Current Prices Of Wedding Gowns In South Africa

This article is about the current prices of wedding gowns in South Africa this 2022. With many people marrying every weekend, mostly but not limited to Saturdays, it is not unusual for prospective couples to ask their family and friends the famous question, “how much is the cost of a wedding dress in South Africa today?”. We will discuss this topic in detail, talking about the different types of wedding dresses on offer in the country today and the things to consider before choosing one for your big day.

Current Prices Of Wedding Gowns In South Africa (2022)

Intending couples are known to search almost every place possible where bridal dresses are sold or rented out for their wedding outfits, especially the brides. They are very detailed about everything and because they know that their wedding day is one of the biggest days of their lives, they do everything possible to select the perfect wedding dress for the big occasion at the right price, be it at the best wedding shops anywhere in the country or at top online wedding stores where some of the very best wedding gowns are sold.

If you are marrying anytime soon and you do not have an idea of what your dream wedding dress costs in today’s market in South Africa, sit back, relax and read through this article to get the right information that has been written just for you but before we delve into how much it costs to buy or rent a wedding gown in South Africa today, let us take a look at some of the things to consider before choosing your unique wedding dress.


The following are some of the things to consider before choosing a wedding gown in South Africa today:


In choosing your unique wedding dress in South Africa today, it is very important that you consider your budget for it. It is good to go to the market to do your own findings in order to know the exact type of wedding dress that you need and how much it goes for so that you can start saving towards it. You wouldn’t want to buy something that is way over your budget because your wedding is being planned and you need the extra cash to plan other aspects of your big day.


Another very important thing to consider before choosing a wedding dress for your big day is your size. You may have heard about the famous saying in South Africa that goes this way, “what I ordered versus what I got”; this may be the case if you fail to consider your size before proceeding to order for a dress. Also, it is very advisable to visit the physical offline store where the wedding gown is sold so that you can see first hand what you are choosing and determine whether it requires a little fitting here and there.


There are people who do not really care much about brand names in South Africa, still, there are others who feel that a particular design from a particular brand makes the difference. Many designers have a track record of delivering excellence in the firm of a wedding dress and they are far better than many others in the same line of business because their brands speak for themselves in terms of fabrics or materials used as well as the accessories added to make the wedding dress very unique, if you want to stand out on your big day, you may also want to consider the brand of your wedding dress.


There are different colours of wedding gowns available in today’s market, while many are white, some others are cream coloured or off-white, and yet many others come in many other different colours that you may like. If you are the type that favours other colours apart from white, you should consider this.


There are different types of wedding gowns available in South Africa today but the two most widely favoured ones among many South African brides in the country include: the Mermaid gown and the Ball Gown, and we shall focus on their prices, giving you a detailed price list of what they cost in today’s bridal market in the country either for sale or for rent.

The following are the current cost of wedding gowns/dresses in South Africa this 2022:


  • Beaded top mermaid wedding gown costs between the price range of R$ 732 – R$ 1,830 in South Africa today
  • Beautiful mermaid wedding gown with detachable skirt currently costs between the price range of R$ 2,013 – R$ 2,196 in today’s bridal market in South Africa
  • Trumpet turtle neck mermaid wedding gown costs between the price range of R$ 3,202 – R$ 3,294 in South Africa this 2022.


In South Africa today, there are many variants of ball wedding gowns and their prices are given below:

  • V-neck ball wedding gown currently costs between the price range of R$ 1,281 – R$ 1,464 in South Africa this 2022
  • Ruffle vintage lace ball wedding gown costs between the price range of R$ 1,464 – R$ 1,830 currently
  • Sleeved ball wedding gown costs between R$ 1,830 – R$ 2,562 in South Africa today
  • Beaded high neck ball wedding gown around costs between R$ 2,196 – R$ 2,562
  • Beaded off-shoulder ball wedding gown with floral tail currently costs between R$ 2,928 – R$ 3,294 in today’s bridal market
  • Full flowery ball tailed wedding dress currently costs around R$ 2,928 – R$ 3,294
  • Off-shoulder ball wedding gown with corsets cost between the price range of R$ 4,392 – R$ 4,575

Also, there is also a design of wedding dresses known as A-line wedding gowns which are quite simple but beautiful. They may be designed either as sleeveless or strapless dresses, whichever you prefer and may be made with accessories such as beads or applique embroidery. A beaded bodice A-line wedding gown gown typically costs about R$ 2,379 in South Africa today.


From the above, you can see that wedding gowns in South Africa cost from anywhere between R$ 732 – R$ 4,575 or more, depending on the particular type you’re buying and the brand. Luxurious wedding gowns cost more than the simple ones and you can purchase a simple lace long sleeve fitted wedding gown without many accessories from R$ 915. You can as well contact your fashion designer if all the ones you’ve been seeing in the market are too expensive for you so that they can give you a custom made wedding gown just for you at a price ranging from R$ 1,464 – R$ 1,830

However, if you cannot afford to buy a wedding gown or have one sewn for you because you are looking to save money, you can as well rent one as this is way cheaper than buying outrightly. In South Africa today, you can rent a wedding dress for as low as R$ 549 but you should take note that the prices for buying and even renting a wedding gown may vary in different parts of the country.

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