Fohow Products Price List

Fohow Group, a prominent company in the natural health products sector, has been delivering quality products for over a decade. With its headquarters in China, the company has expanded its reach globally, offering a diverse range of products, including capsules, creams, drinks, and tea. This article provides an updated price list for Fohow products for 2024, along with insights into why these products are a worthy investment.

Fohow Products Price List

The following list provides the updated prices for Fohow’s most popular products in 2024. Please note that these prices are subject to change due to factors such as company and government policies.

Product Price Range (R$)
Fohow Aloe Vera Gel 144 – 198
Fohow Ares Longlu Capsule 126 – 162
Fohow Blood Cleanser (Xue Qing Fu) 864 – 972
Fohow Channel Dredging Paste 144 – 198
Fohow Compound Danshen Tablet 72 – 108
Fohow Faradization Thermal Knee Belt 3,924 – 4,680
Fohow Faradization Thermal Neck Guard 540 – 720
Fohow Garlic Essence Oil 72 – 126
Fohow Garlic Essence Oil Soft Capsule 90 – 144
Fohow Hai Zao Ga (Calcium) 360 – 432
Fohow Linchzhi Capsules (Ganoderma) 396 – 468
Fohow Liuwei Cha Tea 198 – 252
Fohow Natural Sanitary Napkins 3 In 1 216 – 252
Fohow Princess Pearl – Gui Fei Bao 360 – 432
Fohow Rosa Solid Drink 162 – 216
Fohow Sanbao Oral Liquid 612 – 720
Fohow Sanbao Oral Liquid Cordyceps 504 – 540
Fohow Sanqing Oral Liquid 396 – 468
Fohow The Knee Belt 5,040 – 5,400
Fohow The Neck Belt 1,080 – 1,260
Fohow The Waist Belt 5,040 – 5,400
Fohow Xueqinfu Blood Cleanser Pills 720 – 792

These products can be purchased online or through Fohow distributors located throughout South Africa.

Why Purchase Fohow Products?

Investing in Fohow products offers several benefits:

All-natural: Fohow products are made from completely natural ingredients, reducing the risk of side effects and providing essential nutrients to your body.

Effectiveness: Fohow prides itself on the effectiveness of its products, which is a result of significant investment in research and development.

Availability: Fohow products are widely available, with several e-commerce channels and distributors across the country.

Affordability: Despite their high quality, Fohow products are more affordable than many of their counterparts.


Fohow Group offers a wide range of natural health products that are not only effective but also affordable. Whether you’re looking for capsules, creams, drinks, or tea, Fohow has something to meet your needs. Remember, it’s essential to consume these products according to the prescribed dosage to enjoy their full benefits. Stay informed and make cautious decisions when choosing your health products.