Diesel Engine Generators Prices in South Africa

Unlike petrol generators which are mostly used to power residential areas, diesel generators are built to power up large industrial areas like churches, factories, and companies.

You can, however, still find diesel generators that range from 1KVA to 10KVA. These are portable diesel generators and are quite cheaper compared to large industrial generators of 30KVA to 2000KVA.

I’ll be talking about diesel generators prices in South Africa in this review. You’ll see a list of several diesel generators from the best and most popular brands of generators to help you to weigh your options when making a purchase.

I’ll also provide a buying guide and list various advantages of diesel generators that you need to know.

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Price of Diesel Generators in South Africa

Below are the prices of diesel generators in South Africa. You’ll notice that I  use price ranges instead of the actual price as factors such as location, season, and salesperson involved affect the price of the generator. This means you may get it for a slightly higher or lower price at the sales outlet.

Kipor Diesel Generators

Kipor – Diesel Generator – KDE7000T  –  5.0KVA   R$ 14,393 – R$ 17,353

Kipor – Diesel Generator – KDE23S3 – 3 PHASE  – 19.5KVA  R$ 97,000 – R$ 107,000

Sumec Firman Diesel Generators

Sumec Firman – Diesel Generator – SDG15FS  –  15KVA  R$ 69,000 – R$ 71,000

Sumec Firman – Diesel Soundproof Generator – SDG 7000SE  – 5KVA R$ 13,135 – R$ 15,170

Sumec Firman – Diesel Soundproof Generator  – 5KVA  R$ 12,033 – R$ 16,650

Sumec Firman – Diesel Soundproof Generator – SDG 7000SE – 6.5KVA R$ 11,914 – R$ 14,060

Elemax Diesel Generators

Elemax – Diesel Generator – SHT25D – 3 PHASE  –  20KVA  R$ 124,000 – R$ 137,000

Elemax –  Diesel Generator – SH15D  – 14KVA  R$ 110,000 – R$ 121,000

Elemax – Diesel Generator – SHT25D – 3 Phase – 20KVA  R$ 130,000

Lutian Diesel Generators

Lutian – Sound proof Diesel Generator – 5GF-LDEX   – 4.8KVA  R$ 15,873 – R$ 1,813

Mikano Diesel Generators

Mikano Sound Proof Diesel Generator – 20KVA  R$ 60,000 – R$ 69,000

Types of Diesel Generators

Diesel generators come in two types; open frame and closed frame.

Closed Frame: The closed frame also known as the soundproof type is used by most companies, churches, and residences.

Open Frame: Open frame generators, on the other hand, are quite noisy but cheaper than the closed frame type which is their main advantage.

Advantages of Diesel Generators

Soundproof option: Compared to most petrol generators, modern diesel generators come with a soundproof canopy that makes them produce only a silent sound during operation. This makes them much better than petrol generators that are quite noisy during operation.

Safety: Diesel is less flammable than fuel. This makes diesel generators much safer than petrol generators and less prone to fire hazards.

Spare parts availability: It is important to buy a diesel generator from a popular brand as most popular brands have their spare parts available in every generator market. The advantage of diesel generators is that almost all brands have their spare parts available in any generator market.

Stability: Compared to petrol generators, which break down during long-term usage and require regular maintenance, diesel generators tend to be more stable and perform perfectly during elongated use.

Long-term usage: Although upfront payment is quite expensive, diesel generator tends to be cheaper during long-term usage, both in the cost of maintenance and refueling.

Disadvantages of Diesel Generators

Although they come with a lot of advantages, we can’t help but name some disadvantages that every potential owner should take note of.

Expensive setup: Unlike petrol generators which can easily fit into the backyard of your house, diesel generators are quite bulky and require a small building for storage. This makes them more expensive during setup.

They also require large storage of diesel; although, it is much safe to store diesel than fuel.

Difficult starting method: Compared to petrol generators, diesel engine generators are quite difficult to start especially during cold weather.

Air pollution: It is very important to set up your diesel generator far from the residential area or office as they produce a lot of smoke during operation compared to other types of generators. Exhaust smoke produced is very harmful to the body and can lead to several health conditions and even death.

Noise: Generators that use diesel operate silently, but this is only for those who purchase the closed frame (soundproof) type. For those with the open frame type, the noise could become a problem as it’s very loud and disturbing.

Key Things to Consider Before Buying A Diesel Generator

There are a lot of generator brands offering the same features at almost the same price which might leave you confused on the model to pick. Below is a list of some of the things to check out to help you to make the right choice.

These are the things you should consider before buying a diesel generator.

Purpose: They come in different capacities with most residential generators at a rating range of 1KVA to 10KVA while industrial-grade generators have a rating range of 15KVA to 2000KVA. Before making a purchase, be sure to check the power rating to ensure it suits what you are going for.

Remember that the higher the power rating, the more it will cost to maintain and refuel the generator set. It is also highly recommended that you buy a generator with a higher power rating than you would require.

Budget: As stated earlier, diesel generators are very expensive on upfront payment and could be also expensive during long term usage for industrial-grade generators. Always take note of your budget and the long-term cost of operating and maintaining the generator before making a purchase.

Spare parts availability: This is something you should take note of when buying from a particular brand. Some brands might offer their generators at a much cheaper price compared to others, only for you to make a purchase and find out that their spare parts are not readily available on the market. It is important to buy from a popular brand to prevent this problem.

User reviews: if you are buying from an online website, try to check out the reviews by users who have purchased and used the generator model you are going for. Also, confirm the authenticity of the seller before making a purchase.

If you are buying from a distributor, always ask questions relating to support, efficiency, durability, functionality, and performance before making a purchase.


Be sure to put all that is in this post into consideration to ensure you get the value of your purchase. I really hope you find the pieces of information here helpful.