be more expensive than a 24-inch LED TV.

Let us take a look at prices of the most popular Hisense TVs in South Africa today.

  • Hisense 24 inches LED TV: R$1,620 – R$2,160
  • Hisense 32 inches LED TV: R$2,880 – R$3,600
  • Hisense 43 inches LED TV: R$4,680 – R$10,080
  • Hisense 49 inches LED TV: R$5,040 – R$9,720
  • Hisense 50 inches LED TV: R$9,000 – R$10,800
  • Hisense 50 inches Smart UHD TV: R$9,360 – R$10,800
  • Hisense 55 inches LED TV: R$10,080 – R$12,960
  • Hisense 55 inches curved LED TV: R$8,640 – R$12,600

Things You Should Know About Hisense TVs

Hisense is a State-owned Chinese gadget company that has made huge wave in recent years. The ambitious manufacturer, basically known for the production of washing machine and fridges, dived into electronic gadgets and have since been a revelation in the market. In 2005, Hisense officially licensed Sharp, another popular TV brand that has built a strong reputation for over the years. They started manufacturing televisions for South American and the United States gadget markets, using the brand name of the Japanese company. The also recently bought the Toshiba TV business, a sign they are ready to compete with the best in the gadget market.

They manufacture TVs in different sizes, grades and displays. Although their most popular type of TV screen is LED, their Smart TVs and Plasma are also top notch and of impeccable quality. The picture and sound qualities of Hisense TV are amazing. From a backlight to the smooth sound output, the TVs do a wonderful jb.

Hisense TVs are never a bad buy. They are as reliable as other top televisions available in the market. With Hisense, you are safe.

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