Geologist Salary in South Africa

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Geology is one of the noblest professions in South Africa. There are so many people in this field and they are making it big in South Africa.

A geologist is a scientist who specializes in studying the solid, liquid, and gaseous constituents of the earth. Geology can be regarded as a hot cake in South Africa.

Among many careers, this is by far one of the most interesting and most underrated careers in South Africa with a lot of prospects and high salary scale.

The funny thing about it is that many people are yet to flood this field. We have science students flocking medical and engineering fields, but many are missing the opportunity this field brings.

Geologists study Geology and attach some other physical science subjects to it. Subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology are also needed. They mostly work in the mining industry and the oil and gas industries.

Some aspirants who want to venture into this field tend to be curious and start asking questions like how lucrative is Geology in South Africa, Geology companies in South Africa, where can a geologist work, and many other questions. These and others are answered in this article.

Geologist Salary in South Africa

How Lucrative is Geology in South Africa?

Geology is very lucrative in South Africa and there are a lot of job prospects in this field. If you have the right certification, you are on your way to earning a good amount as a startup geologist. Obtain a minimum of BSc and MSc if you wish.

You cannot have a list of some of the most lucrative jobs in South Africa and not add geology to it. The job opportunities in this field have decreased in recent times, but this does not stop it from being one of the highest earning jobs in South Africa.

As a geologist can also earn double the average salary but it depends on the company and your certification. Sometimes, it can also depend on your experience. But know that Geology has been one of the most lucrative jobs these days.

Geology Companies in South Africa

There are a lot of Geology companies in South Africa. Some of the most recognized ones are:

  • Admiral Environmental Care
  • Character Tech LTD
  • Degeconek LTD
  • Harval South Africa LTD
  • Hydroflow LTD
  • Mabon LTD
  • PGS Exploration South Africa LTD
  • United Geophysical South Africa LTD

To become a certified geologist, you need to obtain a minimum of BSc certificate from any of the certified higher institutions offering the course in South Africa or outside South Africa. Below are some of the universities that offer the course in South Africa.

  1. Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti
  2. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria
  3. Federal University of Technology, Owerri
  4. University of Ibadan
  5. University of Durban
  6. University of Benin
  7. University of Calabar
  8. University of South Africa
  9. University of Port-Harcourt
  10. Osun State University

How Much is a Geologist’s Salary in South Africa?

Geologists earn a good income monthly. On average, they earn as much as R$ 4,440 on startup but this depends on the company and level of experience.

Sometimes, it also depends on the job to do. In order to earn more and stay on a high salary scale, one needs to get extra relevant certifications in the course. The more experience you have the better your salary scale.

However, borehole geologists are some of the lowest paying geologists in South Africa. They earn about R$ 2,960 to R$ 4,440. This is still more than what many average South Africans earn monthly.

Where Can a Geologist Work?

A geologist can work in so many places. Many firms are looking for geologists these days and one of the most notable ones is oil and petroleum companies.

We have heard stories of how many people are making money working with oil and gas companies. Do you know that some of these oil and gas companies need the services of a geologist? Employment for a Geology graduate is found within any of the following fields.

Oil, gas and petroleum

You can work as a petroleum geologist. A petroleum geologist is responsible for determining if a particular land area or sea prospect is good enough for drilling. This fetches cool money and increases your experience. This is, by far, the highest earning Geology sector. The only perk in this industry is that the availability of getting a job is low.

Environmental consultancy

This is another great field to work. As an environmental geologist, you can work for consulting firms that offer expert advice to oil and mining companies who are interested in drilling. You get to tell them if a particular place is good enough, and you get good pay.

If there is something we have discovered, it is that consultancy has become one of the biggest careers in the world these days. Before big companies make important moves, they consult experts who give them advice on what to do. If you find yourself in this state, know that you are in for some cool salary.


This is certainly the most popular Geology industry in South Africa. This is probably because most of the geology-related problems in South Africa are in this aspect. The only perk in this sector is that the pay is lower than the others earn. Many South Africa houses and industries drill boreholes regularly and may need the help of a geologist. You can earn by just helping to give analysis on where to drill boreholes.

Civil engineering/construction companies

Geology is important in civil engineering because it also deals with earth components. All things concerning components of the earth can be done by a geologist.

Groundwater industry

Groundwater is the water present beneath the earth surface. As a geologist with the knowledge of the earth and its crust, you can work with groundwater industries.


You can also work as a freelancer. A freelancer is someone who works for different companies at the same time. As a freelance geologist, you stand to earn more than an employee. They have more opportunities to work and can earn as much as triple other geologists salary in a month.

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