Excavator Prices In South Africa

Excavators are versatile and essential pieces of equipment in several industries. Their cost can be quite high, but for a good reason. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the different excavators available in the South African market, their prices, and specifications.

Understanding Excavators and Their Uses

Excavators come with various attachments, including sticks, buckets, and booms, allowing them to perform multiple tasks. They are available in different configurations and sizes, and their use extends across several industries. Some of the most common uses of excavators include:

  • Earthmoving
  • Material handling
  • Demolition
  • Underground excavation
  • Forestry
  • Debris removal

Excavator Prices In South Africa

Excavator Brands and Categories in South Africa

South Africa boasts several brands of excavators. These machines can be purchased in the following categories:

  • Brand new
  • Foreign-used
  • South African-used

Brand New Mini Excavators Prices in South Africa

Mini excavators are compact, versatile, and perfect for small to medium-sized projects. Here are some prices for brand new mini excavators in South Africa:

  • CAT 300.9D Mini Hydraulic Excavator: R$936,000 – R$1,152,000
  • CAT 302.7D CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator: R$1,080,000 – R$1,224,000
  • CAT 303.5E CR Hydraulic Excavator: R$1,152,000 – R$1,260,000
  • CAT 303E CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator: R$1,296,000 – R$1,440,000
  • CAT 304E2 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator: R$1,620,000 – R$1,800,000
  • CAT 305.5E2 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator: R$1,512,000 – R$1,692,000

Brand New Large Excavators Prices in South Africa

Large excavators are designed for heavy-duty tasks and large-scale projects. Here are some prices for brand new large excavators in South Africa:

  • CAT 336 GC Hydraulic Excavator: R$2,880,000 – R$3,240,000
  • CAT 336 Hydraulic Excavator: R$2,412,000 – R$2,700,000
  • CAT 345 Excavator 45 Ton Excavator Digger: R$2,124,000 – R$2,340,000

Foreign-Used and South African-Used Excavator Prices in South Africa

Most South Africans prefer to purchase foreign-used and South African-used excavators due to their affordability. Here are some prices for these categories:

  • Sany Excavator 230 2005: R$540,000 – R$720,000
  • Case Excavator 988: R$648,000 – R$756,000
  • Caterpillar Excavator 215 1992: R$612,000 – R$720,000
  • American-used Cat 235 Excavator: R$1,404,000 – R$1,476,000
  • 320BL Excavator: R$900,000 – R$1,080,000
  • Excavator 215B: R$684,000 – R$792,000
  • Kubota Mini Excavator 2012: R$252,000 – R$360,000
  • Volvo EC210BCL Excavator: R$936,000 – R$1,044,000
  • Big Bucket Excavator 330BL: R$1,188,000 – R$1,296,000

Online Marketplaces for Excavators in South Africa

Several online marketplaces offer a wide range of excavators in South Africa. Websites like AutoTrader and Truck & Trailer Marketplace provide listings for both new and used excavators, allowing potential buyers to compare prices and specifications.


Excavators are a significant investment, but their versatility and efficiency make them worth every penny. Whether you’re looking for a brand new, foreign-used, or South African-used excavator, there are plenty of options available in South Africa to suit your needs and budget. Always remember to consider the machine’s condition, specifications, and the reputation of the seller before making a purchase.

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