Gotv Decoder Price in South Africa

GOtv was Multichoice’s answer to the constant request for a more affordable cable TV service.

Multichoice Africa is one of the biggest cable TV service providers in South Africa and the owner of DStv, the cable TV with the highest number of subscribers in Africa.

Although DStv was the popular choice of most South Africans due to its high-quality picture, sound and abundance of many other notable features you can’t find in other Cable TV service providers, the demand and viewership started to decline as more affordable cable TV service operators started storming the South Africa market.

As a response to this trend, Multichoice introduced GOtv which is a much cheaper version of DStv and gives access to a reasonable number of channels while retaining quality in picture and sound.

GOtv comes equipped with many premium channels you would only get on DStv which is quite advantageous. Another advantage of choosing this more affordable cable TV is that you wouldn’t be required to install a dish to get a good signal; this reduces the installation costs, making GOtv a better choice. Although, you would have to buy and install the GOtv antenna to get a good signal.

In this post, I am going to list the current prices of GOtv decoders in South Africa alongside other useful pieces of information.

Gotv Decoder Price in South Africa

Things You Will Like about GOtv

Affordable Subscription Costs

Compared with DStv subscription prices, this is a better option for tight-budget or low/middle-income earners. Although the channels are fewer, you will get the right amount of entertainment as it is filled with a good number of channels to give you just that.

Good Signal Strength

GOtv has one of the best signal strengths among affordable Pay TV operators in South Africa. This might be due to the fact that their decoders and antennas are produced by one of Africa’s top cable service providers, Multichoice. With the decoder, you wouldn’t have to worry much about interruptions in transmission even in bad weather.

Easy Installation

Due to the absence of an installation dish, you wouldn’t have to spend much to install your decoder. The decoder and antenna are also quite easy to install, which means you wouldn’t need to get an installer to handle it for you. You can also follow tutorials on the company’s website to properly install your decoder and antenna.

How Much is GOtv Decoder in South Africa Now?

It is important to note that when buying the decoder, you will be given a box which contains the decoder itself with 1-month GOtv Max subscription, an antenna (known as the GOtenna), and a remote. If you find anything less, please desist from purchasing that product.

However, there are some dealers who sell only the GOtv decoder and you would have to buy the GOtenna separately. It is unconfirmed if the decoder will come with the 1-month GOtv Max subscription when purchased separately.

GOtv Decoder — R$ 256 – R$ 296

On the GOtv official website, you will find a price of R$ 256 for the decoder displayed on its homepage. However, you should expect a little addition here and there when purchasing from dealers. Online shopping sites, on the other hand, tend to charge more due to the addition of delivery fees.

Where to Buy GOtv Decoders in South Africa

GOtv Dealers

Buying your decoder from an accredited GOtv dealer is the best option to consider. This is because the chances of you buying a fake or faulty decoder are greatly reduced. There are many dealers spread across the county and you can easily find one nearest to you through the official website.

Simply log on to the GOtv website and click on the “find a dealer” option.

Online Shopping Sites

You can get your decoder from popular online shopping sites like Jumia and Konga. You can also get it from classified ads sites like Olx and Jiji. However, the prices on these platforms may be inflated.

GOtv Packages and Subscription Costs in South Africa

When compared with DStv subscription costs, you’d agree that GOtv offers one of the most affordable subscription packages in South Africa. However, you wouldn’t get access to the same number of channels or get the interesting features you can find on the DStv decoder.

For one, the GOtv decoder lacks the program recorder feature you can find on the DStv decoder. You also wouldn’t be able to pause, play or rewind on this decoder. Meanwhile, these features are very much available on the DStv Explora decoder.

Below, I’ve listed the packages available on the GOtv decoder and their current subscription costs.

GOtv Lite Package

GOtv Lite is the cheapest package. It provides you access to 25 channels for just N400 per month. This package also features three payment options which make subscribing much easier. The channels you will get on this package are mostly local channels. Most of the channels are dedicated to news and religion; if you are looking for something more entertaining like music, series and movies, then you have to opt for another package.

GOtv Lite — N400 (Monthly)

GOtv Lite — R$ 39 (Quarterly)

GOtv Lite — R$ 115 (Yearly)

GOtv Value Package

This gives you access to 40 channels for just R$ 47 per month. This is the best and most affordable package for the family as you have channels dedicated to news, movies, children shows, music and religion on this package.

Price: R$ 47 per month

GOtv Plus Package

For just R$ 71 per month, you get access to 67 local and international channels. This package provides you access to most of the entertaining channels in the GOtv arsenal. From top sports channels to news channels to celebrity entertainment channels and more. You also get access to adventure and wildlife channels like Nat Geo Wild and science channels like Discovery Family.

Price: R$ 71 per month

GOtv Max Package

This is the most feature-packed package offered, and it gives you access to all the channels in the GOtv arsenal. At just R$ 119 per month, you get access to 75 top quality local and international channels including live sports channels, daily living channels, reality channels and all the channels you can find in the packages I listed above.

Price: R$ 119 per month

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