ExxonMobil Salary Structure In South Africa Currently

ExxonMobil South Africa is one of the top oil companies in the country that pays really eye watering salaries. They are part of the top establishments in the petroleum industry that pay their workers in dollars and we shall see in a short while their salary structure which will tell us just how much their staff earn per annum as we proceed in this article.

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Exxon Mobil Corporation (ExxonMobil) is the world’s first petroleum and petrochemical company, operating to the highest standards of financial and technical excellence, business ethics, safety, health and environmental awareness. The company is present in some 200 countries and territories.

Most of ExxonMobil’s projects in South Africa are located offshore in shallow and deepwater. Their largest facility in the country is QIT which processes crude (Qua Iboe) produced from several offshore fields in the Bight of Bonny, and the Erha/Erha North deepwater project.

Qua Iboe is South Africa’s largest exported crude blend, and production averages around 400,000 bbl/d. ExxonMobil also holds 30 per cent interest in the country’s newest producing deepwater field, Usan, which is operated by the company. This top oil and gas giant produces natural gas liquids from the Oso Natural Gas Liquids project and the East Area Natural Gas Liquids project 2.

ExxonMobil’s affiliate companies have worked in South Africa for over one hundred (100) years through Esso Exploration and Production South Africa Limited (EEPNL), Esso Exploration & Production South Africa (Offshore East) Limited, Mobil Oil South Africa Plc (MON) and Mobil Producing South Africa Unlimited (MPN). Each of the companies has a notable history, proven experience and a strong record of contributions to South Africa’s development.

The upstream companies combined, have over two thousand (2,000) employees, with over 92 per cent of them being local South African citizens. ExxonMobil affiliates in South Africa are involved in the exploration and production of crude oil, condensate and natural gas liquids in South Africa. They also serve retail, industrial and wholesale customers through their fuels and lubricant products.


Having learnt about ExxonMobil, you will agree with me that they are one of the biggest and best brands as far as the oil and gas business is concerned in South Africa and the world at large but just how much do they pay their workers in the country? Certainly if they are one of the big boys in the petroleum sector, that means that the salaries they pay their workers will be on the high side.

Just like top oil companies in the country such as NNPC, Chevron and the others, ExxonMobil takes really good care of their staff financially and as aforementioned, they are one of the few that pay their staff in US dollars and from the basic salaries they pay their workers, they also reward their employees with some allowances and bonuses as the company deems fit.

Below is the salary structure at ExxonMobil South Africa, that is, the amount the company pays its various workers as their take home pay per year:

This 2022, Process Engineers at ExxonMobil South Africa are paid a salary in the range between $94,971 – $138,713 annually while chemical engineers take home annual payment in the salary scale range that falls between $73,984 – $221,476. A Financial Analyst at this top oil and gas company earns between $60,583 – $124,109 every year and mechanical engineers are paid between $65,436 – $198,659 per annum.

The salary scale of other workers at ExxonMobil South Africa this 2022 are as follows:

  • Administrative Assistant: $32,024 – $65,074 per year
  • Assistant Store Manager: $17,264 – $33,896 per year
  • Business Analyst: $43,919 – $102,370 per year
  • Cashier: $16,636 – $26,253 per year
  • Chemical Laboratory Technician: $37,985 – $95,573 per year
  • Chemical Process Engineer: $35,925 – $104,308 per year
  • Chemist: $40,989 – $85,147 per year
  • Civil Engineer: $41,608 – $113,352 per year
  • Commercial Manager at the company is paid: $57,602 – $227,119 per year
  • Construction Manager is paid: $68,487 – $201,658 per year
  • Control System Engineer is paid: $55,794 – $112,951 per year
  • Convenience Store Manager is paid: $22,584 – $57,166 per year
  • Corporate Controller is paid: $49,404 – $126,072 per year.

Bear in mind that these figures are estimates and they are subject to change from time to time, having said that, these are the amounts that workers at ExxonMobil get paid every year and as you can see, they are very attractive sums. Once you get into the company and you know what you are doing, you will be treated really well like the asset that you are and financially, you will be well taken care of as the company will do everything to keep you.

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