DStv Decoder Price in South Africa

Ever since it stormed the South Africa market in 1995, DStv has remained a market leader in cable TV.

The cable TV service, which is owned by Multichoice Africa, is known to have the highest number of subscribers in Africa and also one of the most expensive cable TV subscription packages.

Although Multichoice introduced GOtv, a more affordable option which gave low and middle-income earners access to quality cable TV, the demand for DStv has been on the increase.

This is mainly due to the high picture, sound quality and amazing features you can only get from owning a DStv decoder.

DStv is one of the best options if you want to get all-round entertainment. With the decoder, you get access to matches (recaps, highlights and live games) of big leagues like the English Premier League, French Ligue 1, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, UEFA Champions League and access to big stage tournaments like the UEFA Euro, Copa Del Rey and FIFA World Cup.

This is unrivalled by any other cable TV provider in South Africa at the moment, which makes DStv the top service provider.

You also get access to the latest movies, series, news, children and educational shows. However, you would have to spend a considerable amount monthly to get all these services.

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Where to Buy DStv Decoders in South Africa

From DStv

You can get your decoder from the company’s official website. DStv offers an option where you can pay online on its website and have the decoder delivered to your location. This might be the safest and best option to consider as you would be eligible for better customer service since you are purchasing directly from them. Also, the chances of your purchasing a faulty or fake product are greatly reduced if you choose this option.

From Dealers

You can also buy your decoder from DStv dealers spread all over the country. You can easily find these dealers in any electronic market around you but if you encounter any difficulty while locating a dealer, simply log on to the company’s website and click on the “Find Dealer” option. This will help you locate a dealer within your vicinity without stress.

From Online Shopping Sites

The next option to consider is online shopping sites like Jumia and Konga. The process simply involves you picking the decoder of your choice and adding it to your cart. Then you proceed to add your shipping address and make payment (sites like Jumia allow you to make payment after delivery). The package will be delivered to your shipping address.

However, when shopping on sites like Jiji and Olx, you will have to meet the seller face to face to conclude the purchase.

DStv Decoder Price List in South Africa (2024)

There are two main types of DStv decoders and the prices for these two greatly differ. This is due to the difference in features in both decoders. You will still have access to all the channels in DStv’s arsenal regardless of your decoder type but that will depend on your subscription.

Below are the prices of DStv decoders in South Africa categorized into DStv HD decoder and DStv Explora decoder.

  1. DStv HD Decoder Price in South Africa

This variant is the more affordable option but it lacks some interesting features that would be beneficial to the user.

DStv HD R$ 370 – R$ 555

Offer Includes

  • DStv Dish
  • 1 Month DStv Compact Subscription

DStv HD R$ 518 – R$ 666

Offer Includes

  • DStv Dish
  • 1 Month DStv Compact Plus Subscription

DStv HD R$ 703 – R$ 814

Offer Includes

  • DStv Dish
  • 1 Month DStv Premium Subscription


This is the better decoder to consider due to its features. The features and benefits are explained in details here.

DStv Explora Decoder R$ 2,035 – R$ 2,146

Offer Includes

  • DStv Dish
  • Smart LNB
  • 1 Month DStv Compact Subscription

DStv Explora Decoder R$ 2,183 – R$ 2,331

Offer Includes

  • DStv Dish
  • Smart LNB
  • 1 Month DStv Compact Plus Subscription

DStv Explora Decoder R$ 2,368 – R$ 2,516

Offer Includes

  • DStv Dish
  • Smart LNB
  • 1 Month DStv Premium Subscription

Features of DStv Explora Decoder

  • DStv Catch Up: With the Explora decoder, you get access to the Catch Up feature, which enables you to download sports highlights, movies, kids’ shows and events from the internet and watch at any time on any device.
  • BoxOffice: You also get access to blockbuster movies and can rent them for 48 hours.
  • Program Recording: Another feature is its program recorder, which allows you to record programs for up to 220 hours. These programs are stored in the decoder and can be accessed through your playlist.
  • Pause/Play/Rewind: You can get to pause, play, and rewind shows to ensure you don’t miss your favourite movies and shows.

Things to Consider Before Buying a DStv Decoder

As you must have known by now, there’s a big difference between the prices of DStv HD decoders and DStv Explora decoders. While I’ve stated that the main reason for this difference is due to the features present in the Explora decoder, I have also decided to provide a guide that will help you to make the right choice when picking a decoder.

  • Need for Such Features: While the features in the Explora makes it more convenient for the user, you would have to consider if you really need these features or not.
  • Budget: Compared to the HD decoder, the Explora decoder is not budget friendly. When settling for a decoder, don’t forget that you would also have to pay for installation and that would cost you anything between R$ 185 – R$ 370.

These are the main things to consider when buying a DStv decoder. The Explora decoder is more recommended if you are able to afford it.

Comparing DStv Decoders with Other Popular Decoders in South Africa

When choosing a decoder in South Africa, it’s important to consider not only the price but also the features and benefits each option offers. Here, we compare DStv decoders with other popular decoders in the market:

  1. DStv vs. TStv Decoders: TStv decoders are another popular choice in South Africa. While DStv offers a wide range of channels and advanced features like Catch Up and BoxOffice, TStv decoders are known for their affordability and free internet data.
  2. DStv vs. Startimes Decoders: Startimes decoders are recognized for their user-friendly interface and affordable subscription packages. However, DStv offers a wider range of channels and superior features, especially with the Explora decoder.
  3. DStv vs. GOtv Decoders: GOtv is a subsidiary of MultiChoice, the same company that owns DStv. While GOtv offers a more affordable option with fewer channels, DStv provides a more comprehensive channel list and advanced features.
  4. DStv vs. Kwese TV Decoders: Kwese TV is a relatively new player in the market. While it offers competitive pricing and a decent channel list, DStv still leads in terms of the number of channels and advanced features.

Remember, the best decoder for you depends on your viewing preferences, budget, and the specific features you value most.

Wrapping Up

Just like other cable TV service providers, DStv offers a number of subscription packages which are tailored to fit the need of every user. These packages consist of some top quality local and international channels you wouldn’t find anywhere else including on more affordable cable TV service providers. This is one of the reasons why DStv is one of the most expensive cable TV operators in South Africa and Africa.

What are the main differences between DStv HD and DStv Explora decoders?

The main differences lie in the features. While both give access to all DStv channels, the Explora decoder offers advanced features like Catch Up, BoxOffice, program recording, and pause/play/rewind functionality.

Can I buy a DStv decoder online?

Yes, you can purchase a DStv decoder directly from the company’s official website or from online shopping sites like Jumia and Konga.

What should I consider before buying a DStv decoder?

Before buying a DStv decoder, consider if you need the advanced features offered by the Explora decoder and whether it fits within your budget. Remember, installation costs are also a factor.

How does DStv compare to other decoders in the market?

DStv is known for its wide range of channels and advanced features, especially with the Explora decoder. However, other decoders like TStv, Startimes, GOtv, and Kwese TV also offer competitive options.

Is DStv the most expensive cable TV operator in South Africa?

While DStv is one of the more expensive options, it offers a wide range of channels and advanced features that many viewers find valuable. The cost also depends on the specific subscription package you choose.

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