Discover the Top 10 Furniture Stores in South Africa for Quality and Style

Are you looking to upgrade your home or office space with quality, stylish furniture? Look no further than these top 10 furniture stores in South Africa.

#1. Coricraft

Coricraft is a popular furniture store known for its high-quality leather couches, chairs, and other seating options. Their products are made using sustainable materials and come with a lifetime warranty.

  • Wide range of leather couches and chairs
  • Sustainable materials used in production
  • Lifetime warranty included

#2. Weylandts

Weylandts offers a variety of modern, chic designs that incorporate natural materials into their pieces. From unique lighting fixtures to elegant dining room tables, they offer something for every design taste.

  • Modern chic designs
  • Use of natural materials
  • Unique lighting fixtures

Sub-Bullet: Weylandts Greenstone

If you’re based on the East Rand area, be sure to check out Weylandts Greenstone showroom which showcases beautifully curated living spaces designed by their team of interior experts.

#3. @home Furniture

@home Furniture has an extensive collection of stylish yet affordable furniture items suited for both residential homes and commercial spaces alike. They also have branches at major shopping centres around the country making it easy access from just about anywhere.

  • Affordable pricing without compromising style
  • Suitable option for both residential homes & commercial spaces.
  • Nationwide locations

## #4 Mobelli Furniture + Living
Mobelli specializes in outdoor living solutions providing homeowners with exquisite sets perfect to create magical outdoor memories that last forever! With showrooms situated across the country there will definitely be one near you!

-Outdoor living solution specialist
-Exquisite patio & outdoor sets available
-Showrooms nationwide

## #5 Elevenpast Contemporary Interiors
Elevenpast features contemporary interiors pieces from renowned international design brands. They specialize in creating exceptional living spaces with pieces that reflect their clients’ unique design aesthetic.

  • Contemporary pieces from internationally renowned brands
  • Unique design aesthetics
  • Exquisite living space creation solutions

## #6 Sofaworx @ Lifestyle on Kloof
Sofaworx is a family-run business that prioritizes quality above all else. Their range of high-quality couches, chairs and more are available at the stylishly designed Lifestyle Centre in Cape Town.

  • Family run-business with excellent emphasis on quality
  • Available at stylish, chic lifestyle centre & showroom

#7 Decofurn Furniture

Decofurn is perfect for those on a budget yet still looking for modern furniture items to add character to living spaces. They offer products such as bedroom sets, lounge suites, dining tables and Chairs amongst others all while keeping affordability top-of-mind.

  • Affordable pricing strategy
  • Modern furniture options
  • Extensive product range

#8 Rochester Furniture

Rochester Furniture offers elegant furniture options for every part of your home including dining room sets, bedroom collections and lounging area couches.Their styles incorporate both classic and contemporary designs catering to those who prefer either option or both!

-Elegant furniture options across various household settings
-Classy blend of classic & modern-day designs

#9 The Sofa Company

The Sofa Company focuses primarily on custom-made couches to cater to individual client needs.With state-of-the-art technology , customers have the opportunity to modify every detail of their preferred piece(s).

-Customized Pieces Tailored To Individual Client Needs
-State-of-the-Art Technology For Premium Modifications

## #10 Vencasa
Vencasa prides itself in presenting an exclusive collection of international leading décor brands featuring luxurious yet comfortable bedding varieties as well vanishing bed bases which maximize storage areas within small spaces.

-Luxurious bedding Options created by leading decor global brands
-Practicality through space optimization solutions

From sustainable materials to designer flourishes, these furniture stores in South Africa offer a wide range of options for those looking to add quality and style into their living spaces.

Product Price
Himalayan Salt Lamp $19.99
Bluetooth Beanie Hat $29.99
Personalized Cutting Board $24.99
Game of Thrones Whiskey Glass Set $34.99
Scratch Off World Map Poster $22.95
Wine Bottle Aerator and Pourer $14.97
Compact Swivel Cheese Board with Knives $42.00

Note: These prices are subject to change as per the company’s discretion, so please check the actual price on their website before making any purchase decision.


Sure, here are three popular FAQs with their answers related to “Discover the Top 10 Furniture Stores in South Africa for Quality and Style”:

Q: Who made the list of the top 10 furniture stores in South Africa?
A: The list was compiled by experts at (insert name of blog or website), based on factors such as quality of merchandise, style, affordability, customer service and availability.

Q: Are all of these stores online or do they have physical locations too?
A: Most of them have both online shopping options and brick-and-mortar locations where you can visit and shop in person. Some may only have digital storefronts while others may only have physical shops.

Q: Do these stores deliver nationwide?
A: Yes, most (if not all) offer nationwide shipping services for an additional fee. Be sure to check each store’s delivery policy before making a purchase to avoid any surprises during checkout process.