Current Prices Of Water Closet Bowls In South Africa

In this article, we delve into the current prices of water closet (WC) bowls in South Africa for 2024. Water closet toilets, also known as flush toilets, are ceramic fixtures designed for the collection and disposal of human waste. They offer a high level of hygiene and sanitation, making them a popular choice in many parts of the world, including South Africa.

If you’re planning to install a bathroom in your home, office, or any other building, a water closet bowl should be a key consideration. WC bowls and seats are not only hygienic and safe but also offer comfort and convenience.

However, when purchasing a water closet bowl in South Africa, it’s crucial to avoid substandard products made from inferior materials. These can pose a risk to users and should be avoided. Water closet bowls are a vital part of modern bathrooms, and alongside showers and bathtubs, they are perhaps the most important sanitary hardware.

Water Closet (WC) bowls and seats come in various styles, features, designs, and sizes. Despite these variations, their primary function remains the same. The material used in their design often distinguishes one water closet bowl from another. Even if these materials appear similar, their quality varies, affecting their price. This is why some toilet bowls are cheaper than others.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Water Closet (WC) Bowl in South Africa

Before buying a water closet (WC) bowl in South Africa, consider the following:

Consider Your Budget for the Water Closet Toilet Bowl

Before purchasing a water closet bowl in South Africa, research the market for different prices. This will help you plan a budget that allows you to buy your desired water closet. While water closets come in different grades, it’s important to avoid low-quality WCs as they can pose a risk to users.

Consider the Brand of the Water Closet Bowl

Brand preference varies among individuals. If you’re particular about brands, consider the brand of the water closet you’re interested in and its price. For instance, many South Africans prefer Twyford products.

Consider the Water Closet Bowl Height

The height of the water closet bowl is another important factor to consider. The market offers different heights, and your choice should depend on the users. Adults can use a higher toilet seat, while children will need a lower toilet bowl.

Consider the Flush Options Available on the Water Closet Bowl

Consider the flush options on the water closet. Nowadays, many people prefer dual flush options, which are generally designed to have more water flushing pressure than single flush options.

Current Prices of Water Closet (WC) Bowls in South Africa 2024

Here are the current prices of some select brands of water closet (WC) bowls in South Africa for 2024:

  • A&S Water Closet (WC) toilet bowls/seats: R$ 1,830 – R$ 2,196
  • Nismad water closet (WC) toilet bowls/seats: R$ 1,830 – R$ 2,745
  • Sweethome water closet (WC) toilet bowls/seats: R$ 1,830 – R$ 2,745
  • Twyford water closet (WC) toilet bowls/seats: R$ 1,647 – R$ 2,928
  • Virony water closet (WC) toilet bowls/seats: R$ 2,379 – R$ 3,111

The ongoing increase in building construction in South Africa has led to a rise in demand for building and plumbing materials, including water closets. This has, in turn, impacted their prices. Please note that these prices can vary based on type, design, brand, colour, and location of purchase. Also, prices of water closets in South Africa are not static and may change over time.


Choosing the right water closet bowl is crucial for any building project. It’s important to consider factors such as your budget, brand preference, the height of the bowl, and flush options. With the ongoing construction boom in South Africa, the demand for water closets is on the rise, impacting their prices. Therefore, staying updated on the current prices can help you make an informed purchase.

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