Cost of IVF in South Africa Currently

In this post, we will be looking at the current cost IVF in South Africa this 2022 and if you have been looking for information on the subject matter, we will enlighten you on what you should know and the amount you will be required to pay in order to do IVF in the country.

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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a way of helping couples with the challenge of conception to have their own children through certain highly specialized methods that allows for an egg to be fertilized outside the body and carefully placed inside the womb of a woman to enable it develop and be born as a normal, healthy baby.

If you desire fertility treatment and are open to the idea of trying out IVF as an alternative to the natural way of conceiving, you may want to consider this list of the top 5 IVF centres in South Africa which should come in handy.

IVF is already here to stay and it has become so popular in the country as a result of the increased awareness and many South Africans are becoming open to the procedure. That said, let us now take a look at how much you would be required to pay if you were to consider the option of IVF as a way to have your own baby.

CURRENT COST OF IVF IN South Africa 2022 

The current cost of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in South Africa this 2022 is between the price range of R$ 21,960 – R$ 109,800 or more. The price varies depending on the IVF centre you visit as well as the treatment plan you are on as a couple.

Because of the high cost of the procedure, some IVF centres allow payment in installments. You should also be aware that the duration of your treatment can determine the overall amount you will be required to pay for the procedure to be carried out.

It usually takes between four to eight weeks for patients to undergo treatment for the procedure and they may not necessarily require admission to the fertility centre.


The following is the breakdown of the various costs that make up an entire IVF procedure as gotten from the website of Nordica Fertility Center. Prices are subject to change and the figures are given to help couples plan their budget around this should they decide to visit other fertility centres.

  • Fertility Specialist Consultation Fee – R$ 4,026
  • Screening to Check Your Own Egg – R$ 5,856
  • Screening to Check Donor Egg – R$ 4,758
  • Reassessment – R$ 4,758
  • Follow-up Specialist Consultation – R$ 1,830
  • Assessment for Surrogate – R$ 4,392
  • Sonography for Surrogate – R$ 2,196
  • Drugs for Surrogate and Donor – R$ 44,000
  • Surrogacy IVF Treatment – R$ 56,000
  • Scheduling Fees – R$ 4,392
  • Legal Fees – R$ 7,320


The following are the factors which determine the cost of in vitro fertilization (IVF) in South Africa:


Couples who are younger tend to get a higher success rate of IVF treatment than couples who are older. This is because of the fact that the viability of eggs and sperms often reduces as couples grow older but this should not deter an older couple from trying this method as a way of conceiving because it has helped countless people who are in the same age bracket as them conceive, although the procedure is more expensive for older couples than for their younger counterparts.

Couples who are below 35 years of age have an IVF success rate of 40 – 45%, while those between ages 35 – 39 years have a success rate between 30 – 35%. The IVF success rate for couples from age 40 and above is around 10% or less.

Couples whose eggs or sperms are not as viable due to age are expected to buy donor eggs or sperms and this will increase their overall IVF treatment cost. Buying eggs from donors can cost as high as R$ 18,300 while donor sperms cost up to R$ 4,392. Getting family members or close friends to donate their egg or sperm will greatly reduce you total IVF fees.


The number of cycles during an IVF procedure is also a determinant factor which affects the cost of treatment as well as your chances of conception. A full cycle of IVF treatment covers ovarian stimulation and egg recovery, insemination, and embryo replacement.

Three full cycles during this assisted reproductive technology procedure will cost about R$ 64,000. Below is the price ranges for number of cycles according to the Nordica website and prices are subject to change:

  • Single Cycle Package (One Full Cycle) – R$ 31,842
  • Two Cycle Package (Two Full Cycles) – R$ 46,000
  • Three Cycle Package (Three Full Cycles) – R$ 64,000


Once a woman’s eggs have been assessed and they have been passed fit as viable enough for the IVF procedure, then there will be no need to pay anyone to donate eggs for the treatment, neither will there be need to pay for donor assessment and drugs, and this will reduce the cost the couple will pay for their IVF treatment.

If the services of a surrogate are not needed, the IVF cost will be less than when a surrogate is needed and all fees which would have involved a surrogate will be waived. If however an egg donor and surrogate are involved, the fees will increase significantly. You can choose to involve both or just one of them depending on the assessment and advice from your doctor.


As aforementioned, if the donor is a person you know and can trust, the IVF procedure costs slightly less than what you would be required to pay if you are dealing with an unknown donor. The amount you would pay for a known donor during a single cycle is R$ 80,520 while an unknown donor for the same cycle would cost R$ 84,912.

Two full cycles for a known donor would cost R$ 133,590,  while for an unknown donor, you will pay R$ 141,276. Three full cycles cost R$ 190,320 for a known donor while the same cycle is slightly more expensive for an unknown donor as it costs R$ 198,006. Subsequent cycles for a known donor will cost from R$ 75,030 and R$ 80,886 for an unknown donor.


During in vitro fertilization treatment, couples will be required to buy drugs and supplements used for the procedure. These drugs and supplements cost up to R$ 7,320 or more. Drugs used for this procedure include prescription drugs. If the couple have employed the services of a surrogate, the drugs and supplements for both the surrogate and the donor could cost as much as over R$ 37,000.


Embryo freezing also determines the cost of IVF treatment. It is carried out so as to provide a back up for the client if the initial fresh embryo fails to result in pregnancy. When this happens, the woman can easily fall back on her stored embryo at little or no cost instead of starting the procedure all over again.


Legal fees are paid once donors and surrogates are involved to avoid problems in the future. The fees could cost as high as R$ 5,490 or more. Take note to understand that the cost of IVF treatment is specific to individuals.

This means that you cannot really evaluate a fertility centre based on cost discrepancies between two different clients, that is, it is very possible to spend less than R$ 37,000 on your IVF treatment while someone else may spend much more than that. It all boils down to the diagnosis and the result of the investigations.

IVF costs vary due to the fact that most fertility centres treat their patients according to the unique needs of such patients but from time to time. Some of the IVF or ART centres in the country occasionally slash their prices in order to help couple in need of IVF treatment. This discount could be as much as a 50% reduction while some centres sponsor couples and assist them in paying for the treatment.

IVF treatment is not cheap so if you find yourself at a place where the price is too good to be true, you may need to be careful and make thorough research about such places so as you do not do anything that will compromise your health.

If you must go for cheaper options to fertility centres, it is advisable to go to teaching hospitals in the country where the facilities are available. The cost of one IVF full cycle in any of the teaching hospitals in the country where the procedure is available is between R$ 14,640 – R$ 21,960.


Currently, there are only 5 teaching hospitals in South Africa where IVF treatment is done and they are:

  • University of Benin Teaching Hospital
  • Durban University Teaching Hospital
  • National Hospital, Johannesburg
  • Durban State University Teaching Hospital
  • University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital

You should however, note that over 40 private IVF centres exist in the country.

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