Gold Necklace Prices in South Africa

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Fashion is a very important aspect of our lives.

The fashion industry in South Africa is a multi-million dollar industry.

Fashion is like a mother branch that is further subdivided into smaller branches including clothing and jewellery among others.

This article focuses on a branch of jewellery, gold necklace. It highlights the prices of gold necklaces in South Africa, where to get customized gold necklaces in South Africa and several other useful pieces of information.

You’re in the right place if you intend to buy a gold necklace for yourself or someone else. You’ll get an idea of the prices obtainable on the market and where to buy original gold chains in South Africa among other things.

Gold Necklace Prices in South Africa

Where to Buy Original Gold Chain in South Africa

There are 4 major places you can get the original gold chain in South Africa. They are e-commerce stores, online market places, online forums and gold jewellery shops.

Cost of Gold Necklace in South Africa

  • Women Gold Necklace + Earrings Set (Gold): R$ 93 – R$ 111
  • Gold Necklace Chain: R$ 241 – R$ 278
  • Double Triangle Pendants Necklaces: R$ 222 – R$ 259
  • Multilayer Necklaces & Pendants: R$ 259 – R$ 296
  • Islamic Religion Totem Allah: R$ 56 – R$ 74
  • Catholic Rosary Beads Cross Necklace: R$ 259 – R$ 296
  • Set of 3 Long Minimal Layer Necklaces: R$ 267 – R$ 315
  • Bold Gold Necklace: R$ 93 – R$ 148
  • Princess Rhinestone Gold Pendant and Necklace: R$ 93 – R$ 130
  • Flatfoosie Collar Choker Necklaces: R$ 296 – R$ 352
  • Zavera Traveler’s World Map Necklace: R$ 167 – R$ 185
  • Simple Infinite Love Necklace: R$ 148 – R$ 204
  • Rahman Saddam “Allah” Necklace R$ 222 – R$ 259
  • Customized Name Pendant with Chain in Braille Font: R$ 666 – R$ 925
  • Customized Pendant Stainless Steel with Real Gold Plating: R$ 518 – R$ 740

Where to Buy Customized Gold Necklace in South Africa

Fashion preferences vary from one person to another. While some people don’t mind using any jewellery whether trending or not, some people would rather opt for the customized one. If you’re one of the latter, here are a few places you can get a customized gold necklace in South Africa.

Renfook Jewelry

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In 2014 We started to add silver and gold finished jewelry lines for higher end jewelry brands. Our diversity designs and good quality got great feedback from our customers and in jewelry show. We have many customers cooperated more than 10 years till now. Our old customers retention rate is over 93%. We become their reliable business partners. We develop new items together, share joy for good designs, face and resolve the problem together…. all those are the best cherished part of our work.