Current Prices Of Washing Machines In South Africa

As a trusted source for consumer information, is committed to providing our readers with the latest and most accurate data on home appliances. In this article, we delve into the current prices of washing machines in South Africa for 2024, offering a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a washing machine.

Washing machines have revolutionized the way we do laundry, offering convenience and efficiency. With a variety of types, designs, and features, choosing the right washing machine can be daunting. Whether you’re considering a top loader or a front loader, an automatic or semi-automatic washer, we’ve got you covered.

Current Prices Of Washing Machines In South Africa 2024

Below is a detailed list of washing machine prices from leading brands, ensuring you find the perfect match for your laundry needs.

Scanfrost Washing Machines

ModelTypePrice Range (ZAR)
Scanfrost 8kg Twin Tube SFMWTTATop Load Semi-Automatic2,928 – 3,294
Scanfrost 10kg SFWMTTCTop Load Semi-Automatic3,074 – 3,294
Scanfrost 12kg SFWMTTCTop Load Semi-Automatic4,392 – 5,490
Scanfrost SFWD7350 (7kg washer, 3.5kg dryer)Front Load5,307 – 5,856
Scanfrost SFWD6000 (7kg dryer)Front Load5,307 – 5,490
Scanfrost 12kg SFWMTT12Top Load Automatic2,379 – 3,111
Scanfrost 6kg SFWD6000Front Load7,137 – 7,320
Scanfrost SFD7000 (7kg dryer)Front Load7,686 – 9,150
Scanfrost 7kg SFML7001Front Load Automatic6,039 – 6,588
Scanfrost 6kg SFWMTLZKTop Load4,575 – 5,124
Scanfrost 8kg SFWMFL8001Front Load7,174 – 8,052
Scanfrost 10kg SFWMFL8001Front Load8,052 – 9,150

Hisense Washing Machines

ModelTypePrice Range (ZAR)
Hisense 6kg AutomaticFront Load4,172 – 4,831
Hisense 5kg Twin TubSemi-Automatic1,757 – 2,379
Hisense 7kg Twin TubSemi-Automatic2,342 – 2,562
Hisense 7.2kg Top LoaderAutomatic2,013 – 2,562
Hisense 8kg Top LoaderAutomatic3,294 – 4,026
Hisense 10kg Semi-Automatic Twin TubSemi-Automatic2,855 – 3,294
Hisense 10kg Wash/7kg Dry with InverterFront Load8,162 – 9,150
Hisense 13kg Full Automatic SmartFront Load5,490 – 6,588

LG Washing Machines

ModelTypePrice Range (ZAR)
LG WP-610 Semi Automatic Twin tub 4kgSemi-Automatic2,489 – 2,745
LG WP-750R Twin tub 5kgSemi-Automatic3,953 – 4,392
LG 9041 Washer Dryer 9kgFront Load8,125 – 9,150
LG WM 1860 Manual Top loader 16kgTop Load6,222 – 6,954
LG Twin tub 7.5kgSemi-Automatic3,477 – 3,843
LG WM 10C3L Front loader 5kgFront Load5,490 – 6,039
LG WM 1049 Twin Tub 13kgSemi-Automatic9,882 – 10,980
LG WM 1400 Twin Tub 10kgSemi-Automatic5,014 – 5,490
LG Front loading 6.5kgFront Load5,856 – 6,588
LG WM 10C3Q Front load 7kgFront Load4,868 – 5,490
LG WM 900 Twin tub Manual Top loader 7kgTop Load4,538 – 5,124
LG WM 9032 Twin tub 8kgSemi-Automatic5,197 – 5,856
LG WM 1860 Manual Top loader 14kgTop Load7,613 – 8,418
LG WP 610N Semi Automatic Twin tub 4.5kgSemi-Automatic1,940 – 2,928
LG WM 610 Twin tub 4kgSemi-Automatic2,489 – 3,111
LG WM 750R Manual Top Loader 7kgTop Load3,294 – 3,660
LG WM 9032 Twin tub 8kgSemi-Automatic5,197 – 5,856
LG WM 750 Manual Top Loader 5kgTop Load2,306 – 3,111
LG WP 750R Semi Automatic Top loader 5kgSemi-Automatic2,818 – 3,111
LG WM 1460 Twin tub 11kgSemi-Automatic4,355 – 4,941
LG WM 12B8NDP25 Front Loader 6kgFront Load7,686 – 9,150
LG WP 950 Semi Automatic Twin tub 7kgSemi-Automatic3,623 – 4,392
LG WM 1400 Twin tub Manual Top loader 9kgTop Load6,771 – 7,320
LG WM 12B9LDP2 Front loader 5kgFront Load6,405 – 7,320
LG WM 9532 Top loader 12kgTop Load12,224 – 12,810
LG WP 850R Semi Automatic Twin tub 6.2kgSemi-Automatic3,843 – 4,392
LG WM 1232 Top Loader 17kgTop Load19,471 – 20,130


When selecting a washing machine, consider not only the price but also the features, efficiency, and capacity that best suit your needs. With the information provided, we hope to have made your decision-making process easier. Remember to check for the latest models and prices as they can fluctuate due to various factors.

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