Double Door Fridge Prices In South Africa

Most people prefer to purchase double door fridges because of the combination of fridge and freezer. The freezer can be located either above or beneath the fridge. It all depends on the design that the manufacturer chooses.

There are so many double door fridges on the South African market today. The question is, how much do they cost? We will answer this question along with several others about double door fridges in this post.

Double Door Fridge Prices in South Africa

Prices of Double Door Fridges in South Africa

Before stepping into the market to purchase a double door fridge, you need to know the prices on the market. This helps you to plan especially if you are on a tight budget. There are so many products on the market today and making a choice can be pretty confusing.

We understand how stressful it is to visit the market to survey prices. This is why we took it on ourselves to run the survey on your behalf. After checking both offline and online vendors, we came up with a list of popular double door fridges and their prices. Check out our list below:

  • Beko Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator 200L C210M / CS421001S: R$5,022 – R$5,688
  • Beko Double Door Refrigerator 190L RDE 6193 KL: R$4,086 – R$4,374
  • Bruhm Refrigerator Double Door Bruhm BRD-225: R$2,790 – R$2,970
  • Bruhm TOP MOUNT FRIDGE FREEZER BRD 298: R$3,780 – R$4,148
  • Haier Thermocool Double Door Fridge Small HRF-120DD EXC: R$3,420 – R$3,780
  • Haier Thermocool Double Door Refrigerator – HRF 80AEX: R$2,484 – R$2,826
  • LG GC-269VL Bottom Mount Refrigerator: R$4,176 – R$4,536
  • Midea Double Door Refrigerator HD 273F 207L: R$3,303 – R$360
  • Nexus Fridge Double Door NX-130 87Ltr: R$2,484 – R$2,722
  • Nexus NX-225 Refrigerator (180 LTR): R$2,952 – R$3,240
  • Polystar Double Door Fridge, PVDD-202LS: R$1,980 – R$2,340
  • Polystar Double Door Fridge: PV-DD203LR: R$2,160 – R$2,484
  • Polystar Double Door Table Top Refrigerator – PVDD-203: R$2,160 – R$2,520
  • Restpoint Double-door Refrigerator RP-125: R$2,340 – R$2,646
  • Samsung Double Door Top Mount Freezer Fridge: R$6,840 – R$7,560
  • Samsung Duracool Smart Top Mount Freezer RT31FAREDSA 250L: R$4,500 – R$5,220
  • Scanfrost Double Door Refrigerator -SFR 350: R$5,220 – R$5,580
  • Syinix Refrigerator FD165AF01(S): R$3,420 – R$3,780

Please note that these prices may change depending on your location and the vendor that you patronize. They could also change depending on prevailing market forces and government policies.

Advantages of Double Door Fridges

It is normal to wonder why you should invest in a double door fridge. Knowing the advantages of double door fridges helps to make your decision-making process easier. Here are a few reasons why you should purchase a double door fridge.

Loads of space

Double door fridges present users with a lot of storage space. This is perfect for a family or a home with several people. With this, you can store up large vessels and containers in the fridge. It also caters to the needs of your home and you can keep more food in the fridge or freezer.


No matter how strong a fridge is, it cannot perform the functions of a freezer. There are certain foods that you must keep in the freezer if you want to eat them fresh. If you purchase a single door fridge, you still have to purchase a freezer at the end of the day. Instead of bearing this extra cost, why not invest in a double door fridge and save some money?

Frost-free technology

Double door fridges come with frost-free technology. What this means is that you don’t need to clean up ice manually. With this technology, the fridge cleans it up automatically when the need arises. What this means is that you save up time and effort because of this simple technology.

Disadvantages of Double Door Fridges

It is not all great news about double door fridges. As amazing as these items are, they also come with a few disadvantages. Here are some of them:


Double door fridges are costlier than their single door counterparts. If you are on a tight budget, you may not be able to afford one.

Unnecessary space

While space is great, if you are a single person, it might just be unnecessary. Why spend excessively on space that you don’t need? You will also be spending electrical energy since these items consume more power than single door refrigerators.

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