Cost Of Waist Trainers In South Africa Currently

As we take a look at the cost of waist trainers in South Africa currently this 2022, we shall enlighten you on the most recent prices of these body shaping equipment in order for you to know just how much you may need to pay in the market should you desire to get one for yourself.

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Waist trainers are now a fashion trend in South Africa, especially among women who desire to either keep fit and stay in shape through exercising or would love to have that hourglass figure using the latest fashion aid to achieve their desired body goals. Whichever way, whether through its use in the gym to keep in shape or through being worn constantly by women to adapt their bodies to their desired figures, waist trainers have proven helpful and has come to stay in the South African fashion market.

There are also some waist trainers designed for men who would like to adapt their bodies as well to their desired frame and this is not uncommon, after all, everybody wants a nice body that they can be comfortable in hence the designs for both men and women. Several types of waist trainers are available in the South African market currently and we shall state just how much they cost as we continue in this article.


Below are the current prices of waist trainers in South Africa this 2022:

  • Miss Belt Adjustable Waist Trimmer: R$ 55 – R$ 183
  • Hot Belt Power Fitness Waist Trainer: R$ 73 – R$ 293
  • Sweet Sweat Unisex Adjustable Waist Trimmer: R$ 73 – R$ 256
  • Xtreme Power Belt Waist Trimmer: R$ 128 – R$ 366
  • Hot Shapers Adjustable Waist Trainer: R$ 92 – R$ 220
  • Excellent Shapers Adjustable Waist Trimmer: R$ 238 – R$ 586
  • Tummy Control Butt Lifter With Short Tight: R$ 128 – R$ 143
  • Ok Tummy Control Tight With 4 Steel Bones (Black): R$ 110 – R$ 143
  • Belly Slimmer Waist Training Corset Belt (Black): R$ 64 – R$ 128
  • Waist Cincher Corset Girdle Shaper (Black): R$ 55 – R$ 128
  • Girdle Tight And Butt Lifters: R$ 70
  • Ok Butt Lifter With Short Tight: R$ 128 – R$ 143
  • Waist Trainer/Trimmer Belt (Black): R$ 62 – R$ 2,500
  • EasyOn Waist Trainer (Black): R$ 48 – R$ 92
  • Belly Shaper; Waist Trimmer Shaper: R$ 117 – R$ 128
  • Girdle Tight – Tummy Shapewear (Black): R$ 128 – R$ 165
  • EasyOn Waist Trainer (Black): R$ 48 – R$ 55
  • Burvogue Clip And Zip Latex Waist Trainer: R$ 183 – R$ 586
  • Body Trimmers Postpartum Belt Body Shaper Girdle: R$ 142 – R$ 212
  • Hook and Zip Latex Waist Trainer (Black): R$ 183 – R$ 549.

Kindly note that the above listed prices are the average costs of the different types of waist trainers we have in South Africa currently and this should serve as a guide on the amount you will need to spend if you want to purchase one for yourself.


In choosing a waist trainer, it is advisable to consider the following:


In choosing a waist trainer, consider your size as a very important factor and not how beautiful and flashy the waist trainer will look on you. Ensure that you have a perfect tape measurement of your waist before you go out to look for the one that best fits you. This will help save you the stress of going back and forth with your purchase and ensure that you have just what you need that can last you for some time.


When you are at the market, especially at offline retail outlets to purchase your waist trainer, endeavour to take your time to pick out which one you would best look comfortable in. Waist trainers when worn for the first time feel tight but ensure that it is not too tight for you that it begins to affect you internally. Your comforts matters a lot when choosing a waist trainer as you wouldn’t want your internal organs to suffer simply because you want to look and feel good.


A waist trainer that is elastic and adjusts to your body shrinking and stretching is something you should also think of when you want to purchase one. This is very important because as a human being, your body will shrink to adapt to the waist trainer with time and fit into the shape of it but at certain times, you will increase in size and stretch the waist trainer, you need to think about this when getting one for yourself and you will be doing yourself a lot of good when the one you have is elastic enough to accommodate your body whether you are shrinking or stretching.


This is very straightforward and easy to understand. When you want to buy a waist trainer, ensure that while considering other things, you consider your budget as well. It is very important to work within your means to get your preferred waist trainer. It doesn’t have to be too expensive or flashy, all you need is something that you can get for the right price, which is efficient enough to do the job of fitting your body into the shape that you want.


Waist trainers are rampant in the South African market and you can get yours from trusted online stores or offline retail stores across the country. Online stores like Jumia, Konga, etc, can give you what you are looking for at affordable prices while offline retail stores in your area where they sell waist trainers would also be great places to start from.

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