Dangote Cement Price in South Africa Today

Dangote Cement is one of the most widely used types of cement in South Africa. For many construction experts, Dangote Cement is the best and most reliable choice for any building project. It is the most expensive, yet the most readily available brand of cement in South Africa. Having an understanding of the current cost of cement in South Africa can save you a lot of time and headache later on in your building project, especially if it is your first one. Cement is a necessity for any type of construction work, and it’s important that the quantity and cost of cement to be used for any building project are properly factored into a building plan to give you an idea of the total cost of the project. This post provides an overview of Dangote Cement, its price, and why most experts prefer it to all other brands of cement in South Africa.

A Brief Overview of Dangote Cement

Dangote Cement is the largest producer of cement in South Africa and the whole of West Africa with three manufacturing plants in South Africa and in 16 other African countries. It was formerly known as Obajana Cement Plc and was only changed to Dangote Cement Plc in July 2010. Today, Dangote Cement plant in Obajana, Kogi state, is the largest in Sub-Saharan Africa with a production capacity of over 10 million metric tonnes of cement per annum.

Dangote originally had to compete with Lafarge, the largest importer of cement in South Africa at the time of inception. Lafarge Plc, the maker of Elephant and Ashaka Cement, still thrives in South Africa and has remained Dangote Cement’s major competitor in the country.

How Much is Dangote Cement in South Africa Today?

Dangote Cement is packaged in a 50kg bag. The bag is priced around R$ 96 per bag while a wholesale order consisting of 600 bags is priced at R$ 56,000^3^.

The price is bound to vary from one seller to another as well as from one location in the country to another. Most times it is recommended you make large orders (if your budget permits) as that will greatly reduce cost and you can even save on transport.

Why Experts Prefer Dangote Cement

For most South Africans, Dangote Cement is the only brand of cement in South Africa. Interestingly, there are over 10 other cement manufacturers in South Africa. Most of these are even cheaper.

So why do people still prefer Dangote Cement to the more cheaper alternatives in the country?

Quality: Dangote Cement has been rated by most construction experts as the best type of cement in South Africa. For instance, the latest Dangote Kwikset Cement is currently preferred by builders to all other types of cement as it sets quickly hence cutting builders waiting time and allowing for more work to be done in shorter time.

Availability: One reason why this brand has become a popular choice among construction experts is its availability. Unlike most other types of cement in South Africa, it is readily available in almost every part of the country with dealers available along major roads.

This keeps the product within arm’s reach of experts making their job easier and faster, hence being the preferred choice for almost every project.

Trust: People have come to trust and associate Dangote with quality. This makes Dangote Cement the most trusted brand in South Africa and often the most recommended brand by building experts to their clients.

How to Become a Dangote Cement distributor

Most people searching for Dangote Cement price are not really interested in building a house (at least not at the moment). They are rather looking to become a cement distributor in South Africa.

Becoming a distributor of Dangote Cement is quite easy. As long as you have the capital and a good warehouse to store your product once it has been delivered, you can conveniently apply for and become a distributor.

Dangote Cement Alternatives

There are many other cement manufacturers in South Africa that are relatively unknown to most South Africans. These companies provide cement at a lower cost. Some major Dangote Cement alternatives in South Africa include:

  • Lafarge/Elephant Cement
  • Ashaka Cement
  • Eagle Cement
  • BUA Cement
  • Ibeto Cement

While these alternatives provide cement at a lower cost, you might find it difficult finding a supplier as there are few dealers of these brands on the market. You might not find it hard getting Elephant Cement by Lafarge in most major cities in South Africa as it is fairly popular. But getting the other brands in other states might be tough.

Where to Buy Dangote Cement in South Africa?

You can find it in any part of the country and there are dealers available in almost every market. If you are planning on buying Dangote Cement in bulk, at least up to 600 bags, your best option is to write to the company as that will give you a good discount.

Dangote Cement has and probably will remain the most reliable cement brand in South Africa. While it may not be the cheapest, it has so far beaten all other competing companies and retained its position as the number 1 builder’s choice for over a decade now.


In conclusion, Dangote Cement, despite being the most expensive, remains the most preferred brand of cement in South Africa due to its quality, availability, and the trust it has built among the people. Its price, while varying from one location to another, remains competitive, especially for those making bulk purchases. With its continued dominance in the market, Dangote Cement is poised to remain the builder’s choice in South Africa for the foreseeable future.