Cost Of Kuding Tea In South Africa

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Kuding Teas have become very popular in recent times. The tea, which originates from China, is one of the highly appreciated herbal teas in South Africa today. Thanks to its healthy constituents, the tea is known to have many medicinal advantages and has been particularly praised by many people across the country.

Cost of Kuding Tea in South Africa

With the buzz around kuding tea getting even louder, this post takes a look at some of the important facts about the herbal tea. Here, we will consider the benefits of the tea, the possible side effects, and how much the tea goes for in the current market.

Cost of Kuding Tea in South Africa Revealed

Estimating how much kuding tea goes for is quite tricky as the tea comes in different types and sizes. Various brands manufacture kuding tea, and each of these brands packages the product in different sizes and designs. Usually, kidding tea comes in the form of a sachet or pack. The smallest sachets sell for between N600 – R$36, depending on the brand. Generally, kuding tea costs between N600 – R$720, depending largely on the size of the package and the manufacturing brand.

Kuding tea can be gotten from various herbal tea outlets across the country. For ease, they can be purchased directly from popular eCommerce channels available within and outside the country.

Benefits of Kuding Tea

With everyone talking about kuding tea, the next question is, is this tea worth it? Kuding tea is becoming increasingly popular in South Africa today and while several people have testified about the various advantages of the tea, some others are still in the dark as to what exactly the tea is god for. If you are in the latter category, this section is for you. Here, we will take a look at the various benefits of kuding tea and how they can be great for your health and general wellbeing.

  • Helps in Weight Loss– Perhaps the most common of the many benefits of kuding tea. Based on various researches done by nutritionists and health scientists across the world, many have discovered that kuding tea is very great for people looking to lose weight. They suggested that kuding can be a core ingredient in anti-obesity medications and supplements. Although this has not been wholly confirmed by any medical source, many uses of the tea have confirmed the effect, especially when used properly.
  • Great for the Liver –Liver is one of the very delicate parts of the body and one needs to take special precautions, especially when it comes to what one takes in. Many researchers have suggested that kuding tea polysaccharides are very good for the liver. Again, while this has not been medically confirmed, many researchers have suggested that kuding contains healthy components that are beneficial to the liver. It should however be noted that this effect might not be very effective for people that take a high quantity of alcohol, as it might counter the effect of the tea.
  • Great to Manage Diabetes and High-Blood Pressure– Kuding tea contains some very beneficial components which include polyphenols, zinc, loads of vitamins, amino acid, and flavonoids. According to various researches, these components help reduce sugar levels in the blood and significantly puts blood pressure in check. It also helps maintain normal cholesterol levels. Hence, the tea has been prescribed for patients with high blood pressure and high cholesterol level to further help them manage the condition. It should be noted, however, that before the patient takes the tea, it is important to discuss with the doctor, as there could be other precautions to note.
  • Helps Fertility –While this has not been confirmed in the medical world, many have suggested kidding tea helps improve fertility. The herb contains ingredients that suggest this, but this depends on the reaction of the individual’s body system to the herb. This is not a general statement and again, has not been confirmed. If you are looking to take it, please contact your doctor.
  • Helps Reduce Acne –This is one of the strange benefits of kuding tea. Many people have suggested the tea helps reduce acne and promotes great skin. While this largely depends on the individual’s body system’s reaction to the herbal tea, more people are confirming the fact that it helps reduce acne and promotes great skin. Also, when taken consistently, the tea can help curb bad breathe.
  • Great for Ulcer –Another advantage many have noticed with the kuding tea is that it contains ingredients that can curb the effect of stomach injuries.

Precautions of Using Kuding Tea

Like many other Chinese herbal teas, kudint tea, in the purest form, is generally safe and healthy. However, there are still a few side effects and precautions to be taken to avoid complications when taking the tea. For example, it is not advisable to take kuding tea during pregnancy. This is because the tea is a cooling herb and wouldn’t be great for pregnancy. It also should not be taken by a breastfeeding mother.

It should also be noted that the tea should not be taken by anyone sensitive to caffeine. While the tea itself contains caffeine, it is only minimal. Also, the tea should not be taken by someone with low blood pressure as it could even make the blood pressure lower. It should be avoided by someone who just had surgery or preparing for one.

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