Dstv Decoder Prices In South Africa

When you are in between a conversation that involves cable TVs in South Africa, for all the right reasons, be sure to expect the mention of DSTV. From the establishment of Multichoice in 1993, through to the moment they broke into the market in South Africa in 1995, and through the times they ruled and positively changed the face of cable TV in the nation, it has always been sure DSTV is here to stay. Talk about quality channels, talk about entertainment, talk about information, DSTV gives you all of these, and lots more.

DTSV was not first cable TV in South Africa, neither will it be the last, but the brand has left a legacy that will last a lifetime. The picture quality, the wide range of channels, the exposure to happenings around the world, and a lot more amazing characteristics make this one of the best cable TVs and probably the widest in Africa. Their channels cover sport around the globe, including champions league live matches, premier league live matches and other big European league matches. They also feature lots of music channels, educational channels, movie channels, children channels and lots more.

DSTV Decoder Prices in South Africa

DSTV has the largest customer base when it comes to cable TVs in South Africa. They have highest numbers of channels and run one of the most flexible subscription styles and rate. Everything is easy with DSTV. They are available in different types; premium, HD, and Explora that boast of more unique features and controls.

In this post, we will take a look at how much various DSTV Decoders go for in the market. We will also consider various plans available on the platform and how much they go for.

Prices of DSTV decoders in South Africa

DSTV are arguably the most popular cable TVs in South Africa. Thanks to their quality channels, exquisite subscription plans and relatively reliable signal, you will expect them to be among the best in the country. They are available in different plans and varying prices. The major, difference between these plans is the number of channels you have access to.

  • DSTV Decoder (without installation): R$360 – R$468
  • DSTV Decoder (with installation): R$468 – R$720

It should be noted that the variation in prices is as a result of some factors which include the place and period of purchase, the type of decoder and other related factors. It should also be noted the installation charge usually varies between R$108 – R$252. One down part about DSTV is the installation. It usually requires specialist to install the dish in the perfect way as to face where signal is stronger.

DSTV Packages and Bouquets Prices

Now that we know the prices of DSTV decoders, it is essential to consider the various packages and plans available on the platform. DSTV subscription has been made flexible to accommodate all various calibres of people. Let us consider the various packages available on DSTV.

1. DSTV Access (Replaced with DSTV Padi)

This is the cheapest and one of the most opted for DSTV packages. With just R$65, viewers have access to over 45 top notch local and international channels. The channels include NTA 1, SuperSport BLITZ, African Magic World, African Magic Yoruba, African magic Hausa, E-Entertainment, AIT, SilverBird and other top rated channels. Audio channels have also been introduced to the package. It should be noted that channels like CNN, SuperSports 3,5,7, BBC and some other popular channels are not included in the package. Also, this package is not available for HD decoders.

Price: R$67 per month

2. DSTV Family (Replaced with DSTV Confam)

This is the next grade after the DSTV access package. This package is basically designed with the family in mind. This package gives you access to over 55 local and international channels which includes CNN, BBC, African Magic (English), Euro News, ESPN classic, Mnet series, Cartoon Network and so on. It also includes all the channels available for Access Package. The package also gives you access to all the 24 audio services available on the network. The audio channels include popular radio channels like Voice of America, Star FM, Ray Power, and so on.

Price: R$167 per month

3. DSTV Compact

The Compact package gives viewers access to all the channels available on DSTV Family package plus additional sport channels. This package is particularly suiting for sport lovers. The package gives viewers access to over 60 local and international channels including BBC World, MNET Action, ESPN Sport, SuperSport 10, Sony Entertainment and so on. It should be noted that this package is also not available on HD decoders.

Price: R$245 per month

4. DSTV Compact Plus

There is just a slight different between DSTV Compact and Compact Plus, but definitely not in price. Compact Plus offers more channels, most of which are sports channels. It includes SuperSports 7 and 10. Subscribers to this package will be able to watch most of the English Premier league games as well as other live sports like the French League, Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga as well as rugby, golf, tennis, athletics, boxing and motorsport.

Price R$285 per month.

5. DSTV Premium

This is the premium and most expensive DSTV package. This package gives access to all available channels on the platform. There are over 85 channels available on this package. The channels include Mnet West, VUZU AMP, Discovery, SuperSport 3, and so on. This package is the complete package, it covers every sphere or entertainment, news, sports, History, and other related areas.

Price: 18, 400 per month.

It should be noted that the price of these packages remain the same all over the nation. Only prices of decoders vary and that is as a result of certain factors already stated.

Things You Will Like About DSTV

  • DSTV has flexible subscription rate.
  • The cable TV has lots of local and international channels.
  • Subscriptions are available in various packages for convenience.
  • The channels cover various spheres.

Things You May Not Like About DSTV

  • There are huge differences between the various packages available.
  • Installation can be difficult compared to other cable TVs.

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