Femtech Phone Price List

Femtech Information Technology Limited is among the fastest-growing information technology outfits in South Africa. This company provides a wide range of IT services including training, sales of mobile phones and accessories, sales of computers and accessories, sales of household electronics.

How much does it cost to purchase a phone from Femtech? We will provide the answers to this question and several others that may bother you as you read this post. Let’s get started.

Femtech Phone Price List

Over the years, Femtech Information Technology has become one of the most trusted phone vendors in South Africa. It is impossible to peg a specific price to phones in Femtech because this company sells so many types of phones. In this section of this post, we will show you some of the phones in their store and their current prices.

Samsung Phones

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM 8MP Camera – 5MP Selfie, LTE + 24 Months Warranty: R$6,804 – R$7,200

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 8GB RAM 256GB ROM, 4,500 mAh Battery: R$18,000 – R$19,800

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage, 8,000mAh Battery: R$12,384 – R$14,400

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4″ Wi-Fi 32GB Storage: R$5,436 – R$7,200

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Dual SIM, 6.8inches, 256GB 12GB RAM 12/108/10/10 MP Rear Camera, 5G, Phantom Black: R$24,948 – R$27,000

Samsung Galaxy A02 – 2gb Ram + 32GB Rom, Dual Rear Camera, Dual SIM, 5,000Mah Battery, 4G LTE: R$2,232 – R$2,664

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 8GB RAM 256GB ROM, 4300 mAh: R$13,644 – R$15,120

Samsung Galaxy A32 (128GB, 6GB RAM) 6.4″ FHD + 4 Rear Camera (48+8+5+2)MP,+ 20MP, 5000mAh, Dual SIM LTE: R$5,256 – R$7,200

Samsung Galaxy A52 – 6.5 “, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage, 64/12/5/5MP Rear Camera, 32MP Selfie, Water Resistant, Dual SIM, 4G LTE: R$6,462 – R$7,560

Samsung Galaxy A12 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage, 5000 mAh: R$2,970 – R$3,240

Samsung Galaxy A72 Dual SIM – 128GB Storage + 8GB RAM, (64MP + 8MP + 12MP + 5MP) Rear + 32MP Front, 5000mAh 4G LTE: R$8,586 – R$9,000

Samsung GALAXY S21, 256GB ROM, 8GB RAM, 5G, DUAL-SIM: R$17,244 – R$18,000

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus + (8GB, 256GB) 5G: R$20,232 – R$20,880

Samsung Galaxy A12, 128GB ROM, 4GB RAM, 5000mAh: R$3,222 – R$3,492

Samsung Galaxy Tab A, 8.0 Inch – 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM 4G LTE, WiFi, Nano SIM + 24 Months Warranty: R$2,517 – R$2,700

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 6.5-Inch (6GB 128GB ROM) (12MP + 12MP + 8MP) + (32MP Front) Dual SIM 4G: R$10,044 – R$10,800

Samsung Galaxy A22, 6.4-Inch 4GB RAM, 128GB Android 11 (48MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP) + 13MP Dual SIM: R$4,176 – R$4,500

Samsung Galaxy A72 Dual SIM 256GB + 8GB RAM (64MP + 8MP + 12MP + 5MP) + 32MP Front, 5000mAh 4G LTE: R$9,270 – R$9,720

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 12GB RAM – 256GB Storage – 5G Fold 3: R$31,140 – R$32,400

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage, 5G: R$18,360 – R$19,800

Samsung Galaxy A03s 4GB RAM / 64GB Storage , 5000mAh Battery: R$2,729 – R$2,985

Samsung Galaxy A03s 3GB RAM / 32GB Storage , 5000mAh Battery: R$2,448 – R$2,664

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8.4″ (2021, WiFi + Cellular) Android 11 – 32GB + 3GB RAM, 5100mAh Battery, 4G LTE: R$3,492 – R$3,780

Nokia Phones

Nokia C1 5.45″ 1GB 16GB Android 9.0 Pie 5+5 Mp 2500 MAh: R$1,296 – R$1,512

Nokia 105 Single Sim 1.8″ LED Torch Phone – Black: R$231 – R$288

Nokia 5.3 – 6GB/64GB Memory, 6.55″ HD, Dual SIM, 13MP/2MP/5MP/2MP Camera, 4000maH Battery: R$2,664 – R$2,988

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic, Bluetooth, MP3, FM Radio, Dual SIM: R$771 – R$900

Nokia 2.4 3GB RAM / 64GB Storage, 4500 mAh Battery 13MP Camera: R$2,445 – R$2,484

Nokia 2.4 – 32GB ROM + 2GB RAM, 6.5 HD+ Display, 4500maH Battery, 4G, Dual SIM: R$1,786 – R$1,836

Nokia 110 1.77″ Dual SIM, Torch, FM Radio, Camera Phone – Black: R$378 – R$414

Nokia 3.4 – 64GB ROM + 4GB RAM, 6.39″ HD+ Display, 4000maH Battery, 4G, Dual SIM: R$2,117 – R$2,412

Nokia 150 Dual Sim 2.4inch: R$594 – R$612

Nokia 1.4 – 6.51″ HD+, 32GB / 2GB, 8/2MP Rear Cameras, 5MP Front, 4000 MAh, Dual SIM: R$1,901 – R$1,934

Nokia 3310 2.4″2MP Dual SIM Cards Cellphone: R$684 – R$864

Nokia G20, 6.5″ HD+ 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM Android 11 (48MP + 5MP + 2MP + 2MP) + 8PM 4G Dual SIM: R$2,870 – R$2,916

Nokia C10 – 6.5″ 32GB ROM / 1GB RAM 3000MAH BATTERY- ANDROID 11(GO Edition): R$1,530 – R$1,577

Infinix Phones

Infinix Smart 5 3G 32GB, 2GB RAM, 13MP, Selfie: 8MP + 5000 mAh battery: R$1,800 – R$1,836

Infinix Smart 5 – 4G LTE 32GB, 2GB RAM, 13MP, Selfie: 8MP + 5000 mAh battery: R$1,890 – R$1,926

Infinix Hot 10 Play 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM, (X688B)- 6.82″ HD+, 6000mAh -Android 10, 13MP/8MP- 4G LTE: R$2,621 – R$2,661

Infinix HOT 10T 4GB RAM, 128GB Storage 5000mAh Battery: R$3,060 – R$3,114

Infinix HOT 10T 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage 5000mAh Battery: R$2,736 – R$2,772

Infinix Note 10 64GB Storage , 4GB RAM 5000 mAh Battery: R$3,222 – R$3,276

Infinix Note 10 128GB Storage, 6GB RAM 5000 mAh Battery: R$3,888 – R$3,960

Oppo Phones

Oppo A15 32GB ROM, 2GB RAM, 4230 mAh BATTERY, 6.52 inches: R$2,409 – R$2,420

Oppo A15 32GB ROM, 3GB RAM: R$2,592 – R$2,628

Oppo Reno 5 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage, 4G LTE , 6.4″ Amoled Screen + 4310mAh Battery: R$7,161 – R$7,200

Oppo Reno 5F 8GB RAM / 128GB Storage, 6.6′ Inches, 4310mAh Battery, 4G LTE Dual Sim: R$5,544 – R$5,580

Oppo A54 – 6.51″ (4GB RAM, 128GB ROM) Android 10 (13/2/2)MP + 16MP Selfie, DUAL SIM – 4G LTE – 5000mAh: R$3,888 – R$3,924

Oppo A54 – 6.51″ (4GB RAM, 64GB ROM) Android 10 (13/2/2)MP + 16MP Selfie, DUAL SIM – 4G LTE – 5000mAh: R$3,474 – R$3,582

Oppo A74, 6.43” (6GB RAM, 128GB ROM) Android 11 (48/2/2)MP + 16MP Selfie – 4G LTE – Dual Sim – 5000mAh – Fingerprint: R$4,896 – R$4,932

Tecno Phones

Tecno POP 2F (B1F) 5.5″ Android 8.1, 16GB ROM + 1GB RAM, 8+5MP Beauty Camera, Fingerprint, Face ID, 2400mAh Battery: R$1,152 – R$1,224

Tecno Pop 3 Android 8.1 Oreo, 16GB Storage, 1GB Ram, Fingerprint, Face Unlock, 3500 mAh: R$1,260 – R$1,329

Tecno POP 4 Pro (BC3) 6.52″ Screen, 16GB ROM + 1GB RAM, 5000mAh, 4G, Android 10, 8MP Dual Camera, Fingerprint+ Face ID: R$1,656 – R$1,692

Tecno DROIPAD 7F (P703) – 7″ WSVGA IPS DISPLAY- 16GB ROM + 1GB RAM- 5MP + 2MP-FACE UNLOCK-4000mAh: R$1,512 – R$1,620

Femtech IT has several other devices in their store. This list only contains the most popular of the devices that they sell. For more information, you can visit their official website or contact them directly.

Understanding Femtech’s Competitive Pricing in the Market

In the rapidly evolving tech landscape of South Africa, Femtech Information Technology Limited stands out for its competitive pricing strategy. Whether you’re in the market for the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 or an affordable Infinix device, Femtech offers a diverse range of options to suit every budget. To help you navigate their extensive catalog, we’ve curated a list of popular devices and their price ranges, reflecting the current market trends as we step into 2024.For those interested in the cutting-edge technology of foldable phones, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 offer a glimpse into the future of mobile devices. Meanwhile, the Nokia and Tecno ranges provide reliable functionality at a more accessible price point. It’s important to note that prices are subject to change, so for the most accurate and up-to-date information, consider visiting Femtech’s official website or reaching out to them directly.

What is the price range for Samsung phones at Femtech?

Samsung phones at Femtech vary in price, from budget-friendly options like the Samsung Galaxy A02 starting at R$2,232 to premium models like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra reaching up to R$27,000.

Does Femtech offer warranties on their mobile phones?

Yes, Femtech provides warranties on their mobile phones, with some models like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite coming with a 24-month warranty.

Can I find the latest Oppo phones at Femtech?

Absolutely, Femtech stocks the latest Oppo phones, including the Oppo Reno 5 and Oppo A74, which are known for their impressive camera capabilities and sleek design.

Are there any budget-friendly phones available at Femtech?

For those on a tight budget, Femtech offers several cost-effective options such as the Nokia C1 and Infinix Smart 5, ensuring quality technology is accessible to all.

How often does Femtech update their phone price list?

Femtech regularly updates their phone price list to reflect the latest market prices and new model releases. It’s recommended to check their website or contact them for the most current information.

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