Google Adwords Certification Costs In South Africa

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To date, Google Ads remain one of the most efficient and most used advertising tools when it comes to getting more traffic to websites, and generating leads. Apart from the fact that the Google Ad has attracted so many advertising personnel and users over the years, most of the businesses that use the advertising tool get over a hundred present return on investment on their Google Ad spend. With a lot still to learn about the use of the tool, it is helpful to earn the Google AdWords certification.

Google AdWords Certification Costs in South Africa

If you are looking to earn the Google Ads certificate, you are on the right page. Here, we will take a look at how much the certification goes for in South Africa. We will also highlight the types of certifications available and the various examinations.

Google AdWords certification costs in South Africa

Google AdWords certification, like many other professional certifications, come in different types. Unlike many other certifications though, the various examinations to earn the certification costs the same amount. To earn the Google AdWords certification, the candidate has to take two examinations, each costing $50. Hence, the certification costs a total of $100, which equates to just over R$1,728 (with exchange rate of N480 per dollar). For each examination attempt, candidates are expected to pay $50 which equates to just over R$864 (with exchange rate of N480 per dollar)

Types of Google AdWords certifications

There are two main types of Google AdWords certification – Individual Good Ads certification and the Company Google Ad certification. Here, we will take a deeper look at both types and the differences between the two.

  • Individual Google Ads Certification – The individual Google Ads Certification requires the individual to take two examinations. Although the certification is highly regarded, especially by recruiters, there are many topics treated here that are not essentially critical to the candidate being successful with Google Ads. This certification is more of theory than practical. This certification is particularly useful for Pay per Click specialists. If you are looking to focus on PPC (Pay per Click), then you will this certification valuable. Having the certification on your CV gives you upper hand when applying for top media agencies. Also, if you are independent consultant and you have this certification on your CV, this gives you added advantage over your direct competitors.
  • Company Google Ads Certification – The company Google Ad certification, which is also referred to as professional or partner Google Ad certification, is another common Google Ad certification. For one to earn this certification, the company must have a qualified person linked to the My Client Center (MCC) account and the account should have a minimum of $10, 000 assigned to the Google Ads MCC account for a period of 90 days. The core advantages here is that the certificate holder is listed in Google’s certified partners’ database and when interested people search the database for certain criteria, the company’s name pops up and gives them advantage over competitors. It also serve as a great trust signal for potential customers.

Google AdWords Certifications

There are various examinations under Google AdWords. It is always advisable though, for candidates to start with the Advertising Fundamental examination. The Fundamental examination tests the candidates’ basic understanding of the overall concept of the Google Ad advertising, ranging from Search Network all the way up to Display Network. Here are some of the examinations under this certification.

Google Adwords Certification Costs In South Africa

Google Fundamental Examination

The Google Fundamentals examination covers some core parts including introduction to AdWords, Account Management, targeting Keywords, Ad formats and many more. Also, topics lie Campaign and ad group management, language targeting, location targeting, budgets, bidding, and performance management and monitoring will also be treated. Emphasis will also be placed on management and optimization, profitability and growth, and many other similar topics. The Fundamental examinations usually contains about 100 questions to be answered in 120 minutes. Candidates are expected to score a minimum of 85 percent to pass the examination.

Google Search Advertising Advance Examination

This is an advance examination that covers core areas including understanding Ad formats, Ad and site quality management, using AdWords tools effectively, management and monitoring of performance and reporting, and many other similar topics. Also, the examination covers basic concepts of optimization of performance, AdWords API, and many other related topics. Just like in the Fundamental examinations, the Search Advertising Advance examination usually contains about 100 questions to be answered in 120 minutes. However, in this case, candidates are expected to score a minimum of 80 percent to pass the examination.

Google Display Advertising Advance Examination

The Display Advertising Advance Examination is another advance examination conducted here. This examination tests candidates’ knowledge in areas including management of display ads on the Google display network, management of display ads on YouTube, and management of display ads on mobile devices. Here, examination usually contains about 100 questions to be answered in 120 minutes, just like wit the Fundamental examination and the Search Advertising Advance examination. However, in this case, candidates are expected to score at least 700 percent to pass the examination.

It should be noted that there are some other examinations that fall under this certification. There are other examinations like Video Advertising, Shopping Advertising, and Mobile Advertising. As already state, a candidate must pass two examinations before they can earn the certification. Please check preceding sections for prices of these certifications.

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