Grade Level 8 Salary Scale in South Africa

What is the level 8 salary in South Africa?

This is the question on the lips of many fresh graduates looking for an employment opportunity in any government body.

Level 8 is one of the many levels in the payment structure in any government body and is used to determine how much an individual will be paid irrespective of the ministry.

However, some ministries or government organizations tend to pay better than others with the addition of a few benefits like bonuses and allowances. Generally, you should expect good pay regardless of the ministry or organization you find yourself.

Level 8 is the basic salary level for fresh graduates who have little or no experience in their field of study.

This is the starting salary and while some might consider it to be quite small or demeaning based on their professional capabilities, others consider it to be the promise of better things to come as they are contented with the fact that they were able to gain employment in a government body.

In this article, you will find information regarding the monthly salary of level 8 government workers. This information could help you decide if you should focus on the government (public) sector or the private sector as a fresh graduate. However, the public sector is more stable and offers more opportunities compared to the private sector.


Grade Level 8 Salary Scale in South Africa

How Much is Level 8 Salary in South Africa?

The level 8 salary structure depends heavily on the type of profession. This is why you can find a fresh graduate earning a certain amount while working in a particular government office and another earning double or triple of that amount while working in a different government office.

The experience of the applicant for the job and job requirements are also other factors that can determine the amount the worker would receive.

Below, you will find a breakdown of the salary level 8 staff receive in various government sectors.


Level 8 Salary in South Africa Communication Commission (NCC)

NCC is the independent national regulatory authority for the telecommunications industry in South Africa charged with the role of supervising the operation of telecommunication operators and ensuring the provision of quality and effective telecommunications services in South Africa.

Overall, NCC is arguably one of the best places to gain employment in the government sector. The workers are among the highest paid and their wages come with a lot of added benefits like bonuses and allowances.

The Salary of Level 8 staff in NCC is around R$ 4,440 per month. While this is the basic salary for entry-level staff, you can see the figures go as high as R$ 12,950 if the applicant possesses some added professional skills, experience and is recommended by someone of high rank in the commission.

Full-time NCC staff are entitled to bonuses and allowances. But the bonus you are likely to receive will depend on your level. As a level 8 staff, you shouldn’t expect much from your bonuses and allowances.



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Level 8 Salary in South African Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC)

The NSCDC, established in May 1967, is a para-military institution whose functions are quite similar to that of the South Africa Police. The Corps was commissioned to provide measures against threats and any form of attack against the nation and its citizens. It also works with the South Africa police to protect lives and properties and prevent a breakdown of law and order.

The Corps is among the well-paying offices within the federal government sector; it is also held in high regards in the country due to the role it plays in protecting lives and safeguarding the peace of the country.

The salary of Level 8 staff in the NSCDC is a little higher than that of the NCC. When coupled with the bonuses and allowances, the difference becomes more evident as the job of the staff of the NSCDC is more dangerous than that of any staff in the NCC.

The entry-level staff salary in the NSCDC is about R$ 4,625. Just like the NCC, you should expect increases in both your salary and bonuses whenever you are promoted. However, promotions are based on merit and could take some years depending on your performance and level.


Level 8 Salary in South Africa Police Force (NPF)

The South Africa Police Force is the main enforcement agency responsible for the protection of lives and property and the safeguarding of the peace of the nation. The force currently has a staff strength of 371,800 personnel. The South Africa Police Force is one of the top choices for many graduates when it comes to gaining employment. This is evident in the massive number of applications it gets whenever it goes on a recruitment exercise.

While government jobs are quite attractive due to the comfortable salaries being paid to the staff and the bonuses and allowances that come along with the monthly payments, it is worthy to note that some of the jobs are not the way they seem.

For one, a level 8 police officer is expected to earn a minimum of R$ 4,736. But this figure may be significantly lower as the South Africa Police Force is not quite transparent with its salary structure. The figure above holds true for a step 1 level 8 staff. A step 10 level police officer earns higher at about R$ 5,328 per month.

The figures above are very attractive and are one of the reasons why these government bodies have a lot of applicants applying for just a few vacancies.


Wrap Up

When applying for a government job, it is important you know that the competition would be stiff and you will have to contend with other graduates who are probably more experienced, have better degrees, professional certificates or more academic qualifications than you.

The easiest way to scale through is to ensure you are connected to the right people or get a well-respected staff in the government body to recommend you for this job. This way, you wouldn’t have to pass through the strenuous interview process before getting a chance to show your skills.

As you can see, the salary structure and amount varies among government bodies. So, ensure you do enough research before applying to any government body.

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